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Real Men Wear Pink: Anime & Manga
  • Buccha from Air Gear wears a pink-and-white striped T-shirt.
  • There's an interesting detail in Appleseed Ex Machina. When Deunan, Briareos, and Tereus arrive at the ship of Poseidon in their landmates, Deunan is given an advanced prototype landmate for the final assault. Briareos says he would like to take that one himself, except for the fact that it is pink. They also get the assistance of a group of Poseidon soldiers, who all have their own landmates. Except for Argus, who takes Deunan's police landmate. Which leads us to the question why he doesn't use his own? Oh wait...
  • Axis Powers Hetalia
    • Sweden is fairly domestic and good with children, specially the unruly Sealand. When he gives his partner Finland some of his clothes and the other remarks on their 12 cms. height difference, Sweden immediately grabs some sewing implements and calmly starts fixing them himself. Sounds okay, but... well, did we mention that Sweden is actually a huge Big Guy with a permanent Death Glare and Stoic Spectacles who scares people off whether he wants or not?
    • Also, Switzerland is a gun-toting Jerk Ass, but he wears cute pink pajamas. Which were given to him by his little sister Liechtenstein. Whom he *adores*.
    • And then there's England and his "fun embroidery".
    • In a (rather obscure, actually) Drama CD, America is naming all of the Allies after Power Rangers. He doesn't know who to pick for the pink ranger, but who volunteers? Russia. Who is not only the same height as Sweden, but also may enjoy bludgeoning people with wrenches and pipes. Russia is also seen cooking, wearing a pink apron with USA(rabbit) written on it. And just like England likes embroidering, Russia is seen happily knitting.
    • Germany is shown to love baking cakes.
    • Prussia loves cute things such as little birds, plush pandas and Italy.
    • Austria meanwhile is shown to be highly cultured, a good chef and more interested in gardening or playing music than fighting. If anything, his manlier aspects seem to be filled up by Hungary.
    • Cuba is a Hot-Blooded Big Guy with Perma Stubble who proudly wears pink flowered shirts.
    • Norway calmly strangles the tough Denmark, and then is happy over the idea of Iceland calling him "big brother".
    • Netherlands is a Perpetual Frowner The Stoic, and also happens to enjoy tulips and gardening, romantic poetry, sweets, and owns a pet rabbit.
  • Guts from Berserk is so manly he can travel around with a little naked fairy and still oozes testosterone.
  • Bleach
    • Chad who enjoys wearing pink Hawaiian shirts. He also loves cute things like stuffed animals and cockatiels.
    • Kenpachi Zaraki doesn't so much wear pink as carry a pink-haired child on his back. He even attends Yachiru's tea parties. He also spends hours attempting to get his hair perfect and his dislike for Lieutenant Sasakibe stemmed from a shampoo recommendation that ruined his favourite hairstyle.
    • Komamura Sajin enjoys the living world's cute puppies show, which is the equivalent of one gritty badass liking Barbie Shows.
    • Kyouraku wears a woman's kimono everywhere. The only time he ever takes it off (even throwing it to a friend for safe-keeping), it's an example of The Coats Are Off.
    • According to one of the data books, Kensei Muguruma is a very accomplished chef.
  • In The Big O the titular humongous mecha has a skirt like design around its legs and a pink "helmet".
  • Absolutely every male character in Breakshot. From intimidating muscleman Oki to filthy cheater Isamu to main character Chinmi, as billiards players they're usually dressed in frilly shirts with flowers and little bow ties that would look more at home on a Playboy Bunny. There's something funny about a guy bragging about how strong he is while he's dressed like King from Art of Fighting.
  • Dola's gang in Castle in the Sky.
  • Lelouch vi Britannia of Code Geass is a ruthless rebel against a despotic empire with serious family issues and a vicious streak a mile wide... and is a pretty good cook, can make a fairly fancy French meal out of "some leftover pork I found in the fridge", likes wearing frilly clothes (not only is his Zero suit equipped with a crevat, but he's called girly for it by a younger Suzaku), and has worn a pink shirt on at least one occasion. And his main concern when being forced to appear in women's clothing? Having enough time to prepare himself for the role.
