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Manga: Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka?
And what will your order be today?

In a certain town that may or may not be actually located in Japan, Cocoa Hoto wanders around looking for the residence that she's supposed to room in. During the course of her wandering around, she happens upon a small café that tickles her imagination. Called the Rabbit Café, Cocoa enters under the mistaken impression that it's a café where one can cuddle and pet rabbits... She's quickly disabused of the notion by the waitress-on-duty Chino Kafuu, but she does manage to cuddle a rabbit in the end, albeit a rather strange one.

As luck would have it, the Kafuu residence is the place she's been looking for, and in return for staying there for the duration of her studies, she'll be working as a waitress at the café. While Chino herself is a bit dubious at the prospect, Cocoa's first day at work goes mostly without a hitch, with the latter even getting acquainted with her senior at the café, Rize Tedeza, a girl who somehow manages to walk around with a handgun despite the fact that firearms are regulated in Japan, never mind the fact that she's under-aged...

In any case, Cocoa takes all these new experiences in stride, as she's going to be staying in the town for a while. Everything is a new experience, after all!

Officially translated as Is the Order a Rabbit? and abbreviated as GochiUsa, Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka (ご注文はうさぎですか?) is a 4Koma manga by Koi serialized in Manga Time Kirara Max since March 2011. An anime adaptation of the series by White Fox started airing as part of the Spring 2014 Anime line-up.

Crunchyroll is streaming the anime, which can viewed hereNote 

Is the Order a Rabbit? gives examples of the following tropes:

  • Animal Theme Naming: All the café's the girls work at have Rabbit in the name; in English, Rabbit House, in Japanese, Ama Usa An, and French, Fleur De Lapin.
  • Artistic License - Gun Safety: Provided by Rize. Trigger discipline is not something she practices.
  • Battle Aura: Chino displays one when she attempts a badminton serve that Rize taught her in episode 5.
  • Big "NO!": Tippy does one when Cocoa is holding him too long. At first she's confused by it, but Chino tries to play it off as ventriloquism. However, Tippy is later revealed to be able to talk.
  • Blank White Eyes: A few are displayed from time to time by the girls.
  • Blue with Shock: Cocoa and Sharo display this in episode 5 after receiving a volleyball serve from Chiya, who has a tendency to hit the ball a bit too hard.
  • Brown Bag Mask: Cocoa puts one on Sharo's face in episode 7 when visiting Chiya, because of her fear of rabbits. Interestingly, Anko doesn't chase after Sharo until after she rips off the bag.
  • Bunnies for Cuteness: Exaggerated. In some cases this is the Central Theme of this series, rather than the girls.
  • Calling Your Attacks: Chino and Rize do this to their badminton serves in episode 5. Patriot Serve!
  • Cassandra Truth: In episode 5, while walking to the park for some badminton practice, Chino tells Rize that when Tippy is on her head, she has twice her normal strength. She claims she's not lying about it, while Rize just smiles and doesn't say anything. Then she says she's not lying again.
  • Childhood Friends: Chiya and Sharo, since they both live right next to each other.
  • Christmas Episode: Episode 11, which has the girls and the side characters working at Rabbit House to serve customers during this time of year. Cocoa also secretly gives Chino a present while she's sleeping, but then falls asleep next to her, though Chino appreciates the thoughts behind the gift.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl:
    • In episode 3, Sharo says she'd like to make Chino her little sister. Cocoa immediately gets jealous, and proclaims that Chino is her little sister.
    • Sharo doesn't take it too well when Chiya emails her in episode 6 about Rize having a "new little sister" in Maya, one of Chino's school friends.
    • Chino does this in episode 7, though it turns out to be an Imagine Spot by Cocoa.
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: In the manga, Chino mentioned the town requires that on its buildings to show the occupations of the occupants. For example, fishmongers will need to pain their houses blue, and bakers pink.
  • Comically Missing the Point:
    • At the beginning of episode 7, Sharo wishes she could be as cool and confident as Rize. She then has an Imagine Spot of having the same confidence as Rize, and as she walks through a store holding a pistol, all of the other customers are understandably scared.
    • Near the end of episode 7, Cocoa, Rize, and Chino ask Chiya where Sharo lives because they wanted to give her some bread. Sharo then comes out of the dilapidated house next door. While Chino tries to apologize for assuming she was Secretly Wealthy, Cocoa instead asks Sharo where she lives. Sharo ends up having to point to that house she just came out of.
