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  • The suggestion box scene is a major one for Lorna, Gladys and especially Betty.
  • Gladys and James teaming up to protest against Rollie's plans to sell sub-par rations to the Canadian army.
  • Vera's return to the factory in the first season finale.
    • And then again when she finds herself a new soldier, who doesn't mind her scars.
  • Kate telling off Chet the pinup photographer for fleecing her of her first pay check. "You wanted to bleed me dry? You did it! I'm sure it's a wonderful career you've got here, but like my daddy always says, go gentle when choking the golden goose."
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  • Gladys and James' goodbye scene with their "vows".
  • Leon knocking out Kate's would-be rapist.
  • Lorna's husband telling Marco to sit down and then hitting him square in the face and telling him to leave Lorna alone.
  • Kate proving she can be tough by simply covering her father's corpse with a tarp and leaving it there, when even Betty is freaked out.
  • Betty proves herself a match for a man in the two scuffles she gets into in "Fifth Column".
  • Kate doing a burlesque show her way, her style, and pulling it off with aplomb.
  • Gladys risking her trust fund on a bail surety for Kate and Betty.
  • Could be a tearjerker, too, but Betty taking all the blame for being accused of Kate/Marion's father's death.
  • In the movie finale:
    • Gladys throwing her weight around as deputy spymaster to get Betty hired back at Victory Munitions even with a criminal conviction.
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    • Vera successfully enlisting in the Women's Army Corps.
    • Marco betting on Betty to win, who proves her prowess by KOing her opponent in less than a minute.
    • Lorna calling out Helen and giving her a "The Reason You Suck" Speech, immediately followed by Gladys's *Click* Hello and a snarky comment about Helen's manners.
    • Kate doing a very good job of pulling off a distraction for Davis while making subtle digs at Davis's working with the enemy, and doing it long enough to let Gladys get Helen's confession.

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