  • Jet Black of Cowboy Bebop is a big scary-looking ex-cop with a robotic arm who loves to cook and cultivates bonsai trees. Then again, Jet has so many hobbies — both manly and non-manly — he may count more as a Renaissance Man.
  • Parodied to death in, and rather the point of, Cromartie High School.
  • The badass Anti-Hero of Darker Than Black, known and feared throughout the underworld as the Black Reaper, who earned his reputation by killing dozens of contractors before he got superpowers, is a skinny, innocuous guy who loves to cook. Seriously, leave him in a kitchen with nothing to do for five minutes and he'll start chopping vegetables. Valuable skill for a Big Eater, especially since the show drops strong hints that it's the renumeration for his powers. (It's actually just a quirk.)
  • In Death Note, aspiring God of the New World Light Yagami does wear a pink shirt when hanging with Matsuda in Aoyama. Also Ryuk remarks on Light's sewing skills [1] and he wears a pink butterfly belt-buckle in the anime opening (as seen here [2]), and in the manga at one point Light wears a corset in order to hide the Death Note. There's also the Great Detective L's epic Sweet Tooth, oddly cute mannerisms, and love of strawberries, and in the live action movies his ride is a pink angel crepe van. Then there's Mello, a ruthless mob boss, who wears a very girly feather-lined jacket and form-fitting leather pants and his companion, Matt who's Limited Wardrobe consists of a pink and black striped shirt.
  • The anime of D.N.Angel features Krad with a pink petticoat under his outfit. A very obvious, frilly pink petticoat. The animators claimed it was purple, but no. Did I mention that this guy spends his spare time playing torturous mind-games with his other half?
  • Joe Okata from Doki Doki Pretty Cure wears a pink apron and sells accessories. And he's a Knight in Shining Armor, engaged with Princess Marie-Ange.
  • Dragon Ball Z
    • Satan/Hercule. Strongest human who isn't one of the Z-Fighters, Overprotective Dad, world martial arts champion (and Fake Ultimate Hero)... and a dog lover, who managed to turn Majin Buu into a good guy. By befriending him. No, not like that.
    • At the start of the Trunks saga, Vegeta, the second most powerful being in the universe, is shown wearing a pink shirt. With "Bad Man" printed across the back. It's generally accepted that his wife Bulma bought it for him.
    • Mercenary Tao wears a lot of pink.
    • Majin Buu in all of his incarnations (save for Evil Buu) is pink. He's successively more cruel and dangerous with each form, climaxing at the heartless and mindless (and still bright pink) Omnicidal Maniac Kid Buu.
  • Knight from Duel Masters spends most of the first episodes in an all black ensemble to show off how cool he is. Later on he starts wearing a pink undershirt defending the change by stating "pink is the new black".
  • Maximum HOLTFORS Ballanche Kaien, Duke of Fates, the most powerful and badass headdliner in Mamoru Nagano's The Five Star Stories, repainted his Mortar Headd Akatsuki Hime deep fluorescent pink. On the other hand, Max isn't especially manly...
  • Major Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist, whose bishie sparkles are pink.
  • Full Metal Panic!
    • Belfangan Clouseau. He's big, tough, imposing, states that good Arm Slave piloting should resemble art, and indulges in watching cute shoujo anime (Disney cartoons in the manga) during his free time. Notably he gets pissed off in one instance when Kurz tapes over one of his cartoon tapes with porn.
    • Lt. Cmdr. Kalinin seems to enjoy cooking, and looks badass doing it (although his borscht almost killed Captain Testarossa) and can scare off Sousuke while wearing a pink, frilly apron.
  • Nuriko of Fushigi Yuugi in every sense of the word.
  • Giant Robo: Kenji Murasame wears a leather trenchcoat and fedora—all in pink.