  • Crazy-Prepared: In episode 10, when Chino tells Megu and Maya that she only has a chessboard, so only two players could participate, her father then shows up by her door and gives them a board game to play.
  • Cuteness Proximity:
    • Cocoa when she first sees Tippy. And especially when holding him. Several other characters are similarly drawn to him, such as a bunch of random girls at the pool in episode 8 after Chino leaves him alone in a small washtub.
    • Thanks to Cocoa's influence, Chino gets afflicted by this in episode 10, when she notices some rabbits while she's headed towards the bathhouse with Rize, Megu, and Maya.
  • Department of Redundancy Department: The novelist that Cocoa meets in episode 6 says her pen name is "Aoyama Blue Mountain". Aoyama in Japanese means "Blue mountain".
  • Didn't Think This Through:
    • In episode 3, with it raining harder and harder, Rize says she'll call for a cab to take Sharo home. Chiya, remembering Sharo exclaiming she didn't want Rize to know where she lives, instead volunteers to take her. However, she attempts to carry her home, and collapses a short distance from the Rabbit House.
    • In episode 7, the girls work on a large jigsaw puzzle. As they get closer to finishing it, Rize asks where they're going to place it. The girls are then stumped because they didn't consider what to do with it when they were done. In the end they have Chino's father put it up in the coffee shop to replace another picture of a rabbit.
  • Drowning My Sorrows: A G-rated version. In episode 8, Chiya brought Sharo to three coffee houses in a row to drown away the latter's sorrow of being found to be a very poor Scholarship Student and that she was lying about being rich . (Sharo has very low tolerance on caffeine; see Drunk On Coffee, below)
  • Dull Eyes of Unhappiness:
    • Chino displays some in episode 7 after getting upset at Cocoa for various things she did that episode, such as attempting to give her The Glomp.
    • Sharo displays them after opening the door to Chiya's tea shop, only to see a scary looking mask staring at her the moment she opens the door. Chiya's pet rabbit also sits on her head while she's in the Corner of Woe.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Aoyama first appeared within the first minute of the anime (00:51 to be exact), in an anime-only intro.
  • Epic Fail:
    • Cocoa attempts to hit the shuttlecock in episode 5 when Chino serves it to her. She tries to act cool and confident, only to then miss it when she swings.
    • Chino attempts to use a badminton move Rize taught her in episode 5. It looks cool and she has a Battle Aura as well, but then she hits the shuttlecock into the net, getting it stuck, and also passes out from using up too much energy.
    • Cocoa attempts to flip a pancake in the air in episode 7. But she flings it a bit too high, and it lands on Chino's face. And later in the episode, she misspells "Rabbit House" on a flyer as "Rabbit Horse".
  • Evolving Credits:
    • The cards displayed in the ending vary slightly, and adds more girls as they're introduced in the show.
    • In episodes 8 and 9, it switches from blue to red cards about halfway through, and displays multiple cards at once instead of one at a time. Additionally, at the end of 8, instead of Chino's father and Tippy at the end, it's Aoyama and Tippy. He doesn't say anything, and instead just turns around and notices it's not his son.
    • In episode 10, it reverts back to the original ending, though it doesn't always shows face cards initially. A couple of cards then drop on top of it until one of the correct cards is seen, then the rotation begins again, until a set of Royal Straight Flush with two Jokers (containing all girls) is completed. Chino also pops up at the next episode preview when Tippy mentions wanting a quiet Christmas to announce they were throwing a Christmas party next episode.
    • During episode 11's ending, the red and blue cards are shown simultaneously, along with the face of the cards on a third deck. After a short while only one card is seen, and it rotates between the face cards with the various girls on them. Additionally the background is Christmas-themed and switches images occasionally.
  • Failed a Spot Check:
    • Twice with Chino and Cocoa regarding "Rose", or Rize with her hair down wearing normal girl's clothing. Once in episode 6 while the latter was simply walking down the street, and later in Chiya's tea shop in episode 9. Both times the girls fail to realize it's Rize, and she never bothers to correct them either.
    • Played for Laughs in episode 10, when Megu claims she can't tell who the real "Rize" is, when Chino and Maya both put on twintails and stand next to Rize. The latter points out that she doesn't have to play dumb.
  • First Episode Spoiler: Tippy is Chino's grandfather.
  • Flash Back: The beginning of episode 9 shows Chino's grandfather while he was still human sitting on a park bench with his pet rabbit Tippy. He then sees a young Cocoa who sits next to him while hugging Tippy, and her older sister can be seen as she leaves the bench a short while later.
