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Funny / Bomb Girls

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  • "Hazel Macdougall gave you the clap?!"
  • The scene where Lorna gets roped into having dinner with Marco and his mom.
  • When Leon suggests Kate get acquainted with Billie Holiday, she thinks he is speaking literally and she wonders aloud how to meet this man.
  • During a tea break, Olga asks Betty if she has staked her claim on Ivan, Betty declares that she most certainly has before dropping a teaspoon in the manner of a microphone.
  • Vera examining her own loveliness in the back of a spoon.
  • Betty, Ivan, Kate and Buster are at the Jewel Box, listening to the hockey game. When the Leafs make it to the finals, Betty leaps up and hugs Ivan. Buster goes to hug Kate, and she gives him the world's most awkward high-five.
  • Marco doing a striptease for Vera.
  • In the movie finale, Marco's humorous smartassery:
    Marco: Men can be such jerks. But God created Italians.
  • Near the end, Gladys and Jakob deciding they need to work on being "more convincing" acting as a married couple while overseas.