  • Gundam
    • Quatre Raberba Winner is a filthy rich kid, plays the violin and the piano, very polite, and somewhat feminine. He also pilots a badass Gundam, is The Smart Guy of the group, can handle himself with a rapier very well, can survive in the dessert and space for a long time without food and water, and becomes the de facto leader after Heero leaves to rescue Relena and face Zechs. And despite having a clear distaste for killing, Quatre's not a Technical Pacifist (or at least, not until The Movie, when the whole team starts acting that way), and probably kills more enemies than any two other characters in the show combined. Or everybody combined if you include his distressed induced Freak Out after completing Wing Zero which people thought to be attributable to the "Zero System" but negated by the scientist when they affirmed that his brain waves was not affected at all. And when forced to handle the Zero System, he was still able to maintain sanity instead of being manipulated like the rest of the team.
    • Treize Khushrenada took a rose bath on a regular basis. ROSE BATH.
    • George DeSand from Mobile Fighter G Gundam has a rose-themed Gundam, is extremely courteous and refined and looks slightly feminine... but he also adores playing Volleying Insults routines with Boisterous Bruiser Chibodee Crockett, loves fighting as much as the other members of the Shuffle Alliance and, when off-duty, is a badass fencer. By the way, he's French.
      • That would be because George Sand was the alias of a female French novelist and not a "real man", so as such it's also a kind of subversion.
    • Chibodee himself has naturally pink hair (well, pink bangs), and is a Bad Ass champion boxer and major Chick Magnet. He's also the Queen of Spades in the Shuffle Alliance (and the former Queen of Spades also was male), admits being a Momma's Boy (due to a rather sad case of Missing Mom) and is fiercely protective of both Rain and his Four Girl Ensemble crew.
    • Mobile Suit Gundam SEED has Athrun Zala who, like most pilots in Seed, is kind of a bishonen, but he is characterized by being the only pilot to pilot four different suits that are predominantly pink in color.
    • For that matter, the infamous Red Comet's custom paint job sure looks more pink than red. Lampshaded in the official spoof manga Kidou Senshi Gundam-san.
    • When he's not being a genocidal fascist dictator, Gihren Zabi, Big Bad of the original Mobile Suit Gundam can be found lovingly tending the plants in his private greenhouse.
  • In color portions of the original manga, such as the covers, InuYasha's Fire-rat suikan and hakama are pink.
  • Irresponsible Captain Tylor
    • Master Sergeant Cryborne, a man who wouldn't be out of place in Frank Miller's Sin City, shamelessly parades around in a mech that he has painted bright pink.
    • Equally hardass First Lt. Andressen provides an even more absurd example. What would he be doing if he wasn't in the Marines? Nude modeling.
    • Both of these men acted like perfect gentlemen to Hitomi in her debut episode, going so far as to dress in nice suits & bring her flowers; might not exactly count, but it's worth considering.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
    • As perhaps one of the more iconic manga and anime examples, Dio Brando, in Part 3, wears pastel colors, a heart tiara, heart shaped kneepads and belt-buckle... and he's still manly, and scary despite, or perhaps because of it. Dio is not the only example, and not even the pinkest.
    • His son Giorno continues the tradition by being a very badass and powerful gangster... whose outfit involves a heart-shaped chest cutout, a ladybug motif, and a hairdo that must require a large amount of time, effort, and hair gel to maintain. He also has a habit of standing in clouds of flower petals and striking campy model-esque poses, and a few official artworks show him dressed head-to-toe in, what else, bright pink.
    • Male characters frequently striking flamboyant model-esque poses is a recurring theme in the series. Especially the Badass ones.
    • JJBA is this trope animefied. Over half of the the cast is composed by strong and FABULOUS men. Most of them wearing exaggerated fashion attires, big earrings, tight jeans and shirts, colored lipstick matching with the hair (Yeah, for real), acessories like golden chains, glitering scarfs and heart tiaras, and lots of pink. They make super models look tacky and it's still one of the manliest anime/manga ever created!
  • The seven-foot tall Sociopathic Hero Kogarashi of Kamen no Maid Guy constantly wears a cutesy maid dress.
  • Akira Kongou from Kongoh Bancho spends all day gathering the finest ingredients (milking evil devil cows, climbing mountains) to make himself...the most delicious pudding ever. Man loves his pudding.