  • Funny Background Event: In episode 9, after Sharo snaps out of her depression in Chiya's tea shop, Anko, the latter's pet rabbit, starts to fall off Sharo's head and clings onto her shoulder/arm. It then grabs hold of her hand and starts to nibble on it while she's talking to Rize and Chiya. Made more hilarious by the fact that Sharo normally fears rabbits, but completely ignores it during this scene.
  • Ghost Story: Two are shared in episode 3. The first by Chino, but for Rize and Cocoa, it's obvious she's referring to Tippy. Chiya shares one too, but the scene cuts from the beginning of it to the very end, and we only see the Thousand-Yard Stare some of the girls display.
  • Girls Are Really Scared of Horror Movies: After Chiya's story Cocoa and Sharo are shown to be pretty traumatized, Rize is later shown to have been just as affected. Chiya on the other hand subverts the trope by not only loving scary stories, but reacts to them like some would a love story.
  • Girls Love: Sharo towards Rize. Chino towards Cocoa in episode 12, it started developing in episode 10.
  • Gratuitous English:
    • Cocoa's use of the term "sister complex" in episode 2
    • Chino says "Simple is best" when Cocoa comments that the mugs they use for the coffee shop is really ordinary looking.
    • In episode 10 when Cocoa and Chiya are studying for an English test. Sharo tries to help them, but wonders why they goof up on several words, such as "like", especially when Cocoa shows that she can say "coffee" just fine, while Chiya does the same with "green tea."
  • Head Pet:
    • Cocoa does this briefly with Anko in episode 4. He also sits on Sharo's head as well when Cocoa and Chiya visit her tea shop.
    • In episode 6, while visiting Chiya's tea shop, Chino puts Anko, the former's pet rabbit, on her head while talking about being lonely.
    • Anko uses Sharo's head briefly in episode 9 after she goes through a brief Heroic BSOD.
  • Handguns: It bears repeating that, somehow, Rize is able to walk around with a loaded handgun, despite being technically under-aged. Later episodes retcons it into a model gun.
  • High-Pressure Emotion: Both Cocoa and Rize display this in episode 2.
  • Hostage Situation: Played for Laughs in episode 10, when Aoyama holds up Tippy with the water gun Megu gives her during the water gun fight.
  • Hot Springs Episode: Episode 8, which also doubles as a Beach Episode as well, as the girls go to a hot springs that also has a swimming pool as well, and several of them go swimming.
  • Hypocritical Humor:
    • When Cocoa first meets Rize, the latter points a gun at her. She then thinks Cocoa isn't really a high school student and is up to no good. Cocoa, for her part, wonders who's really the more dangerous threat at the moment.
    • Cocoa comments that Rize and Chino both have cool talents, and wishes she had something like that. She then looks at Chino's homework, and tells her the answers. Rize then asks her a rather difficult math question, and she answers it instantly. Then Cocoa goes back to lamenting about not having any talents whatsoever.
  • I Drank What: In episode 3, Sharo suggests a certain tea for Cocoa. She then brings out some cookies, but Cocoa says they aren't sweet. Sharo then tells her that the tea she drank numbs your tongue's sweet receptors for a short while.
  • Imagine Spot: Incredibly common, with at least one instance per episode as the characters start imagining things in response to something another said.
    • A couple happen in the first episode, such as when Cocoa thought Rabbit House was literally a place to play with rabbits, and Rize imagining herself wearing a Playboy Bunny outfit.
    • Rize does this again in episode 3, imagining herself in a Playboy Bunny costume, except this time with a floppy-eared headband like the one worn by Sharo. She decides that it works equally well.
  • Improbably Female Cast: There are only two male characters of any importance, Chino's father and grandfather. Her father isn't seen too often, and Tippy is mostly silent and more of a mascot than an actual character.
  • I'm Taking Her Home with Me!: In episode 3, Sharo jokingly suggests taking Chino home with her and making her a little sister. Cocoa doesn't take that too well, and claims Chino is her little sister.
  • The Infiltration: Treated like Serious Business in episode 3, after Chiya shows an advertisement flyer to the other girls of where Sharo works, and thinks it's a seedy place. They all attempt to peek in the cafe to see what kind of illegitimate business dealings go on in there...only for them to find out it's a regular tea cafe, and Sharo spots them peeking through the window immediately.
  • Instant Bandages: Cocoa sports one after she bumps into a cabinet in episode 3 while shopping for mugs.
