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Memetic Badass: Anime & Manga

The reputation of Team Gurren echoes far and wide! When they talk about its Badass leader, the man of indomitable spirit and masculinity, they're talkin' about me! THE MIGHTY KAMINA!

The mighty realm of anime is no stranger to badasses whose names echo in legend.

  • Chirico Cuvie from Armored Trooper VOTOMS, a man who is able to turn an otherwise scrapworthy mech into a killing machine on par with gundams. It's also one of the few reasons why he doesn't give every other army a curb stomping. And even if you do shoot down his mech? He'll survive and find another within a week ready to fight again and even outside a scopedog, he can shoot down planes with his pistol.
  • Klaus Heinz van dem Eberbach of NATO Intelligence, from From Eroica with Love. So badass he is known as "Iron Klaus". When he arrived on Alaska, the local FBI commented "I heard that all the Alaskan bears are migrating out after hearing that Iron Klaus is here".
  • Shizuo from Durarara!!. It took getting stabbed in the knees with pens twice for Shizuo to notice he was getting attacked.
    • Shuji directly asks Celty the "who would win in a fight?" question, which causes her to burst out laughing. It's Shizuo against an unkillable fae with the ability to give darkness physical form — Of course Shizuo would win.
      • Shizuo is this so much in-universe that Tom considers anyone who lives in Ikebukuro but doesn't know about him as most likely public school dropouts.
    • Mikado is considered one now after the pen-stabbing incident with Aoba.
    • Izaya, on the other hand, will troll you out of your clothes. And then stomp on your cellphone.
  • For Vash the Stampede in Trigun, this is actually a bad thing. He has powerful enemies and despite the fact that the man himself is a Martial Pacifist (with a heaping helping of Obfuscating Stupidity ) the fact that cities and towns tend to be destroyed wherever he goes gives him a terrible reputation for destruction, and that reputation only serves to heighten the destruction and madness that surrounds him.
  • The Dirty Pair. Hell, even their name is because of their reputation. Space stations, buildings, cities, whole planets (and in one Adam Warren comic, an entire star cluster) get destroyed in their adventures. Never mind that it's not actually their fault...
  • Teresa from Claymore will cut your God in half. BEFORE HE BREATHES. Just ask the 4 other Claymores that attacked her.
  • In Slayers the main character, Lina Inverse, often finds that her reputation as a violent, cruel, infinitely powerful sorceress has preceded her: often just the rumor that she's in town can reduce entire populations into terrified, quivering wrecks. Of course, when she's banking on her reputation producing that effect, no one has heard of her.
    • More precisely, no one has heard of the "Beautiful Genius Sorceress, Lina Inverse". Everybody has heard of "Lina Inverse, Dragon Spooker and the Enemy Of All Who Live".
  • Hei AKA Chinese Electric Batman from Darker Than Black. Even before getting his power, he was badass incarnate, after getting it, he's pretty much the most dangerous Contractor in the world. His coat is also bulletproof only when he wears them, because he's just that badass.
  • Baccano!: Claire Stanfield. Most Baccano fans agree that he could take anything, from mere mob bosses to immortals to even possibly elder gods. And unlike Batman, he would need no preptime at all.
    • Jacuzzi Splot may make you groan in annoyance with his crybaby attitude, but he WILL make you groan in PAIN if you tempt him enough.
  • From Bleach we have Aizen's truly gigantic couch, which has been theorized to be The Man Couch Behind The Man Behind the Man and the strongest character in the series. To a lesser degree, this applies to the rest of Aizen's furniture as well, all of which is over the top.
    • There is also Yammy, Espada # 10 who had been propelled to Godlike levels of power long before he was revealed to be in actuality, Espada # 0.
    • Kenpachi Zaraki is actually an alternate universe version of Chuck Norris. Just replace "roundhouse kick" with "cut you to little bits".
      • They say that if Kenpachi reached Bankai, the Universe would implode. An Ascended Meme (though not word for word) thanks to the anime.
      • It's more likely that his bankai is Chuck Norris.note 
      • Same result.
