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Maura Isles (from Rizzoli & Isles Went To School With Temperance Brennan From Bones
They either got along very well or hated each other's guts. (Cross-posted over from Rizzoli & Isles.)
  • I like to think that Bones, and possibly Isles, didn't even consider either option. Whenever they get together again, they launch into any one of a hundred really old debates (or a completely new one) and pick right up where they left off with passionate (as close as it gets for Bones anyway) arguing that has everyone else worriedly backing away, until they see what the time is (lunchtime or something) and instantly drop the heated argument in favour of just popping out for a bite to eat together like old friends.

The Tams descended from Temperance.
Temperance, much like River, shows an intellect that makes everyone else look like an idiot child, she's an expert shot (The Wannabe In The Weeds, she shoots Booth's stalker through her throat with only a quick look, and nobody ever actually said that River was trained in firearms, plus the fact that she stated herself that she just did the math), and genetics don't argue against it. Also, she could see Teddy's ghost, so perhaps it was some low level psychic powers. Plus, it could actually happen, both being Fox shows and all.
  • Adding on, it's not too much of a stretch that if the Tams descended from Brennan, maybe a certain Genki Girl mechanic is the descendant of a certain Genki Girl squintern (and, by extent, a certain plucky psychologist).
    • And maybe Mal is descended from Booth as well, through Parker. Wash through Hodgins and Angela. Book through Caroline. Inara through Arastoo (and Cam?). Zoe through Wendell. Jayne through Fisher. Yes, this troper actually thought about this.

The entire series takes place Twenty Minutes In The Future
C'mon what modern present day Forensics lab has a Holographic facial reconstruction device to SO many touch screen capable (both mounted and handheld) devices for standard equipment??
  • none of them, it's not standard, it's called the ANGELAtron for a reason, she's a computer genius and made it herself

Hodgins is a spy.
After all, if the US Government wanted someone to spy on the lab, it would be logical to use a conspiracy theorist. Nobody expects conspiracy theorists to be an active part of government conspiracies.

Naw, the spy is the Cuban intern
His back-story is similar to Arastoo's — intellectual family in a repressive country, loads of family trauma due to said repressive country, has great affection for religion (he isn't Catholic but his father was and he keeps his cross as a memento), comes to America and (tries) to hook up with his boss — the problem is that Arastoo's story is told over several episodes while the Cuban guy tells and does all of this in his first appearance which is kind of overwhelming. Plus there's the fact that no one finds him suspicious (unlike the blonde guy who everyone thought was in debt to gangsters or the redneck guy who only became interested in criminal science because he wanted to kill his abusive step-dad (he didn't, but he scared his step-dad so much that he ditched the family without leaving a trace so everyone assumed he did)) and he's immediately accepted (hitting on Bones notwithstanding; the official government endorsement also helps ease their minds).

Sweets was Gormogon's real apprentice.
The case for Sweets just fits too well, and the case for Zach is stretched a little too thin. And, canonically, Zach never killed anyone.

Sweets showed up at the right time, threw a small monkey wrench into the Gormogon case, and pegged Zach as the perfect patsy. And now Sweets is Zach's therapist, keeping him from confessing too much.

  • The secret societies in the government know that the apprentice wasn't really killed. That's why they ran the Jeffersonian labs through that thing in the JFK episode "The Proof in the Pudding" that Sweets identified as a psychological test.
  • Something tells me that
    • A) That a writer for Bones is a Troper, and
    • B) This isn't correct, as it was even mocked in the S4F, "The End in the Beginning".
    Sweets: Um, I mean the name of the band is Gormogon. Some people think I'm Gormogon, but I'm not.
    • A) this theory was added after the season 4 finale
    • B) You say "mocked," I say "reiterated." They addressed the fact that in the season 3 finale where they discover Zach is Gormogon's apprentice, Sweets was one of the suspects. This is their way of reminding us of that so that, if this theory is correct, it doesn't come out of left field. After all, while Alt!Sweets claims "I'm not", he first has to admit that he *is* a *part* of Gormogon, being in the band that is name Gormogon!
    • Appears Jossed since they found the true apprentice’s buried body.
Booth's tumor gave him psychic powers, albeit minor ones, a la Jonas Quinn of SG1
It explains why he was able to escape from the Gravedigger, and how Brennan was able to see Parker in the Cemetery. Booth subconsciously projected the image and voice of Corporal Parker into Brennan's mind.