  • Late for School: Cocoa at first thinks she's going to be late, but Chiya points out that their school doesn't start until the next day. She turns red from embarrassment after finding out.
  • Long Title: Episode 11: The Girl Dons a Red Coat and Drives a Team of Rabbits Across the Christmas Eve Evening Sky.
  • Male Gaze: Used quite extensively in episode 8 when first showing off the girls in their swimsuits.
  • Mundane Made Awesome:
    • Rize when she's showing Cocoa how to make latte art, due to the way she flips the milk and coffee, then stirring as she's making the art.
    • The girls when practicing sports in episode 5.
  • Never Bareheaded: Downplayed, Chino is almost never seen without Tippy being on her head.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: Rize hits a badminton shuttlecock so hard in episode 5 that it deflects off a tree, and smashes a nearby window in her house. It also breaks one of the wine bottles her father owned.
  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: In episode 6, when Cocoa learnt about Aoyama, she thought about being "the neighbourhood international barista lawyer who bake pastries while pursuing the path of a novelist." Doubles as a Continuity Nod; she imagined all except the novelist point in episode 3.
  • Noodle Incident: One occurs in episode 2, after Chino tries asking Cocoa her how school day went. The latter keeps changing the subject, but then eventually just tells her not to ask when Chino keeps repeating herself.
  • Not so Above It All: Rize in episode 3 is seen wearing Chino's school outfit, which Cocoa also wore a moment earlier. Sharo steps into the room and sees it, only for Rize to hide behind some curtains, and claim she lost at Rock-Paper-Scissors.
  • Not What It Looks Like: In episode 7, two girls enter Chiya's cafe. One of them has a Brown Bag Mask, while the other is openly displaying a pistol. She immediately assumes she's being robbed until Cocoa, who was holding the pistol, reveals why they had those things on them.
  • Oh Crap: Chino has this look on her face when she, Rize, and Cocoa find out Sharo lives next door to Chiya's shop in episode 7.
  • One Size Fits All: Despite having fairly different body sizes, Cocoa's work uniform fits both the larger Aoyama and smaller Megu fairly well when they're seen wearing it. Same thing with Maya wearing Rize's outfit.
  • Ordinary High-School Student: Rize claims she's this. Cocoa, who just moments prior had a loaded handgun pointed at her, obviously doesn't believe her.
  • Overshadowed by Awesome: During a practice volleyball match, Rize hits the ball with such precision, power, and emphasis, that Chiya, her teammate, feels like The Load, and simply cheers for her as she plays. Rize for her part, wonders what happened.
  • Paper Fan of Doom: In episode 10, Chiya asks Sharo to hit her and Cocoa with one if they get distracted from studying. Though they do end up not studying much, Sharo never uses it, and instead just wants to go home.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: Rize as "Rose", when she's encountered by Chino and Cocoa by accident while they were walking around the town. It's essentially just Rize with her hair down and styled, and in a more feminine blouse and skirt. It somehow fools her two co-workers, but they still find her curiously familiar...
  • Parental Abandonment: Discussed but ultimately averted. Cocoa asks where Chino's guardian is at. She says the store used to belong to her late grandfather, prompting the former to offer her condolences. But then Chino mentions her father living here, and he's seen at the end of the day, getting ready to run Rabbit House at night as a bar.
  • Playing a Tree: Chino says she was a tree in a play during episode 9 when Cocoa asks if she's ever had a role before in a play.
  • Please Don't Leave Me: In episode 9, both Chino and Cocoa worry that Rize might enjoy acting so much that she would quit working at the Rabbit House to join the theater club. Fortunately for them, while Rize says she enjoys it, she doesn't plan to make a career out of it.
  • Pretty Freeloaders: Averted with Cocoa. Part of her condition for staying at the Rabbit House is to assist with household chores and help run the cafe. Interestingly, she's more than willing to help, but Chino constantly tries to do at least the chores by herself.
  • Puni Plush: Well, it's published in Kirara, so it's quite natural to use this style.
  • Questioning Title
  • Reality Is Unrealistic: While shopping for coffee mugs, Cocoa thinks Tippy sitting inside a teacup would look really cute in episode 3. Rize comments that there aren't any mugs that big, but then Chino finds one. However, when they put Tippy in it, they mention it just looks like a big bowl of rice.
  • Rescue Romance: Sharo claims Rize saved her from some thugs in a dark alley in episode 3. Rize then explains what really happened, Sharo ran into a feral rabbit and didn't want to go near it for fear of getting bitten, and she shoos it away for her. In either case, Sharo developed a crush on Rize as a result.