    • Squad 11, which Kenpachi leads, fears only one person more than their captain: the captain of "wimpy" Squad 4, Unohana Retsu. Who walks into Hueco Mundo, and promptly scares off a powerful Arrancar as well as an entire squad of his clones, with a polite request and gentle smile.
      • Unohana can scare anybody— even Aizen— into submission with with a polite request and a smile. Hell, she does not even have to be in the room. She even GOT FREAKIN' KENPACHI to back down. She's that terrifying.
      • And here is why: She. Was. The. FIRST KENPACHI!
    • Isshin's so badass he can take Aizen on with just his middle finger.
  • The servant Archer from Fate/Stay Night had such a badass final fight, it spawned the creation of the word/concept of GAR. (Note: This one is actually true.)
    • The Berserker from Fate/Zero, also known as GA­Rserker. His first scene in the anime is already badass enough, but it goes up to eleven when he TAKES OVER A JET FIGHTER AND DOGFIGHTS GILGAMESH. He also kicked Saber´s ass in the span of 40 seconds (she did have limited use of her left hand but it would´ve barely made a difference), later curb-stomped her until he ran out of mana and shoots a minigun from the hip in midair.
  • Char Aznable from Mobile Suit Gundam is stated to make anything three times faster (from a statement that Char's custom red Zaku was three times faster than a normal Zaku). This is also expanded to just mention the word "three times" in some way, like Char Aznable is three times as badass as Chuck Norris.
    • Additionally, it became a common meme that everything painted red in Gundam is three times faster that its counterparts. At one point Gundam 00 lampshaded it with Trans-Am system which, when activated, actually paints an otherwise traditionally colored Gundam red and makes it exactly three times faster than before.
      • The Zudah showed what would happen if you tried to make a suit go three times faster without a red coat of paint. It explodes.
      • Da Red wunz go faster, ya gitz!
      • Points must be given to Major Duvall for going out in style, as well as completing his objective as he does so, comparable to Norris Packard's own awesome death.
    • Mobile Fighter G Gundam: Master Asia could solo the Gundam multiverse. On foot and armed only with a sash.
      • Also, anytime a person fights a Humongous Mecha that's not a Mecha-Mook on foot tends to be referred to as channeling the great Undefeated Of The East.
    • Bright Noa: slapping spineless wimps into MEN OF DESTINY since UC 0060.
      • In the Super Robot Wars Alpha series, this is completely canon: He is responsible for making Shinji Ikari a Badass, and has killed the Angels! He's also proven himself to be so awesome a battle commander, forces from over 50 different mecha anime have been willing to concede to his authority.
    • Ali Al Saachez of Gundam 00 is quite popular, and egregiously so. Some fans adore seeing him for not what he is, but what they have turned him into, and it has affected some people's views on the plot (usually positive). A particular trait is his abnormally high survival rate and "high score" on main character kill counts, both on and off screen. After all, "Prince Ali, mighty is he!"
      • Furthermore, he doesn't wear the seatbelt for his safety. He wears it for the car's.
    • Patrick Colasour could take on all the memetic badasses on this page, get knocked into a black hole, and pull himself out of it unscathed.
    • Lacus Clyne will take over the universe with a smile, her songs, and her army of Haros! She does. As the leaderess of the PLANTs, that is.
    • Mix one part Zeta-era Amuro Ray, one part Quattro Bajeena and one part Bright Noah in a blender and set to liquefy. Add Hot-Blooded Sideburns. The result? JAMIL NEATE.
    • Tobia Arronax is considered one for all the amazing feats he pulls off in Crossbone, which include surviving being shot in the chest, hijacking a Gundam you were fighting against on foot, being a pirate, and having a 13-bladed beam saber.
    • Daguza Mackle from Gundam Unicorn is heading in this direction, for displaying a heightened sense of Genre Savvy skills and taking on an ace custom with a handheld bazooka. He does it again in Episode 3, but this time to Full Frontal's Sinanju.
    • Harry Ord is one among ∀ Gundam fans, described on its page as "Char minus ambition plus awesome".
      • The Turn A itself, on account of being undeniably the most powerful Gundam ever made (well, unless the Turn X counts as a Gundam, in which case there is room for debate); most stalemated Gundam vs. Gundam "who would win"s end with "Turn A kills them both".