  • Kyo Kara Maoh
    • Gwendal is a badass fighter and tactician with a glare of steel, but he loves cute things and his hobby is...knitting. Knitting cute animals. Which he does awesomely.
    • Meanwhile, Yozak is a really big guy with bulging muscles and a handsome, manly face, and is a terrifying and intense power with a sword in his hands, and he really likes to crossdress. Initially this was explained by his being undercover when introduced, but since he changes into an 'angel of mercy' costume for saving the survivors of an earthquake and is really, really not convincing with those biceps, and clearly enjoying himself, it's probably not a work thing.
    • Early in his first scene in the manga, before it's revealed that he's a Shin Makoku spy and Serious Mentor Conrad's old friend, he's shown sitting and laughing with Conrad, in his outrageous drag queen outfit. The main character mistakes it for a hookup and gives them space. Hilarious, especially once you know the background.
    • He brings an evening dress along on a dangerous mission to a snowbound mountain, as a good-luck charm because dressing as a woman has saved his life so many times. Same sequence where he has his most impressive sword fight.
  • CLAMP has another Tall, Dark and Snarky example in Lawful Drug: Saiga. He's also at least One Head Taller than his very feminine looking partner and always wears Cool Shades... but to Kazahaya's shock, Saiga is the one who is great at, and enjoys, sewing and cooking.
  • Shiro Takamachi of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, a ninja-assassin bodyguard that frequently took on terrorist organizations and has the multiple scars to prove it. Eventually retired after almost getting killed to become... the owner and baker of the local cafe that specializes in cakes, cream puffs, and other sweets.
  • Martian Successor Nadesico's main character, Akito Tenkawa, pilots a hot pink Humongous Mecha and is an exceptional cook — this is a man who made crepes suzette as field rations. He's not a Badass in any sense of the word, but out of all the things people look down on him for, his ride and his skill in the kitchen are not among them.
  • Mazinger Z: Kouji Kabuto, the Hot-Blooded hero, is a Chef of Iron, especially in the original manga, where it was shown he is the one cooks for his household. It is also implied that his cooking is pretty good no matter how ridiculous it is.
  • Chuzaemon from Mon Colle Knights is a muscular mohawked midget in his seventies who believes manliness is the highest goal in life and spends most of his time desperately trying to make Count Collection a proud man. He also grooms cats and dances ballet in a pink tutu, tending to be surrounded by rose petals when he does so.
  • Naruto
    • Naruto Uzumaki likes gardening to the point he considers it a hobby (particularly flowers and common plants); which is surprising considering his personality.
    • Some non-Japanese fanboys refuse to believe that Ax-Crazy demon-possessed Gaara has the word 'love' written on his head and get mad when fangirls draw him with a heart. "No, it must be something Badass like death, or suffering." Nope. It's love. Carved into his forehead by his sand-shaping powers the moment he finally broke after his Uncle Yashamaru tried to kill him and then told him that he never was and never would be loved. This symbolizes that he loves only himself and fights only for himself, prior to his Heel-Face Turn. It has also been revealed that, like Naruto, he enjoys gardening.
    • Itachi likes to go to tea shops.
  • In Neon Genesis Evangelion, Ryoji Kaji takes up growing watermelon as a hobby; he asks Shinji to keep it a secret, because he doesn't want his manly reputation to be compromised. Maybe his time spent with Misato left him with a taste for melons. note 
  • One Piece
    • Sanji is a five-star chef who is always impeccably dressed and has a pronounced tendency to turn into subservient, heart-eyed goo in the presence of a pretty girl. He's also a grade A Badass Dance Battler and in the top three fighters on one of the most feared and renowned pirate crews in the world. Oh, and not forgetting the pink apron with the panda logo or his Skypiea shirts. Search your feelings, you know it to be true.
    • Ship's doctor Tony Tony Chopper famously sports a large pink hat that was given to him by his adoptive father. While he's not as powerful as Sanji it is highly recommended you don't piss him off because he will Mess. You. Up.
    • There's also Donquixote Doflamingo who wears a very pink feathery overcoat while treating people as puppets using what appears to be string based powers ( which apparently double as Razor Floss when he feels like it). He's clearly one of the most dangerous men in the world, combining immense combat prowess and a vast and powerful organization with a complete disdain for human life.