  • Schoolgirl Series: Averted, the protagonists are rarely shown in school and they even go to different schools.
  • She Cleans Up Nicely: In episode 6, Chino and Cocoa spot Rize checking out some clothing while they're walking around town. They don't bother her, and later in the evening, they run into a girl that Chino at first assumes is Rize with her hair down instead of her usual pigtails. The girl turns around surprised, but then the two girls assume she must not be Rize, and walk away. However, Tippy realizes that it was Rize, and for whatever reason didn't want to reveal herself to the two.
  • Shout-Out:
    • In episode 3, Rize mentions liking junk food and military rations. A graphical interface screen pops up resembling one from Metal Gear Solid shows up shortly afterwards, scrolling through various food items.
    • In episode 11, while unsuccessfully handing out flyers in the cold on Christmas Eve and wearing a red hooded robe, Sharo begins to wonder about the kinds of food she could have on Christmas. She then immediately realizes that this same thing happens in The Little Match Girl, and tries to beat those thoughts out of her head lest she ends up the same way as the girl in that story.
  • Secretly Wealthy: Due to the way she acts and looks, Cocoa and Chino assume that Sharo is a rich girl when they first meet her in episode 3. However, Sharo soon arrives home in a rather dilapidated house next door to Chiya's cafe, averting the trope.
  • Serial Escalation: In an Imagine Spot Rize has in episode 8, she at first shoots clay pigeons with a small hunting rifle. She then takes a sip of coffee, then shoots multiple ones down with a rather large sniper rifle.
  • Serious Business:
    • The chess game between Chiya and Chino in episode 8. The former makes a bet that if she wins, Chino has to dip Tippy in the water so she can see what he looks like wet. Chino meanwhile makes a bet that if she wins, Cocoa has to call her "big sister". Naturally Tippy wants Chino to win, and Cocoa wants Chiya to win, and both "encourage" their respective players so much that the two can't play very well. In the end, Chino is implied to have won, as Cocoa calls her "big sister" in one scene shortly after.
    • Chino and Cocoa getting worried Rize might quit to pursue acting full time in episode 9 after the latter goes to Chiya's tea shop to learn how to act more womanly. Cocoa then gets jealous that Chino respects "Rose", actually just Rize with her hair down, more than her, and runs off crying, completely forgetting about Rize.
  • Sick Episode: The season one final, both Cocoa and Sharo become sick with colds. Chino and Chiya take care of them respectively. Chino then ends up sick with the mumps.
  • Slice of Life: Slice of coffee house life.
  • Snark Ball: The three protagonists take turns being the Straight Man, though mostly Rize and Chino.
  • Sneeze Cut: One happens in episode 10, when Chino wonders if Cocoa being away is why she accidentally makes nothing but hot cocoa. Cocoa then sneezes and wonders if Chino misses her.
  • Spell My Name with an S:
    • In the opening credits Sharo's name is spelled as "Syaro", but translators spell it like its said "Sharo."
      • This is actually in no way an incorrect romanization since it's written in Kunrei-shiki, a romaji system favored by Japanese government and taught in Japanese school. Fansubbers (and Westerners in general), on the other hand, prefer Hepburn system.
    • Rize is seen as "Lize" in some translations, such as Crunchyroll's.
  • Stealth Hi/Bye: Aoyama does this in episode 10 when Chino is talking to Tippy while playing a game of chess. When she hears her grandfather talking in an unusually feminine voice, she wonders if his voice changed, but then sees Aoyama sitting right next to them.
  • Stronger Than They Look: Rize, again, and what's more, as shown when she was just in her underwear, she does't seem to have a single ounce of muscle on her... And yet she's shown to carry things that Cocoa struggles with. Naturally she tries to downplay this aspect of hers, as she wants to be seen as a normal girl.
  • Sudden Video-Game Moment: In episode 3, when Rize reflects her liking to junk food and sample rations, icons of rations with descriptions appears on the screen, in addition to HP bars.
  • Super Drowning Skills: Rize isn't a good swimmer at first in episode 8 due to not having any swim classes at school. However, Sharo manages to teach her enough of the basics that she can swim somewhat in a short period of time.
  • Super Reflexes: Chiya seems capable of this, as seen in episode 5 when she dodges balls being tossed at her.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial:
    • Sharo bumps into something while attempting to go to the bathroom at Chino's house. She's scared at first, but then sees Rize sitting on the floor, who says her candle burned out and she didn't want to move... then claims is not what happened there.