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
    • The reputation of Team Gurren echoes far and wide! When they talk about its Badass leader, the man of indomitable spirit and paragon of masculinity, they're talkin' about none other than THE MIGHTY KAMINA!!!

      Adding his shades to any photo= instant badass! And... guess whose picture that is on the top of this page: KAMINA!!

      To prove this point: In the first episode, he squared off against a Humongous Mecha. With only a katana. The kicker: Word of God states that, even without Yoko or Simon's help, He would've won!

      Later, that Badass Got killed. Got up. and then avenged himself!
    • Simon's presence makes enemy units explode out of his sheer awesomeness. He invented teleportation just to punch someone in the face. When given the option of either his woman or the universe, he chooses both and uses his awesomeness to back it up.
    • Ironic inversion: Lordgenome is as powerful as many Memetic Badasses have been made out to be: when his mech gets beaten in a Beam-O-War by Simon's Mini-Mecha, he climbs out of it and punches the other mech in the face and fistfights it (without a scarf, no less); later, he makes an epic Heroic Sacrifice by recreating his mech out of nowhere, catching a Big Bang, and converting it and himself into a crapload of raw power for the heroes. While he maintains a cult following thanks to his rugged good looks and shirtlessness, he rarely sees the same treatment other characters do.
    • Additionally, Bruce Ironstaunch. While he only appears briefly as a crowd extra during Rossiu's speech about executing Simon, he instantly was raised to this status among Westerners due to the fact that he's seen making a gesture that indicates approval in Japan, but just the opposite in the West. And hey, Rossiu deserved it. In fact, fans have declared that he was the one who threw a rock at him shortly after.
  • In a similar vein to Kamina's sunglasses, it's agreed that adding Go Nagai's trademark fiery sideburns and eyebrows to a character will make them more manly and/or Hot-Blooded. Observe. This has even become a part of the industry itself, with tribute characters such as Gai Daigoji and Meito Anisawa sporting a pair of impressive 'chops.
  • Exodia from Yu-Gi-Oh!, noted as the only being capable of frightening Anonymous.
    • Rex Godwin from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds is quickly headed in this direction on the online game Duel Monsters Unlimited following the first twenty seconds of this vid.
      • Jack Atlas from the same series gets a lot of this, too, to the point where it is said he demands his name be written JACK ATLAS. He gets his new trump monster by telling an Eldritch Abomination that it's now his bitch, and that there's nothing it can do or say about it.
    • Yami Yugi wins every game ever, even games that he is not currently playing.
  • Makoto from School Days is dubbed Man-koto and jokingly worshiped on a certain image board for attracting and banging pretty much anything female in the cast without hesitation or mercy. If you count the games this includes the mothers, sisters, and several threesomes. He doesn't get away with this in the end pays for his actions sometimes and is hardly an admirable character, but that's why this is Memetic Badass.
  • Tezca Tlipoca from Soul Eater. Not only is he able to defeat Medusa and Justin Law AT THE SAME TIME (and then being able to track down Justin Law) but he also wears A FUCKING BEAR MASK AND A TUXEDO! You can't get more badass than that.
    • And HE WILL NEVER DIE!!!!
    • Black☆Star has surpassed GOD!!!
    • FOOLS! Excalibur's legend began in the 12th century!
  • Fanon commonly elevates Gendo Ikari from The Chessmaster to literally omniscient, because, hell, he might as well be.
  • Naruto
    • Due in large part to him starting a chain of events that ultimately caused Sasuke to defect from Konoha by letting it slip that Itachi came by, thus bringing the story to where it is now, Aoba Yamashiro has been hailed as a Bad Ass Spanner in the Works or Chess Master by the fans. Recently, his legend grew when he showed up again with a team of reinforcements after two major villains succeeded in killing a major secondary character. The villains were ordered to retreat shortly thereafter, but that didn't stop the fans from claiming that they had, in reality, ran in terror at the sight of Aoba and his Murder of Crows no Jutsu.
    • It's worth noting that the databooks state his favorite phrase is in fact "Just as planned".
