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Characters: Iscariot Organization

Iscariot/Vatican Section XIII

The Iscariot Organization, also known as the Vatican's Special Sextion XIII is an organization that is operated by the Catholic Church. It is a top-secret section of the Vatican's operations, and officially, it doesn't exist. Much like Hellsing, Iscariot specialized in vampire slayings and consists of expert exorcists and fighters. They frequently butt heads violently with Hellsing both over territorial disputes and religious differences.

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     Father Alexander Anderson 

Voiced by: Norio Wakamoto (JP), Steven Brand (EN)

"Hold your tongue. The dead don't speak. Do the dead dare walk the Earth before my eyes? Will the undead raise an army, fall in, and advance? Will those who would abandon God and embrace the heretical order DARE to presume to meet my gaze!? Iscariot will not allow it. I will not allow it."

A member of the Vatican black ops group the Iscariot Organization, Anderson is a Catholic priest trained to efficiently kill vampires. He has been genetically engineered to heal from any wound he receives, making him Alucard's equal in combat. His weapon of choice is blessed bayonets, which he carries in great quantities, throwing them with unerring accuracy in order to hit his target in as many places as possible. Both in and out of battle he is a very compassionate and caring person, whether it is towards the orphans in his charge or his fellow members of Iscariot. However he shows no mercy to his opponents, but holds special place in his heart for Alucard (presumably for his challenging nature) and Integra (whose bravery he finds impressive).

     Enrico Maxwell 

Voiced by: Show Hayami (JP), JB Blanc (EN)

"The only good protestant is a dead protestant!"

Maxwell is the ambitious commander of Section XIII and an even more fanatically bloodthirsty Catholic than Anderson. While he does not do any fighting and killing in person, his orders are ruthless and he shows no mercy to Protestants, considering the "sinners" to be less than human. Maxwell can be viewed as Integra's rival, in the same way that Anderson is Alucard's rival.

     Heinkel Wolfe and Yumiko "Yumie" Takagi 

Voiced by: Mitsuki Saiga (Heinkel, JP) and Yuko Kaida (Yumie, JP), Karen Strassman (Heinkel, EN) and Siobhan Flynn (Yumie, EN)

"We are the soldiers of Iscariot! We are Judas Iscariot!"

Heinkel and Yumie first appeared together in the Crossfire extras at the end of Hellsing volumes 1, 2, and 3 as female Iscariot assassins, taking down various anti-Catholic terrorists. Heinkel, who cross-dresses as a priest, wields a pair of pistols. Yumie exists as the fanatical alternate personality of the meek nun Yumiko, the only Japanese character in Hellsing. Both are considered among the best Iscariot has to offer.

The duo was reworked before they where reintroduced in Hellsing: Heinkel now looked much more androgynous if not positively male, with Word of God stating that (s)he is "neither male nor female"note , while Yumie lost her Yumiko persona and much of the Nuns Are Mikos characteristics she embodied. Both characters also looks older and are played a lot straighter.

Word of God says that the Heinkel and Yumie in Crossfire are different characters from the ones that appear in the main continuity, but they are almost identical in personality and appearance anyway. The OVA has given both slightly more screentime.

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