Booth is not Catholic, or is a severely lapsed Catholic
It seems in character for him to play up his religious background when Bones gets into her more Hollywood Atheist moments to remind her that people don't share her worldview and not to let here worldview interfere with the case.

Note that he seems okay with the idea of ghosts. The Roman Catholic Church isn't.

  • Then again, how many people, Catholic or non-Catholic, actually know the Church's position on the existence of ghosts?
    • I'm an altar server and I believe in ghosts.
    • The views of the church aren't necessarily the views of the individual, but that doesn't make the beliefs of either less Catholic (or whatever other religion).
      • He may consider himself "Catholic" in the same way that, for example, Dara O'Briain, an outspoken atheist, still calls himself a "Catholic" atheist. And, as far as the Catholic doctrine is concerned, there's no such thing as an "ex"-Catholic.

Lieutenant Parker was the The First.
He's dead, and clearly not a hallucination because he interacted with physical objects in a way Booth couldn't've. Plus, Booth looks a lot like Angel.
  • But the First can't interact with physical objects, either.
    • Hmm, that does make sense, but who's to say he actually did that? Perhaps he gave Booth a power boost for a bit and made it look like he was doing it.

Temperance is a poorly-programmed but incredibly lifelike android sent here by aliens to study humans.
She studies bones to understand the physical aspect. "I don't know what that means" is her response to learning about the cultural aspect. This theory was brought up by Sweets in his Character Blog entry for the episode "The Finder".

Bones is a Third.
Necessary corollary to the above; given the Season 6 finale.

Booth is Angel.
The Shanshu eventually came true, he became human and adopted the identity of Seeley Booth. He has a lot of experience solving mysteries.

Brennan's niece is a Werewolf.
It's true in the book series now, at any rate.
  • Maybe her cousin's daughter, rather than her sister's.

Micah, the security guard who appears in "The Doctor in the Photo", is Brennan's hallucination.
  • Brennan only sees Micah when she is alone.
  • Brennan says she understands what he is saying more easily than she understands anyone else.
  • Despite that and in the many years they've worked together, she has never mentioned him to Booth until that very episode.
  • The biggest issue I see with this plot is that they already did it with Booth.
    • Seeing as the show likes to throw in the occasional moment of characters not being so different, this might actually be a point for.
  • His line about how Bones "doesn't normally talk to herself" was especially telling to me. She doesn't talk to herself... because she normally visualizes him and does it that way.
  • Additionally, this episode explicitly shows Bones interpreting reality differently this episode (seeing the victim as looking identical to her). Granted it's not on the same scale as visualizing a dude, but it does create a precedent that she's not exactly reliable.

Micah the security guard is a ghost
Expanding on the theory above, who else would have all that free time to go to lectures AND be a night guard? Also, no one else seems to know who he is, and Brennan is already talking to one dead person in the episode. Granted, Bones doesn't often deal with the supernatural, but this is WMG, it's meant to be fun.
  • Except that, at least sometimes, it does. There are all sorts of Supernatural things (Like the Witch's ghost) that get half-explained by the show, but still make more sense if viewed as Supernatural. Micah definitely seems to count.
  • For all it's worth, Micah means "Who is like God?" and is certainly not the most common name amongst security guards. It fits both as a Meaningful Name if he's something supernatural, and a Cool Name a writer like Brennan would make up if he is a figment of her imagination.
    • Or maybe he is her guardian, he had a really sweet friendship with her.

The Gormogon's final apprentice was blackmailed into working for him
Zack was kidnapped at some point during season 3 by the Gormogon. He offered him a choice; a) become his new apprentice to do his bidding and spy on the Jeffersonian or b) be killed and eaten. Zack refused, but the Gormogon then threatened to kill Hodgins if he didn't help him, leaving Zack without much of an option. And to make sure Zack didn't reveal what was happening, the Gormogon kept the threat on Hodgins' life as his blackmail material. Even after the Gormogon is killed, Zack is too scared to come forward, still afraid someone will try and kill him, so he takes the heat.
  • Expansion: Zack has good reason to be afraid. Traditionally, 'Gormogon' was not the only member of the society. We're told in the show that there's only the one pair left, but, we don't actually have any evidence this is the case. They were a whole *secret* society after all.
  • The only inconsistency is that Zack has a large family. Gormogon is all about the Widow's Son, or is that only for their victims? So would Zack even qualify for the job as Apprentice?
    • Zack could be the Widow's Son and still have a large family.