    • He's also stated to be the "door master", generally with shoops showing him killing people by opening a door.
    • For a time on GameFAQs, a running joke on the Naruto boards claimed that the strongest person in the manga was Iruka Umino. The man who did little more than get hit in the spine with a giant shuriken. Ironically, this is one of the reasons fans cite as him being near immortal, as well as claiming that he possess the Rinnegan and can dual-wield two BF Zabuza swords, which are memetically mutated into insanely powerful weapons of mass destruction which "cannot be beat" (based on an ad for a toy of one which accomplished the feat of tearing rice paper).
    • Einstein's original theory of relativity said: If Might Guy kicks you, your relatives will feel it.
    • It is all part of Shikamaru's plan. ALL of it; no matter how strange or farfetched. Its All According to Plan.
    • And then there's GARuto...
      • His latest form, Tailed Beast Mode, has a longrobe. Made of chakra. So far, no character has managed to look that awesome (and open a skyscraper-sized can of whoopass while doing so!).
    • The Raikage was Bad Ass from the word "Go", and it now seems Kishimoto is trying to outdo himself each week. So far he's broken a table by accident, broken through a wall instead of taking the door, tanking a Chidori with little more than a scratch, nearly killed Sasuke, survived Jugo's Beam Spam, punched through Amaterasu to get to Sasuke (nearly killed him again!) and chopped his own burning arm off with his hand. BAD. ASS. Dude doesn't even have a name yet His name is A. It's now generally accepted that his punches are nearing Falcon-level, and can solve pretty much anything. ANYTHING.
      • He also broke the "Zabuza sword".
      • And then he decapitated Kisame, WITH HIS ARM! And not even his good arm (because he didn't have it anymore)!
      • He gets it from his Badass father who faced 10000 shinobi BY HIMSELF for three days!!!
      • The entire Hidden Cloud Village can be considered memetically badass, due to spawning a lot of badass ninjas (Word of God has actually stated they're tied for having the biggest army, and have the best economic strength), and everybody claims that their ninjas can destroy a village with one pebble, due to a joke that happened in Chapter 450 when someone from the Cloud Village thought they accidentally did exactly that.
    • A more specific form of this is how some joke that Karin has "Kage level dodging skills" for how she was able to stand in middle of a battle against multiple Kage without getting injured in the crossfire. It may also be called "Kage level survival skills" and also refer to how she was set on fire once (and by Amaterasu fire to boot) and later getting kicked across a bridge and hitting both the ground and a wall from about 50m in the air, again with minimal visible injury, and then surviving Being impaled by a sword made of electricity.
    • The Fanon said that, Tora the cat was said to be a descendant of Nibi the Demon Cat.
      • Paperwork can defeat even the mightiest Kage.
    • Drunken Rock Lee is unstoppable not even Madara can No Sell him.
    • The real reason Kisame committed suicide is because he knew he could not stand a chance against Yamato's Headgear. Yamato's headgear is so badass, it is the only non-human/demon to receive any votes in the latest popularity contest.
    • OF course, who could forget the REAL mastermind of the series, Ramen Guy Teuchi? For a while his name was thrown out there for contender of the 6th coffin, because Tobi had every right to be scared of his lethal godliness. Then when Tobi's identity was questioned, Ramen Guy was another contender because who else could orchestrate the series' events like this? No body would have seen the sharingan because he always squints. But that was thrown down because the fans got over their joke and agreed that Tobi couldn't be Ramen Guy. If he was, Tobi would have taken over the world LOOONNG ago.
    • Hashirama are this in-universe for very, VERY, VEEERRRRRYYYY good reason.
    • Some people joke that Tenten will be the hero of story, because she's THE minor character among the Konoha 11.
    • Itachi has entered your mind the minute you start fighting him.
  • Speed Racer: Inspector Detector is a demon on foot. And he's insane.
  • Fictional example: Much of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex is about Laughing Man imitators. His already godlike hacking abilities are exaggerated by the media and greedy corporations.
    • The Major. There will always be plenty of people who will have the rank of Major, but to fans, there can only ever be one "The Major."
