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Heartwarming / Bomb Girls

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  • "You don't need everybody liking you. Just the ones that matter."
  • Kate telling Betty that her stopped when she thought Betty was in danger.
  • Leon's sermon.
  • "If you can't love her the way she wants, just love her the way you can."
  • Lorna's speech the morning after Betty gets beaten by the men who attempted to rape Teresa.
  • Gladys insisting on control over the trust fund which pays her.
  • Gladys admitting to Marco she's been a "lousy friend" and helping him out of his jam after that.
  • Betty and Kate's conversation in the series finale.
  • Clifford's speech to Gladys which wins her over, also in the series finale.
  • Vera and Quincy's adorable tete-a-tete.
  • Gladys bringing a tree to the vegetable garden to commemorate James as the planting of said tree is an extremely heartwarming Shout-Out to the flag-raising on Iwo Jima.
  • In the movie finale:
    • Marco's father is released from the internment camp, and just when the USA has been announced as allowing Italian-Americans to enlist in the armed forces.
    • Betty and Kate rekindle their friendship after some adroit go-betweening by Gladys. Later, after Marco splits his betting winnings with Betty, she buys a house and offers Kate a place to stay for as long as she wants.
    • Vera's wake.
    • Last but not least, Bob's continuing slow but certain improvement in his ability to walk unaided by crutches. This also doubles as a moment of awesome.