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YMMV: Batman Arkham Series

  • Complete Monster: The Joker serves, in one form or another, as the Big Bad for the first three games. When he first established himself in Gotham, he forced Black Mask to kill his own girlfriend, then kidnapped and tortured him. After learning Batman won't kill, he strapped himself to an electric chair charged by Bane's heartbeat to force Batman to kill one of them and held Gordon hostage. Over the course of the series, he kills multiple people and tries to kill more (including innocents), sets Bane up to be tortured, freely talks about being physically abusive to Harley Quinn, offers to let his men rape Harley, covers all the usual Bad Boss bases, tries to turn Jim Gordon into a 'roided-up monstrosity, kidnaps Nora Fries to force Mr. Freeze into helping him, blackmails Batman into helping by sending his poisoned blood to hospitals in the Gotham area, and shoots Talia just to hurt Batman. There's also his actions post-mortem with the digital comic, Arkham City: Endgame: He had his minions rig a radio tower within Arkham City to broadcast a message all over Gotham confirming his death, as well as offering a reward of over a million dollars to the person who finds his corpse and deliver it to Harley Quinn, as a way to ensure that the town would "tear itself apart." He also claimed that the walls of Arkham City were still wired with explosives, thus ensuring that the remaining prisoners not only riot within Arkham City in expectation of the walls being blown up, but also, should it have been destroyed, make the rioting in Gotham City even worse with several of the more dangerous inmates participating in wanton destruction. He had Batman lured to the isolation cell that Batman put him in years ago after a particularly heinous massacre he instigated during the Fourth of July where Joker rigged several fireworks with toxins killing hundreds of men, women and children. Finally, he also later revealed that he had Clayface rig the cell, as a means of ensuring that Batman will meet him in Hell.
  • Escapist Character: Batman, as usual.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: How shall we put it? The Joker himself has been a Death Seeker from the very beginning of the series. In Arkham Origins, he tries to shoot himself in the head in order to end it all, but Batman stops him from doing so for reasons he can't comprehend. In Arkham Asylum, after the Joker says, "I have nothing left to live for," he does shoot himself, but with a Titan formula gun to the throat. His "suicide" is very painfully slow, as it takes a year for the Titan poisoning to course through his bloodstream before his death and its nature complete their course at the end of Arkham City, in fulfillment of his deserving to die as a monster, all the while Batman is unable to intervene with him.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Casting Wally Wingert as the voice of the Riddler, an Insufferable Genius who frequently gloats about being smarter than the people around him, after he voiced the Blue Psycho Ranger in Power Rangers in Space, whose group boasted about being better than the Power Rangers with the Blue one boasting about them being smarter.
  • No Problem With Licensed Games: Not only are these considered some of the best Batman games ever made, but they're considered to be among the best licensed games ever made. Related to this is...
  • Only The Creator Does It Right: Rocksteady studios who developed the Arkham IP were so well rewarded that before announcement, Batman: Arkham Origins developed by Warner Bros. Montreal, was seen as a stop-gap game and after release, was seen as a decent game that didn't live up to the previous entries. The revelation that Rocksteady had been working on Batman: Arkham Knight the whole time didn't help matters...
  • Spiritual Licensee: These are the best game adaptations of Batman: The Animated Series ever made.
  • Unfortunate Implications: For all the good in the games, the general treatment of women in the games is one of the worst aspects of them. Besides Oracle/Barbara Gordon, the female characters are given limited characterization, as well as being given huge redesigns to make them more sexualized, and the Enemy Chatter tends to be incredibly misogynistic towards the female characters. Harley is probably the worst example, as she's not only given the above (beyond 'Joker's crazy loyal girlfriend', she's not given much depth, her costume was heavily reworked to show off her figure, and the mooks seem to view her with little to no respect), but is coupled with Adaptational Wimp (Instead of just being quirky and obsessive, she's made incredibly incompetent and Too Dumb to Live as well as easy to take out), and given no respect by any other character, along with Joker offering her as a prize for his men if they succeed.

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