  • Takamachi Nanoha in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: mostly justified, though her tendency to shoot first (because magic damage can't kill people) extended by fans into outright battle lust to befriend people through maximum firepower rather than a last resort.
  • Code Geass
    • Margrave Jeremiah Gottwald is THE ULTIMATE SYMBOL OF CHIVALRY AND LOYALTY.
    • Suzaku Kururugi. In-show, he does boast some pretty impressive Charles Atlas Superpower, but the fandom has raised him to the point where his "Spinzaku" alter-ego can throw down in Martial Arts Do Not Work That Way with Chuck Norris and at least draw.
    • Kyoshiro Tohdoh has also become one among certain segments of the English-speaking fandom, credited with such abilities as shooting lasers out of his eyes and consuming human souls through eye contact.
      • The fact that Tohdoh's English voice actor is Steve Blum (considered the English equivalent of Norio Wakamoto on this very wiki for a reason) may be a contributing factor.
    • Clovis la Britannia and Rivalz Cardemonde have both qualified, thanks to a plethora of So Bad, It's Good Fanfictions that were spawned on a certain image board. Some of the sheer badassitude attributed to Clovis in certain fanfics has to be read to be believed. Clovis remained extremely popular among certain fans throughout the series run, despite having bit it within three episodes. His popularity may have contributed to him being mentioned and referenced throughout the first series and into R2.
    • Lelouch vi Britannia only misses out on this page because he doesn't need to be exaggerated. He really did hit an army with a mountain. And a volcano.
  • Dragon Ball
    • Although possibly a localized example, Mr. Popo from Dragon Ball Z became this on the GameFAQs board devoted to the series. The origin of this is a filler scene where he manages to catch the punches of Super Saiyans Trunks and Goten, despite being far, far less powerful than them. So many topics were made asking how he could do this, that eventually the posters just ran with it. This is also the case in Dragon Ball Abridged, whose version of Mr. Popo is... massively over-the-top, prone to random acts of cruelty, and hilarious.
    "Enjoy the climb back up, BITCH!"
    "I'll tell where they're not. Safe.
    • It helps that one of his earliest appearences in Dragon Ball has him casually and literally eating the Kamehameha wave.
    • In the first episode of Dragon Ball Z, there is an anonymous farmer who tries to confront Raditz with a shotgun, only to be casually murdered and never heard from again. At some point, this character became known as "Farmer With A Shotgun" and generated rumor that he is phenomenally powerful, and could even defeat Cell or Majin Buu (or Raditz, for that matter) for good.
      • Case in point.
      • Here's another version that jumps around less. Here's another. Then we have a long one with cell. In fact this guy collected (seemly) all of them he could find and put them on this account, but gave credit for them. Then he made some originals.
      • He's not quivering in fear, he's trembling with rage!!
      • This may have some basis in reality, seeing how the guy is seen near the end of the series, alive and well.
      • Also postulated to be the most powerful characters in the series (and in all of existence) by GameFAQs: Mr. Satan (of course), Dr. Briefs' cat, and a random at one of the tournaments wearing a t-shirt that says "Super Saiyan" on it.
    • Don't piss Son Gohan off, or you'll be finished!
    • Perhaps the best example though has to be ChiChi. Goku may be the strongest being in the Universe, but he's scared crapless by his wife. Hell, ChiChi would've won the Cell Games in one episode.
    • Broly's power is maximum!!
    • Roshi's turtle, anyone? It obviously has the power to supress it's power level, and even General Blue knew better than to engage the turtle in a fight. Turtle > SSJ4 Gogeta.
  • "Should I return home, my report will be, 'I have met the greatest man in the multiverse and his name is Keiichi Morisato, and we should be humbled to know his name.' That is all that needs to be said."
  • "ALL HAIL PRUSSIA! PRAISE HIM! ON YOUR KNEES!" Also overlaps with Memetic Sex God on account of his famous five meters.
    • Hungary, the manliest character in all of history, would like Austria's vital regions returned.
    • YOU WILL ALL BECOME ONE WITH RUSSIA. Not to mention that he broke Busby's Chair which is supposed to send anybody who sits in it to hell...twice!