There is a long-running Myth Arc going on deep in the background of Bones involving the supernatural.
We're supposed to just handwave all the things that we see or are implied away, but in the Last Season it will turn out to be incredibly important.
  • Namely, the barriers between the living and dead have been growing weaker over the series and the weakest point is in the Jeffersonian. By the final season, this rift will be reaching a breaking point. This will mean either a) the ghosts will try and repair it with the help of the Squints or b) Zombie Apocalypse.
  • Or, considering the writers are obviously huge fans of the works of Joss Whedon, it's a fanfic set in a unified Whedonverse. The Dollhouses would fit right in, the supernatural already exists and an artist daughter of a rockstar invented holograms.
  • Given that the series is now confirmed to share a universe with Sleepy Hollow, this gets a lot more plausible.

Hodgins is Batman.
He's insanely rich, so he has the resources to pull it off. Not to mention that he's definitely a little bit crazy, which anyone would have to be to become Batman.
  • Would that make Zack Robin?
    • That would explain why Zack and Hodgins live together.
    • And Zack just seems like sidekick material.
  • Or it could possibly be Sweets. Hodgins once referred to him as a sidekick and they've been on a "secret mission" together.
    • That was the time Angela's dad made Hodgins get his car back as a test of character. Sweets just tagged along.
      • Maybe that was a test of character for Sweets too, except from Hodgins instead of Billy Gibbons. He wanted to see if he'd make a good sidekick.
  • Come on guys, there's more than one Robin. Zack was the first and then when he got locked up Hodgins bonded with Sweets and let him become Robin. If Zack was to ever return he'd become Nightwing or Red Robin.
  • So that makes Sweets actually Jason Todd.

"Bones" is an alternate DC universe
Inspired by the WMG above. The situation is either a) Squints are the Justice League in this universe, albeit, a more literal one, or b) They are alternate versions of the superheroes. Hodgins, as stated above, is Batman, Zack and Sweets are Robin (the latter replacing the former after the whole Gormogon mess), Brennan is Wonder Woman (she already has the costume), Cam is Catwoman (again, costume) and Booth is Superman.
  • Wendell could be another Robin.
  • What would that make Angela?
    • Maybe all the Squinters take turns being Robin.
    • Angela would either be Batwoman or Harley Quinn.
      • Or Talia. She and Batman did have a kid together.
      • And if Angela is Talia, that would mean Billy Gibbons is...
      • Billy Gibbons. There is no superhero mightier than him.
    • Also, Daisy would be Harley Quinn.
    • And Psychic Cyndi Lauper is Zatanna.
  • If we go into villains, Howard Epps would be the Joker.
    • That EMT who scared girls to death in season 3 could be Scarecrow.
    • The Gravedigger would probably be Poison Ivy or The Riddler.

The Jeffersonian is part of The SCP Foundation
It's a well-funded organization with quirky scientists and we know they also have a large amount of artifacts in storage (what with it being based off the Smithsonian and all). Maybe it's a storage and research facility for them?

Brennan will become pregnant.
Since Emily Deschanel is now expecting her first child, we can presume Brennan may also end up expecting a little Squint, possibly reviving the plot thread from the end of season 4.
  • Confirmed. Brennan is pregnant and Booth is the father. And then she gets pregnant with their second child in season 10.

Bones became pregnant in the first truly emotional decision she's ever made.
It's implausible that she just forgot to stay on the pill or fish out one of Booth's unused condoms. She wanted to get pregnant so that if something happened to one of them (not hard to imagine), the other would have someone to remember them by.

Brennan is slowly breaking down, leading to her Character Derailment.
Brennan's understanding of idioms and social mores tends to swing wildly, especially as the seasons go on. This is because her own personal problems (let's face it, she's got Asperger's) combined with the stress of her work are taking their toll.
  • Oddly enough, it's making her more humanistic, rather than more Data-like.
    • This is basically canon. She essentially confessed her love for Booth and broke down crying after being rejected in "The Doctor in the Photo". That whole episode is about Brennan realizing her fear of real relationships and emotional connections is a flaw rather than a strength. This is either Character Development or Character Derailment depending on your perspective.

Hodgins had Goodman fired.
He pulled his influence and had him dismissed after one argument too many.
  • Hodgins usually has a strong Screw the Money, I Have Rules! bent, so this would be serious Character Derailment.
  • If Goodman threatened to fire Hodgins (or someone else that Hodgins feels close to, like Zack or Angela), then it's possible Hodgins would have had a few strings pulled behind the scenes to have Goodman replaced.
Brennan and Booth's child will grow up to be Kim Possible or Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story or Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.
Because seriously. As Brennan previously said, any child she would have would be exceptional.
  • This needs to be canon or at least a fanfic.