    • Kumadori is an odd case. Points to his manliness include his huge size and combat prowess (he is in CP 9, which doesn't exactly take just anyone). He has a bit of a Kabuki theater theme going on, which is not necessarily unmanly, and although his hair is a vibrant, hot pink, it's quite deadly. What's left? Well, he plays some kind of weird little palm-drum thing. And he's in quite a few shots with cherry blossom petals.
    • Not to mention Mr. 2 Bon Clay, AKA Bon-chan, a self-proclaimed transvestite who loves pink clothes and swan motifs. Also possibly the manliest character in the series.
      • Another transvestite, Emporio Ivankov, is the "Queen" of Kamabakka, a kingdom (queendom?) of transvestites. He's also the right-hand man of the world's most wanted criminal, and an absolute monster in battle.
    • General Ripper Akainu apparently wears a pink shirt going by one of the openings. As shown here.
    • Pekoms. He wears an all-pink suit with red high heel-like shoes, has cute dot eyes, but happens to be a member of a Yonko's crew and even sports a bounty of 330,000,000 million beli. He also knocked a Logia out cold with a single punch after an epic one-liner. Oh yeah, and he's a friggin' lion!
  • The hero of Otomen (a blend of otome = maiden + the English "men") has dedicated his teenage years to evading this trope and failing so, so utterly. He may look like the stoic ultra-manly Kendo Team Captain, but he gives cute bento boxes to the girl he loves and makes stuffed animals in a trance when he thinks about her. His best friend uses him as the model for the heroine of his hit Shoujo Demographic manga series.
    • Later characters include very manly guys like Kitora, a tall and intimidating-looking Gentle Giant who loves flowers more than anything (or anyone) and Tounomine, Asuka's rival Kendo Team Captain who is obsessed with make-up and hair & skin care.
  • Senri, the silent goliath bear-man from +Anima. He loves flowers, which he likes to use as bookmarks in his diary—they help him remember things. Being the oldest and the strongest, he's a protective Team Mom and a surprising male example of a Mama Bear who goes so far as to literally lick the wounds of his companions. Although, he seems to enjoy the taste of blood.
  • Pokémon Special: Ruby, who participates in Pokémon Contests, regularly grooms his team, and even sews and trims outfits for man and 'Mon alike. Interesting case since we see the pink before we're given any hint to the man. Still, this is the son of Gym Leader Norman we're talking about.
  • In the Pokémon episode "The Screen Actor's Guilt", action movie star Brad Van Darn (a Captain Ersatz of Jean-Claude Van Damme) owns a Smoochum, a small, pink Pokémon that resembles a young girl with short blond hair. His manager fears that fans will ditch him once they find out... but when the truth comes out, his fangirls melt in a collective puddle of squee and love him even more.
  • In The Prince of Tennis, we have Kabaji Munehiro, a huge giant at age 13, who enjoys knitting and considers Home Economics his favourite subject.
  • Ranma Saotome, from Ranma ˝, is probably the strongest fighter in this continuity. Although he complains loudly about it, he clearly enjoys some of the possibilities his instant-sex-change curse gives him. Eating big, girly sundaes is about the only one he'll admit to. But, while he'll protest that he only goes to that extent because it's necessary, he does seem to get a thrill out of "seducing" men to get them to surrender some MacGuffin or other—and his favorite "disguise" is a pink dress.
  • Drake Anderson from the Read or Die OVA is a badass, gruff mercenary capable of taking out super-powered enemies in hand to hand combat, surviving helicopter crashes without a scratch, and is outright feared by Paper-users for his prowess against them. He also enjoys pottery, sightseeing, and classical literature.
  • Rurouni Kenshin— Kenshin Himura is short, wears his long hair in a ponytail, always wears his pink kimono (often with matching tabi), cooks, washes the clothes, and cleans around the dojo... and he's the fearsome Battousai the Man-Slayer. In the Japanese version of the anime, he's voiced by a woman.