    • As of Hetaween 2011, we have Romano. Or better said: GRANDMANO.
    • Finland (specifically Sniper Finland) seems to be becoming this, mostly on the grounds that any country that could produce someone like Simo Hayha is automatically a badass.
  • Johan Liebert can make you kill yourself just by smiling pleasantly.
    • ... was here, Ash is a loser.
    • You can't ignore his girth.
    • There are 8 badges to earn in Kanto...
    • Ash's Buizel is another example. As one forum put it, "WATCHA GONNA DO WHEN BUIZELMANIA RUNS WILD ON YOU!?!"
    • Tobias, in a rather tongue-in-cheek manner. We know he was two Legendaries and curbstomps everyone, so people joke that he also has ridiculous things, such as a shiny Arceus.
    • Giovanni. Whatever he does, is done LIKE A BOSS!.
  • Thanks to his infamous and vastly parodied catchphrase, Kenshiro regularly wanders into meme battles from out of nowhere. Which, ironically, is how every single non-essential story in the HnK universe starts out. One particular example had him challenge and utterly destroy a near-hundred person band of marauding raiders who had recently ravaged a small township he had passed through. He simply stood in the way of the only exit from the cavern, and stated any who made it past would be granted amnesty and live past this day. Yeah, no surprises what happens next.
    • Also, Raoh. When a real-life funeral is held when the character dies, you know they're one of these.
    • Roy Mustang deserves a spot on here. He closes his wounds with FIRE. He also never cries, it just happens to rain sometimes.
      • When he's fuhrer all female officers will wear TINY MINI SKIRTS!!!
    • King Bradley killed a tank. With a sword.
      • You don't bring a tank to a Bradley fight!
    • Izumi doesn't even need vital organs to KICK YOUR ASS.
  • Full Metal Panic!: Believe me — ask anyone, and they will tell you it's canon that Gauron is an immortal zombie. People probably conceded to his immortal superpowers when he survived a deadly explosion the five billionth time.
  • Because Ozma Lee IS A MAN!, he punched the curse of pineapple cake in the face, and then ate it.
    • Machida of Macross Frontier, a NUNS VF-171 pilot who appears for roughly 20 seconds in a single episode. In a world where Red Shirts last about ten and generally die in a flurry of Stock Footage, we see what at first glance appears to be said Stock Footage of a flight getting killed by missiles. The missiles come in and... get dodged as Machida laughs "You thought that was going to work every time?!" Commence ass kicking of two red vajra (which usually require combined arms attacks from the protagonists to take down). Has becomes something of a meme for any random vehicle pilot (at least Valkyrie pilots in any Macross series) who should be a Red Shirt and yet does something beyond the call of the Red Shirt, since obviously all of them were Machida. Yes, this goes retroactively to all the older Macrosses too.
      • The truth behind Machida is that he has some of Max Jenius' DNA infused in him. Max Jenius the undisputed best pilot in the Macross Universe, if not all of mecha. He has his own section under Macross' moment of awesome and certain image boards exaggerate his already impressive talents into godlike power, resulting in him being able to take on Char, Amuro, Jesus Yamato, Setsuna "The True Innovator" and win among other things such as reducing the kill count in Tomino productions and Memetic Sex God-tier ability to seduce women.
  • Unlike most martial artists Ryoma Nagare does not break bricks. He breaks dinosaurs.
  • In a rather bizzare example, the Iguan from Zoids was elevated to badassery on both sides of the Pacific in different ways. In the US, "Iguan" became a stock answer for any stock stupid question, starting with "What Zoid is the most powerful" and going downhill from there. It became a meme in the fandom that Iguan was the most powerful Zoid ever, that it could destroy anything with its mighty Iguan Kick and so forth. Meanwhile, in Japan, Iguan became a fan favourite in fanart and kitbashes, depicting its rival with the Godos as the greatest and deadliest rivalry of any Zoids (and helping to escalate the Godos to similar standards). The kicker? The two memes appear to be entirely unrelated, which seems to make Iguan's badassery even more so. For the record, Iguan is a small and innocuous generic mook Zoid that never appeared in any of the anime, and only rarely appears in licenced media. The toys then added to Iguan's badassery in two ways:
    • First came the Lizar from the 80's American Technozoids line. A recolour of the Iguan, Lizar was never released and is only known from a pair(?) of prototypes, making it something of a legend in the toy collecting community.