Micheal S.V. Hodgins grows up to be Agent Mulder
Again, inspired by the WMG above. It's not too hard to imagine paranoid conspiracy theorists run in the Hodgins family. Plus, maybe his Uncle Booth rubbed off on him. Because this is WMG, let's ignore the huge time/name/everything else flaws.
  • Adding on, it's not too much of a stretch to assume Booth and Brennan's baby, if it's a girl, growing up to becoming Agent Scully.
  • Or, they could grow up to be X-Files: The Next Generation. Come on, you know you want it. They could tie up all the WTF dangling threads from the original...And it might just be worth it for the possibility of seeing an older Doggett passing down wisdom to the next generation.

The series will end in a Distant Finale.
At the wedding of the adult Baby Hodgins and Baby Brennan-Booth, making Bones and Angela sisters in truth, as well as in their hearts.
  • Now that we know it's a girl, this is entirely possible.
  • Jossed. There was no time-skip
at all.

Gordon Gordon Wyatt is a Timelord.
  • Ok, Ok... Sorry.
    • They'd never do it, since Stephen Fry is a Timelord and wouldn't want to give people that strong a hint.
  • ...And Gormogon's The Master. Shut up, it makes sense.

Gordon Gordon Wyatt is the Gormogon.

  • Three episodes to go on the final season and it just starts to make sense.

There will be a Zombie Apocalypse episode
If only for Rule of Cool / Rule of Funny. The Squint Squad will band together to survive the dead rising in the Jeffersonian, while Lampshading the impossibility of their situation. In a flip, Sweets and Fisher will be the resident badasses for this due to being Genre Savvy geeks. The episode would end with it being All Just a Dream of Booth's.
  • This should happen. Although I'd have it with Hodgins and Sweets as Back-to-Back Badasses in a heroic last stand. Other than that...Seems like a logical thing to air mid-season just to lighten it up a bit. Could even have old cases come back to haunt them.

Brennan will lose the baby
It seems like it would mess up the show a bit. Brennan seems unlikely to have the child then leave it at home the whole time she's at her (very time-consuming) job. They're also not going to show her having an abortion, so it seems likely that during some case or other, she's going to be injured in a non-permanent way that nevertheless costs her the child.
  • Practical for the show, given that writing in the baby in any meaningful capacity would be tricky, and the loss would provide good emotional trauma as an excuse to keep her and booth separate for a bit longer, and continue the long-running UST without awkward break-up episodes.
    • Given that the show is as much about Brennan's evolution as a person as it is about the cases, having a miscarriage this far along, which would just serve to undo all her Character Development, smacks of a Diabolus ex Machina. More likely, she'll have a close call, which will cause her to stop intellectualizing and truly consider her impending motherhood.
  • Jossed. They found an even dumber way to break them up.

Brennan will have an impaired baby
Brennen assumes that any child she has will be exceptional, but she will end up with an intellectually and/or physically challenged child and have to cope with that.
  • Jossed. Christine and Hank are both fine. One could still have an autism condition like Brennan in the future though.

Booth is NCIS Leroy Jethro Gibbs' nephew
We know that Booth's grampa and Gibbs' dad are the same actor. It does explain why Booth is so badass and such a good sniper.
  • Alternatively, NCIS is an alternate universe in which Booth and his younger brother are never born, which is why you don't see them in NCIS. In Bones, Gibbs doesn't turn to boats after Shannon and Kelly, and he never met Franks, he just drinks a lot and later has the two Booth kids. The only problem is the last name.

Sully will return and want Bones back.
For whatever reason, Sully will come back from Jamaica and want to get back together with Bones. Which will create tension now that she and Booth are together and end with Booth and Sully dukin' out. Brought to you by a person who believes Sully is a relationship sue.
  • Jossed. He returned and comforted Brennan after her dad died but didn’t want her back.

In the final Pelant episode, Zack will save the day.
Think about it! Pelant is a genius computer hacker, but Zack is a genius on an even higher scale. Brennen or Hodgins will eventually go to him for help on dealing with Pelant, and Zack will be able to find the clues the team needs to finally take him down.
  • Jossed. Zack isn't even mentioned in the final Pelant episode.