    • When Rize asks Sharo why she's working a part time job in episode 5, the latter turns red and claims it's not because she needs the money or anything.
  • Take a Third Option: Two examples in episode 7:
    • The first is when Cocoa meets Chiya at school. She notices the latter has a hole in her tights along with a bloodied knee due to tripping. Cocoa asks if she'd rather just put a bandage on it, or color her skin black with a marker to match the tights. Chiya's response is to simply take off her tights while in public.
    • Chino later mentions having an issue. Both Cocoa and Rize offer to give her some advice, but when the scene cuts back to Chino, she's talking to Tippy instead, who's giving her some tips on her problem. Both girls feel a little rejected as a result.
  • Tempting Fate:
    • In episode 4, while having lunch with Chiya outside, Cocoa says she's really proud of the lunch she made and couldn't wait to eat it. Anko, Chiya's pet rabbit, then falls out of the sky and lands right on top of her lunch. Chiya explains that Anko occasionally gets carried off by crows to explain the unusual situation. Cocoa also drops the croquette she buys at the school cafeteria moments later after saying she wanted to try it.
    • After Cocoa tells Rize about the misspelled name of the cafe ("Rabbit Horse" instead of "Rabbit House") in episode 7, the latter says they'll fix the flyers right away. Then a gust of wind blows and several of the flyers go up in the air.
  • Training from Hell: In episode 5, Chino asks if Rize could help her with sports for an upcoming sports event at her school. Rize says she'll be glad to help, and will train her very well. Chino then backs up, and says she doesn't want to be killed, assuming that Rize was going to do this to her. Fortunately for her Rize averts this trope.
  • The Triple: In episode 5, Sharo says buying stuff with money you earned makes the items more enjoyable. While she was referring to a glass cup, makeup, and a glass bottle, Rize says she knows what the former means. Then the stuff she apparently bought includes a bayonet, an assault rifle... and a tank...
  • Trouser Space: The only possible way Rize is able to carry around that handgun of hers, as she's shown to not wear any kind of holster.
  • Tsundere: Chino.
  • Tyop on the Cover: In episode 7, Cocoa has some flyers made out to advertise "Rabbit House" which Rize passes out in the park. Unfortunately she misspelled the second word, causing the flyer to read "Rabbit Horse" instead. Chino catches it and then regrets not proofreading it first. Rize also says she didn't even realize it until they pointed it out.
  • Very Loosely Based on a True Story: While the girls don't outright say it, in episode 8 as they talk about the movie they just watched (which was based off of Aoyama's book, which she did hint as being an inspired work), Tippy seems a little startled as they start mentioning some things from the movie that sounds a lot like her father, grandfather and the coffee house.
  • We Want Our Jerk Back: Chino, despite liking how quiet it is without Cocoa around in episode 10, goofs up orders at work, and even begins to miss the latter's usual Genki Girl antics. Chino later mentions to Cocoa that were it not for her, she probably never would have invited her friends Maya and Megu for a sleepover and worries that she might not be a good enough host without Cocoa around.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: In episode 7, Chino goes to the bathroom and Cocoa notices she was working on a jigsaw puzzle. When she returns, she finds that the puzzle was completed by Cocoa, and is rather upset as a result. Cocoa ends up buying another jigsaw puzzle for her, but ends up buying a much larger one, so Rize, Sharo, and Chiya come over to help them with it.
  • Where The Hell Is Springfield?: The town the story is set in is supposedly located in Japan... And yet everything, down to the language on the signs to the architecture, make it so the locale wouldn't be out of place in either Germany, Bavaria, or Austria. In addition, the military rations shown in Episode 3 include things like raisin walnut, marshmallow fudge, and panna cotta, things the Real Life Kaiju Defense Force is unlikely to provide.
  • Why Do You Keep Changing Jobs?: Rize forces herself to do this in episode 5, working at the various cafes the other girls work at in order to make enough money to buy a bottle of wine to replace the wine she accidentally broke. In the end she didn't earn quite enough to buy wine, but settles for some wine glasses.
  • Work Com: Plus moe.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: The majority of the cast barring Chiya have improbable hair colors.
  • You Keep Using That Word: In episode 2, Cocoa says that a customer commented that she might have a "sister complex". She then happily states it to Rize, saying it sounds cool, but Chino feels she doesn't know what that phrase really means. It doesn't mean the customer is wrong though.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Cocoa in her school uniform.
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