    • Then, in 2008, Tomy-Takara released the limited edition "Dark Iguan", an in-world badass upgrade.
  • It's become something of a joke among anime fans of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure that author Hirohiko Araki is an ageless immortal.
  • Princess Tutu the character may have not yet reached memetic badass status, but Princess Tutu the series has. There's something to be said about the fact that the testosterone-laden cesspit of 4chan not only respects a Magical Girl series about ballet, but affectionately nicknames it Guitar Ninjas. (Ads on site are NSFW)
  • Ah, Rosa Ushiromiya. She acquired the Fan Nickname "Rosa Musou" (Invincible Rosa), after she fought off tons of magical goat-butlers who killed the rest of her family with a sawed-off rifle, a purse with a bar of gold inside and a fountain pen.
    • After EP7, we have WILL MOTHERFUCKING WRIGHT. Notable feats include being able to stand up to Bernkastel, facing off an army of demonic cats with an arm missing while protecting Lion, returning in EP8 with his arm fully healed, and HEADBUTTING A GOAT BUTLER TO DEATH. Just because he insulted the mystery genre!
  • After the knife incident, Osaka from Azumanga Daioh.
  • One Piece
    • After the Whitebeard War story arc, the fandom is now divided between those who apply this treatment to Whitebeard, and those who apply it to Admiral Akainu.
    • And MANSOPP
      • Now overshadowed by GOD USOLAND, the true mastermind behind the attack on the SMILE factory and the most dangerous member of the straw hat alliance.
    • Also, PWNGoat. Just by virtue of being the fleet admiral Sengoku's pet fans jokingly attribute all kinds of super-powers to it ...
    • Silvers Rayleigh swam the Calm Belt!
    • Luffy has also somewhat gained this status, seeing as how Eiichiro Oda revealed that Luffy can stretch every part of his body...
      • Gear Third anybody? Hehehe...
    • Mihawk as well.
    • How is Shanks not mentioned here? All he has to do is look at you and you'll either: 1) back down, or 2) faint.
    • Buggy the Clown. After bullshitting his way through the entire Impel Down and Marineford arcs by gathering a following of notorious criminals, fighting alongside Luffy, Ivankov, Crocodile, Jinbe and all the other big names, revealing that he was on Gold Roger's crew and becoming a fucking Warlord, Buggy has been worshiped as the true main character of One Piece and the one who will become the Pirate King, if not the Pirate God.
  • Hellsing
    • Alucard, a character so powerful that there is basically no way to actually exaggerate the stuff he can do, gets this treatment often.
    • Integra gets this treatment too at lesser degree, because she's the one sending Alucard to be a Badass. A curious in universe example of this is Sir Shelby Penwood, who went down Hellsing history as a true hero and badass who can slice through Zeppelin and nazi armies.
    • Piss off the police girl, and you get "NO FORGIVENESS! EVER!"
    • Just about every character in Hellsing gets this treatment. Seriously.
  • Jack Rakan in Mahou Sensei Negima!. In his case, the meme is mostly reserved for his awesome style rather than actual power. The actual power part of it left over is enough to break reality twice just to Bright Slap Negi followed by some cheery advice.
    • Make that three times. And the third one's the charm because he came back to stay alive and joined the fight that was going on. Iimmediately. HE'S THAT BADASS, OKAY?
  • Commander Kuunugi from RahXephon is an in-universe and out-of-universe example. He buries Mulians under the trees in his garden.
  • Angel Beats!: A clothespin! Y-you pin it... and it doesn't fall! The laundry doesn't get dirty! So beautiful!
    • There's also T.K. Most of the fandom believes he's God.
    • Shiina's appearance means that your force has been strengthen by a thousand men.
  • Hanma Yujiro from Grappler Baki. He silenced an earthquake with his fist.
  • Yuno is the unstoppable Yandere of Yandere's. Don't get in her way, and whatever you do, don't hurt Yukki.
