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Former troper from a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, now returned from the dead to haunt the YKTTW.

I'm registered with the Troper Dating Service, if anyone's interested. You should also know that I'm a card-carrying member of PLATTER still, despite my name change.

Vandalism section:

If you feel the need to vandalize my page, please do it here. Do it anywhere else, and I will Kill It with Fire. Vandalism from my old troper page has been moved here.

Your page isn't a virgin anymore; try not to call me ok? - Kino

Pleasant day PLATTER compatriot! Red Wren dropping in to say hi.

You commented on my page about my taste being awesome, that makes you awesome in return~ - Cassie

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Only the broad strokes here... basically describing my Signature Style.