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Little Joe figured out how to break the Cartwright Curse.

It was simple. All he had to do was change his name! So, he changed it to Charles Ingalls, married a pretty schoolmarm named Caroline, had a few kids and moved out to the prairie. Later, someone upstairs was so impressed with his curse breaking ability that he was made an angel, who roamed the world doing good deeds.

  • But then the curse regenerated into a new form- one that attacks male babies- and spread like wildfire throughout the bloodline because Laura made a hateful remark about her newborn brother, causing it to slam all the male heirs of the Ingalls family, as all of Charles's sons, grandsons, and his first adoptive son died. His second adoptive son James, however, did not die, because Charles stood before a hand-made altar and pleaded his case before the Lord, resulting in his sparing and another breaking of the curse, though this did not serve to break the instances of the curse on Albert, Laura, and Mary. Albert's presence among Sarah and Ethan Cooper cause another permutation of the curse that nailed them as well, which eventually dragged James into the mix but Charles was able to halt it in its tracks as stated above, so one can only hope Cassandra has been spared the infection- if not, she better pray for her life and the lives of her entire future family of her own. And Carrie better be counting her blessings, too.
    • Laura is such a hateful person that her curses have additional destructive side effects, such as finishing off Jack in his old age and striking Mary down with rheumatic fever-induced blindness, not to mention causing all of Walnut Grove to eventually be blown up.

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