  • As seen in this video, Masaru Daimon owns your soul, and he probably owns it solely for the purpose of punching it into submission.
  • In three and a half years, Golgo 13 will have killed everyone on the planet.
  • Fairy Tail:
    • When your name is Erza Scarlet, is there really anything more to say?
    "That's Erza for ya!"
    • What will Natsu eat? He eats from an Explosion.
    • Mirajane doesn't take you harming her family well.
    • Gildartz made Natsu cry.
    • Played for Laughs in canon with Lucy, who would get credited with a bunch of wild, incredible deeds... maybe ten percent of which she actually performed, and which were all horrendously exaggerated due to unreliable word-of-mouth.
  • Furinji Hayato can take on the US army and win. Also he used people as weapons.
    • Anything in Shigure's hands becomes a deadly weapon though she won't kill you.
    • Apachai can punch through a few walls and down a few stories without killing you.
  • Tomoyo Sakagami. Mess with her and she'll juggle you with her feet.
  • Chizuru. You don't want her to open her eyes.
  • Space pimp Banjou Haran from Daitarn 3 is essentially James Bond with a Humongous Mecha, with all of the badass that implies.
  • Elizabeth Middleford. Yes, you read that correctly. Underneath that cute, frilly exterior is a dual sword wielding, zombie horde wrecking beast. Haters gonna' hate.
  • A Certain Magical Index's Touma Kamijou. In the Japanese side of the fandom: Put him up against anything, he'll Imagine Break it into oblivion, and he has his own meme: Sogebu (stands for Sono Gensou wo Buchikorosunote ). In the West? He's the freaking TouMAN.
    • Kanzaki curbstomps Touma nuff said.
    • Accelerator is [[Crazy-Awesome] Crazy Awesome] [[Up to eleven] up to eleven]
    • Acqua of the Back is Superman.
  • Zero no Tsukaima: Saito can and will simply walk into Mordor.
  • Vy Low a.k.a. Scarface from Shadow Skill. He killed a giant evil werewolf by looking at it, to death.
  • Zeorymer of the Heavens is this thanks to its explosion-themed powers, ominous theme song, and overpoweredness in Super Robot Wars. The pilot, not so much.
    • Edajima Heihachi has since been given his own manga about how he became the principal of Otokojuku. Amongst other insane acts of badassery, he took (and passed, top of his class) the entrance exam to Tokyo University at twelve years of age. He rescued the Emperor of Manchuria from a prison cell on accident, and mastered Kung Fu just by watching someone else practice it for 30 seconds. Need we say more?
  • Canaan: Need a taxi anyone?
  • Mawaru-Penguindrum: Kanba Takakura will kill Gods and Goddesses and all that stands in his way FOR HIMARI'S SAKE!!
  • Issei Hyoudou in High School D×D. He's got at least SEVENTEEN Badass tropes in his name, three more than Yuri Lowell and just as many as the freaking Dragonborn.
    • Not too far behind we have Gasper — or better, GARsper — being able to twist time to his liking and literally blow stuff up, Azazel, with all the crazy — and stylish things he does, and Sirzechs, as... Well, if he scared Hades shitless he's got to be badass.
  • Orion Eden in Saint Seiya Omega. He was capable of curb-stomping one of the strongest Gold Saints in the entire series. He only needed to pull one Orion Devastation and it sent Virgo Fudou flying like a kite. In fact, Eden and Phoenix Ikki (of whom Eden is an expy) pretty much curb-stomp every battle they're in.
  • People call him Kyon because his real name is too awesome to be spoken by mortal tongues.
  • Daimon Masaru (known as Marcus Damon in the dub) from Digimon Savers, due to his in universe ability to punch and actually hurt enemy Digimon. The finale of the series has Masaru punching and defeating Yggdrasil, the Digital World equivalent of God. Needless to say, this is carried over to his finale in Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Leaping Through Time, which has him punching bigger and more impressive things and the fandom has run with it.
  • Attack on Titan: To the surprise of absolutely no-one, Captain Levi has developed into this. Also, more hilariously, the walnut from the second ending.
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