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Tropers / Idler 20

Go To's not my squirrel phobia that's a problem, it's people who aren't afraid of squirrels that have problems.

Vandalism in progress - @Shichibukai

Your page is NAKED - Anne Beeche

I AM IN YOUR PAGE - SunshineWerewolf

... huh. - Parable

Being idle is a wonderful thing. - Imipolex G

Hipster vulture is hipster. - Erock

Zombie Zombie Zombie, where do dreams come from? - robintherose

Plague Stinger x Invigorate OTP —Zudak


This page is bare. Anyway, hi, Idle! ~ BlackDove

*squiddle-edits* ;]

Hi Idler! ~Stolen By Faeries

Hoping to add some liveliness... ~ betterthanstrawberry

Bored Karl is bored, so he vandalized your page. - Karl Kadaver

On ur Troper page, srsly vandalizin ur wall. ~ Belfagor

Rainbows and Sparkles!. - hybridelement


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