We'll be saying good-bye to another Squintern in the final Pelant episode.
Remember, during the previous arc against Broadsky, Vincent was killed. And during the Gormogon Arc, Zack was written out of the story. Keeping in tradition, Pelant will probably end up killing one of the Squinterns, finally pushing Booth over the edge and killing the bastard.
  • Nope! Booth doesn't give him the chance.

One of the girls from "The Girl in the Curl" will make a reappearance.
She will have been inspired to become a forensic anthropologist by Dr. Brennan, who showed her that a woman could be smart and beautiful, and comes back almost 10 years later to thank her for being such a good role model.

Booth is a Chubby Chaser.
Seeley Booth inherited his Pop's love of Big Beautiful Woman, but he also happens to be very much into a woman's intellect and personality. The women we see him date are generally slender because the women he has dated during the show's run just all happened to catch his eye for their intelligence and charm while not having the fuller figure he usually prefers. His feelings for Bones stop him from admitting his preference for big women because she's slim and he thinks it's unlikely that she would want to gain weight. During The Foot In The Foreclosure he plays the standard devil's advocate role, because Brennan isn't. Pops declares that "There's nothing wrong with a bit of jello in your jam," because he thinks that Booth is just too embarrassed to admit that he likes big girls. He's been aware of Booth's preference for big women ever since Booth was going through puberty and started paying way more attention to his fatter classmates than the school cheerleaders.

  • Even years after the end of the show, Temperance might end up finding out about Booth's preference for larger women and decide to gain a lot of weight. After all, he might need to pass FBI physicals in order to remain a qualified field agent, but being fat won't make anyone question her ability as a forensic anthropology consultant. She was certainly quick to point out all the cultural traditions based on finding fat women sexually attractive. Maybe she always wanted to get fat with a romantic or sexual partner, and was simply slim up till now because she hadn't found anybody that *also* wanted her to get fat while they were together.

Booth isn't Off the Wagon, he's setting up a(n incredibly risky) sting operation
In that episode he mentions "a bearded guy" who's the only gambler we don't meet and has an alibi for that episode's murder. If he's that unimportant why mention him at all? Even if the bearded guy turns out to actually be unimportant Booth still discovered a secret gambling ring whose bosses could be rather upset an FBI agent managed to get in and hack their security cameras regardless of the fact that after arresting the suspect Booth doesn't care about the ring (at least not professionally).

Bones doesn’t actually share continuity with Sleepy Hollow.
“The Resurrection in the Remains” showed a crossover with Sleepy Hollow and “Dead Men Tell No Tails” (of that show) returned the favour, which would seem pretty clear cut to show that Bones and Sleepy Hollow now share a universe.

This has several implications for Bones fans because it implies that a universe mostly established as being set in the natural world (with just a little Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane now and then) is actually set in a very supernatural world and just not aware of it.

However, there does exist an alternative that Bones didn’t really crossover with the real Sleepy Hollow at all. Instead, the possibility exists that Bones crossed over with an alternate continuity of Sleepy Hollow while Sleepy Hollow then crossed over with an alternate continuity of Bones.

“The Resurrection of the Remains” avoided showing any explicit supernatural elements but did show some things which would seem to imply that the supernatural had to exist (even if Bones didn’t accept it). Firstly, there’s the letter that was somehow written in Ichabod’s handwriting 200 years ago. Second, the episode ended with Ichabod talking about how he’d known Benjamin Franklin

The alternative explanation to how this happened is that Bones merely crossed over with an alternate version of Sleepy Hollow without the supernatural elements in which Ichabod Crane (not his real name) was, in fact, a con man who was pretending to be a man who’d lived 200 years earlier. He’d adopted this man’s name and identity after reading everything he could about him. Knowing people might do a handwriting comparison between the two, he taught himself how to forge the man’s handwriting and now exclusively writes in that man’s style.

That explains why Angela was able to match their handwriting and why Ichabod claimed to know Franklin. It was all part of the con.

Meanwhile Ichabod Prime (as I shall now call him to distinguish him from Ichabod Alternate who is the fraud) along with Abbie Prime met with Brennan and Booth Alternate (who were basically the same as Brennan and Booth Prime except living in a supernatural world) and together they shared a continuity.

  • Based on the *books* featuring Temperance Brennan, in which the supernatural is real and Brennan has a werewolf niece now, maybe the Sleepy Hollow crossover isn't really a crossover with Sleepy Hollow, but simply a remarkably similar set of characters who still *are* supernatural. For example, the Bones version of Ichabod Crane might actually be a witch, using magic to achieve immortality.
Brennan might be hiding the fact that she's intimately aware of the supernatural in order to protect people she cares about, like a certain werewolf niece perhaps. Or Booth, whose life up to this point is actually a lie formed by implanted memories when he was turned back to being human, after two centuries of being a vampire (first without a soul, then with a soul put into him by a curse) before fulfilling the Shanshu prophecy.