    In the manga, Nobuhiro Watsuki claims he based Kenshin on Genzai Kawakami, an assassin during the bakumatsu who was short, thin and easily confused with a woman... he used it to his advantage by crossdressing and hiding at Geisha Houses after killing.

    Also of note is that in the manga, Kenshin is constantly mistaken for a woman, despite carrying a sword around (which was forbidden at the time) and having a big badass scar on his face. He also serves as a babysitter to Dr. Gensai's granddaughters (exclusive to the anime as near as it can be told).
  • Bontenmaru from Samurai Deeper Kyo can literally rip a man in half with his bare hands. He hangs out with several badass killers, and reads shoujo manga.
  • Harima in School Rumble is a buff bad boy. Most students tend to steer clear of him due to his delinquent nature and tendency to beat people up. (Which he does a lot.) One other kid in class has made it his life goal to become manlier and cooler than Harima. In his free time, though, Harima draws manga and takes care of stray animals.
  • s-CRY-ed's Straight Cougar is a manic super-speed fighter and irrepressible flirt who not only wears bright pink shades with his uniform but drives a hot-pink car to boot. No one ever calls him on it, probably because addressing Cougar about anything will earn you a ten-minute hyper-enthusiastic explanation/tirade.
  • The Terminator of Seto no Hanayome initially crossdresses as a schoolgirl in attempt to understand his beloved daughter's heart through Moe stereotypes. Initially, because he inexplicably continues to wear the outfit in future appearances. He's the freaking Terminator, though, with laser beam eyes, so it isn't like anyone (besides his daughter) is ever going to call him out on it. He even really does wear pink . . . panties.
  • Eguchi, the main character of the popular biker gang series Shounan Bakusozoku (aka Bomber Bikers of Shonan), isn't just the leader of the titular biker gang but also of his school's handicraft club.
  • In Sonic X, Sonic apparently has a fondness for flowers. He even uses this to taunt Knuckles at one point when he was tricked by Eggman (again) and challenging Sonic to a duel, and later on in the series Sonic gathers a bunch of flowers and puts them in a vase at Chris's house. Later still he gives Amy a bunch of flowers.
  • Ryuuji from Toradora!! is well-known at school for having the Face of a Thug and an intimidating presence, but in reality he's a proud House Husband who likes to cook while wearing aprons (including a pink one), and can often be found cleaning the school bathroom with a toothbrush and doing the household sewing and shopping. Don't forget he also wears pink boxers!
  • Galvatron, the Big Bad of Transformers - Beast Wars II, is totally PINK. He even transforms into a giant pink dragon (make of that what you will). Despite that, he is a deadly serious villain, and in his dragon form, a rampaging unstoppable monster attacking friend or foe. Well, except when he is sleeping - which he does for most of the series.
  • In Weiß Kreuz Side B Ken Hidaka, the team's resident Big Guy, is a former professional soccer player and ex-convict who kills people for money with a pair of steel Wolverine Claws. He likes his job. He also likes cookery, adores small children, appears to have unilaterally decided Kurumi is his surrogate sister and, like the rest of his team, has a cover job as a florist.
  • Volume 9 of Xxx Ho Lic reveals that Tall, Dark and Snarky Doumeki used to dress like a girl when he was little. Of course, being the unshakable master of deadpan that he is, Watanuki's attempt to rub this in his face backfires spectacularly.
  • Takashi "Jumbo" Takeda from Yotsuba To! is a very tall, muscular and scary looking guy, but he works as a florist and is very sensitive and romantic.
  • YuYu Hakusho
    • Kazuma Kuwabara is a man's man, but he still has a soft spot for cats...especially his pet kitten, Eikichi. Not to mention he is one of few men who will loudly, without ANY hesitation whatsoever, proclaim that he does what he does for love. Even calls himself a Warrior of Love several times.
    • After ridding himself of his old man disguise, the Beautiful Suzuka monologues in this choice of attire in the Dark Tournament. He follows that by blowing up a section of the crowd.
  • Minamoto of Zettai Karen Children takes care of The Children, including cleaning and cooking in a frilly apron. He also has been known to use drill-equipped trucks, crocodiles and other improvised weaponry when pushed beyond his limits.

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