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Recap / Bones S 6 E 11 The Bullet In The Brain

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Directed by David Boreanaz

Written by Karyn Usher, Dean Lopata, Michael Peterson, & Pat Charles

Heather Taffet aka "The Gravedigger" (Deirdre Lovejoy) faces her final appeal before being sentenced to death. While being escorted to the courthouse, she is shot and decapitated by an unknown sniper. Initially Bones' father Max (Ryan O Neal) is listed as a suspect due to his criminal tendencies, but when the team discovers that it was a professional hit, Booth, a former Army sniper, is forced to question an old Army colleague. Sweets deals with the aftermath of the shooting as he was very close by when she was killed and also what Taffet said to him earlier about being a "weak link". Booth eventually discovers the shooter is Jacob Broadsky (Arnold Vosloo), a professional sniper and mentor whom he once knew. The case gets personal when he discovers that Broadsky purchased land using his name.



  • Asshole Victim: The Gravedigger is probably the best example In-Universe when Broadsky killed her. No one was too upset to see a serial killer killed.
  • Back for the Dead: The Gravedigger/Heather Taffet comes back for the first few minutes of the episode before being sniped by Broadsky.
  • Boom, Headshot!: The Gravedigger meets her end when Broadsky uses a high-caliber rifle to invoke this trope, and we get to see her head explode, on screen, in glorious high def.
  • Killed Off for Real: The Gravedigger, head-shotted by Booth's ex-sniper teammate.
  • The Killer Becomes the Killed: Heather Taffet, the serial killer known as the Gravedigger, is Jacob Broadsky’s first victim.
  • Mid-Season Twist: The "Gravedigger", the woman that buried Hodgins and Bones alive four seasons prior, is killed outside the courthouse before her final appeal by a sniper that is later revealed to be on par or even beyond Booth's skill, with implied history with the FBI agent as well.
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  • Oh, Crap!: Broadsky, the evil sniper, the Dark Booth, killing people not on orders, but as "the hand of God". Part of his games is that he steals other snipers' identities for his work, including Booth's to buy the land he's hiding on. When Booth tracks him down and they confront each other across the gate leading onto Broadsky's land, they make it clear that Booth is constrained by the law, and entering without a warrant would make any arrest worthless.
    Booth: I don't need a warrant. [hops the fence] This land belongs to Seeley Booth.
    Broadsky: beat [runs]
  • Papa Wolf: The father of two of The Gravedigger's victims was approached by a sniper with an offer that he'd kill her for two million dollars. He gladly paid the money to have the murderer of his sons killed.
  • Your Head Asplode: Heather Taffet, aka the Gracedigger, when Broadsky obliterates her head with his sniper round.

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