Bones is provably not taking place in our world.
In "The Secret in the Service", the team encounters the Secret Service, who are preparing for the President's visit on a fundraising stop. This means that the President has to be just finishing his first term, meaning that a) he's not Barack Obama, and b) he beat whoever was holding the office from 2009-2012. Confirmed when the President is shown to be a white guy named Randall.

His behavior in the episode The Brains in the bot, imply he's ill, possibly a terminal cancer, and he's reluctant to mention it to Brennan due to her abandonment issues.
  • Turns out he's got a heart condition, enough to need a pacemaker. But it's a moot point, as he gets fatally wounded protecting Christine and Hank from gunmen working for the last Big Bad.

Christine grows up to be a Private Investigator.
And drags Michael-Vincent and Hank along, with them frequently exchanging "Why do we let her drag us into this?" looks. Considering that book!Christine had an entire series of her solving mysteries, written by the original creator's son, it wouldn't be implausible and it would make an AWESOME sequel series!
  • There is no book Christine. Brennan’s niece Tory was in the Virals series which seems to have been co-written by Kathy’s son. Still this would be a great show.

Booth and Brennan will die together as heroes, just as they lived.
  • Not til the far future of course, but I’d hate to see one go on without the other and it would be fitting if they had a big heroic death.

Booth was referring to Hank, his grandfather, in “Stargazer In a Puddle.”
  • Brennan was struggling with her father’s return in the episode, and she asked Booth how he felt about his father. Booth said he loved him. This definitely doesn’t add up with what we learn about Edwin Booth later on. Booth hated him so much that he may have considered suicide just to end the abuse. I think the easiest way to reconcile it is to say he thinks of Pops, rather than Edwin,as his true father. There may also have been some reluctance to talk about his past as well...Booth doesn’t like discussing it and may not have been ready to admit it to her yet. Combine that with the idea of him seeing Hank as his true dad and it’s easier to accept.

Arastoo is going to have some nasty joint issues and possible hip or knee replacements down the road.
  • The modified Chick V virus wreaked havoc on the dead woman’s bones and joints. Arastoo was saved in time, but there’s probably still a good chance it took a harsh toll on his bones before it was cured. He’s likely headed for bad arthritis at best and some new joints at worst.

Angela donated some of the found money to the mental hospital and Jeffrey
  • Jack wanted it donated, and it would be a decent cause anyway and earmarking a portion of it for Jeffrey’s future would be a good way to ease whatever financial burden it still put on them.

Booth has a doppelganger named Jason.
  • One day Booth and Bones will need rescue while abroad and Bones will be shocked by how much a Navy Seal leader looks like Booth.
    • Better yet, since the Seal Team wiki doesn’t say much about Jason’s childhood, maybe they’re long-lost brothers.

Since Sleepy Hollow moved to Washington D.C. later on, Booth and Brennan and the squints might run into a lot more weird things before it's over.
  • It would be fun to think about, anyway. Although Booth would have his mind blown if he discovered his ancestor having been demon-possessed in SH continuity and the thing was later released in SH season 4.

Pelant orchestrated Booth's return to the Army to pre-emptively hobble the Jeffersonian team.
The name of the colonel who approaches Booth? Pelant. Why couldn't the murderous hacker have learned that Brennan and Wick were considering an archeological trip to Molucca, and Hodgins was looking into visiting Paris with Angela? He hacked the Pentagon and other databases, then manipulated a cousin into persuading Booth to re-up.

All or almost all of Brennan's faux pas are deliberate.
She has so many "Chicken of the sea" moments that she's probably doing it for the sake of connecting socially.

The John Wilkes Booth escape theory is fact in the show’s world
In Real Life, Booth officially died in the barn he was hiding in when it was burned down. But there are still conspiracy theories that he escaped and the body wasn’t his. Some even say he married and had kids. In the series’ world, it’s either public knowledge that he escaped and had a family later, ultimately resulting in the show’s Booth. Alternately, it’s not widely known and Booth is one of the few people who knows the truth, he just isn’t telling because he hates to even hear the guy brought up and knows what he’d end up putting up with if he did tell.
  • Of course, if Sleepy Hollow is canon, anything said there would figure in as well. Like the demon possessed part.


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