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Title: The Adaptation

When a work is adapted into a different medium, there is a tendency to subtitle that work with the format of the new adaptation. For example, a TV show called Bob And Alice, when adapted into a movie, will be called Bob and Alice: The Movie.

Because this is an uncreative and predictable method of naming something, it's a good sign that the adaptation is a cheap tie-in product knocked out to ride the coattails of a more popular work (this is especially true of things adapted into video games). This is not necessarily true, however, and just as frequently the system is simply used as a way to disambiguate different works in a franchise.

This is a fluid trope. Sometimes, if an adaptation becomes more popular than the original work, it'll drop the subtitle, while in other cases, if a new adaptation is produced, a show that didn't originally have a subtitle will have one added on. Many times, these are even added on by fans.

Colon Cancer is a frequent result of this trope, especially if an adaptation of an adaptation is made. Take, for example, this gem: Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Manga.

Compare Trope 2000, Super Title 64 Advance. Contrast Electric Boogaloo, The Original Series. See also The Foreign Subtitle.

Examples (listed by medium):


The Animated Series:note 

The Comic Book or The Manga:

The Game or The Board Game:

The Movie: (see also, The Film of the Book)

The Musical:
  • Evil Dead: The Musical
  • Fellowship! The Musical
  • Legally Blonde: The Musical
  • David Warrack's Rob Roy - The Musical
  • The New Mel Brooks Musical Young Frankenstein (This is actually the official title of the musical. No colon. It's so official, they had to read out the whole name for each of its nominations on the Tony awards broadcast.)
  • Vanities: A New Musical
  • Human Centipede: The Musical
  • The Book Of Job: The Musical
  • Urinetown: The Musical, although not an adaptation of anything.

The Next Generation: (and similar names)

The Pinball:

The Series:


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