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Butt Monkey: Western Animation

  • Jimmy Neutron. He always gets the heat on him when it comes to anything that's not involving an invention. And when it DOES come to inventions...things always go wrong in some way. It's pretty rare for the main character to get this trope.
  • Coconuts on Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (who actually was a monkey). He appeared the least out of the Badnik Trio, and when he did appear, he would always get defeated by Sonic and Robotnik would demote him to janitor duty. His catchphrase is even, "I hate (insert noun here)! Hate it, hate it, hate it, HATE IT!!!"
    • Similarly, Antoine in Sonic Sat AM was the usual butt of Sonic's jokes, constantly reprimanded, and only Tails ever listened to his stories. Then came the episode Ro-Becca, which was an entire episode dedicated to having him get injured or humiliated in hilarious, cartoonish, and slapstick-y ways.
  • The Ice King of Adventure Time.
    • Lemongrab cranked this trope Up to Eleven in the span of 11 minutes. He gets pranked, insulted, assaulted, fed extremely spicy food, bullied by his own mother, falls out of a window, falls out of a tree...and at the end, he's fired, and his mom calls him a "butt." He has since nearly bled and starved to death.
  • Iago of Aladdin: "When in doubt, hurt the bird" was the actual mantra of the writing and animation teams.
  • In The Amazing World of Gumball, Gumball sometimes falls into this territory.
  • Steve from American Dad!. He's been beat up and/or tormented by nearly every other character in the show, like jocks at school, Roger, his friends, and even his dad in one episode.
    • Klaus is even worse, a professional skier whose brain was swapped with a goldfish's by the CIA (well, what was Stan supposed to do, just let Germany win the Olympics?). He is confined to a small empty bowl perpetually where he is routinely ignored, rebuked or abused by all five of the Smiths routinely, and has an increasing depression over his loneliness.
  • Archer seems to be one continuous Butt Monkey pecking order at times. Sterling is constantly abused for being a Jerkass, including getting shot multiple times and then flung through the front window of a car by Lana. Malory loves passing him up for assignments and once forced him to teach Cyril to be manly and cool enough for Lana. In any given assignment, it's all he can do to just barely do as he was told, and his constant semi-suicidal attempts to complete said missions are never actually acknowledged.
    • In turn, Archer abuses Woodhouse, seeing him as some kind of unbearable Bumbling Sidekick despite all evidence to the contrary. In one notable example, he is tied up in a hotel room by the villains. Archer is completing his mission, and suddenly realizes that Woodhouse is still tied up, alone, hungry, and probably dehydrated...and laughs his ass off.
    • Archer also mistreats Carol/Cheryl/what's-her-name before, after, and during their various trysts. Pam is universally hated around the office. Cyril gets no respect from Lana and Archer. Almost all the abuse at the trio has to do with the fact that they're sluts (yes, Cyril too), but then again every member of the main cast is pretty promiscuous, so by any fair measure they're actually being treated cruelly for no real reason at all.
    • Definitely Brett, a colleague who simply acts as a stray-bullet-magnet, of which apparently there are many in ISIS' offices, more often than not coming from Archer's gun.
  • Principal Haney from PBS' Arthur. In one episode, two characters even related flashbacks which ended in him suffering some form of abuse, and when a third character related a flashback that did not, Arthur asks "Aren't you forgetting something?" Cue the continuation of that flashback in which, yes, Principal Haney suffers abuse.
  • Sokka on Avatar: The Last Airbender, as a frequent source of comic relief throughout the series, is a victim of increasingly violent slapstick and harsh mockery. Aside from humor, he once fell for a princess, only to learn that she was engaged, which was a moot point once she got killed off. There was even an episode in the second season where he was stuck in a hole for the entirety of the episode. It comes to a head in the final season, where he leaves the group for a few weeks in an attempt to become a strong enough warrior to lose this status.
    • Sokka's bad luck was Lampshaded in the Season 1 episode "The Fortuneteller," where the titular fortune-teller Aunt Wu tells Sokka "Your future is full of struggle and anguish ... most of it self-inflicted." Aunt Wu's point is soon demonstrated when Sokka, complaining about her prediction for him, vigorously kicks a small stone, which ricochets violently off a sign and strikes him.
    • Even though Zuko's suffering usually falls under Cosmic Plaything, just look at how many times he gets hurt in funny/sad/pathetic ways. In the second episode, he got nailed by Sokka's boomerang and ended up butt-up in the snow thanks to Aang. He's also splashed hot tea on his face, smashed his thumb with a hammer, fallen off a house, fallen off a lot of other things (repeatedly), gotten whacked in the head once every couple of episodes, and been tricked into knocking Mai into a fountain by Azula. Also, watch how many times he gets pummeled/slammed against the wall/slammed against the floor in "The Boiling Rock."
    • When the Cabbage Merchant appears, you know his cabbages are going to get destroyed.
      • MY CABBAGES!!!! *sobs*
    • In the sequel The Legend of Korra, Bolin has pretty much taken over where Sokka has left off. About 70% of the show's comedy revolves around Bolin either getting physically bashed in some manner or making awkward and/or ridiculous remarks in otherwise serious situations. On the plus side, he's compensated by being a Badass Earthbender who can seriously kick ass at the right time and place. And the other 30% you ask? That's Tenzin in regards to his children, specifically Ikki and Meelo.
  • Harry Slime in Avenger Penguins is constantly abused verbally and physically by his evil boss, by Mr. Doom.
  • Batman: The Animated Series: Whoever wants to be the Mayor of a Wretched Hive like Gotham is asking for it: Mayor Hill even once was framed up by the Clock King to be a Butt Monkey in revenge for an Advice Backfire.
  • The Penguin in The Batman seems to be the Butt Monkey of almost every episode he's ever made an apearence in, no matter how short it was. Heck, he was the movie's Butt Monkey!
  • Many characters in Beavis And Butthead including the title characters, their teacher Mr. Van Dreissen, Tom Anderson, Principal McVicker, and Stewart.
  • Kevin of Ben 10: Alien Force can't catch a break with his Troubled, but Cute persona. On top of being too afraid macho to ask Gwen out, even after she kissed him, he gets his butt handed to him at least once an episode. In the premier, Ben thoroughly trounces him as Swampfire, and the Highbreed brushes off his attacks. Next episode, he winds up frozen and needs defrosting (Although to be fair, he was frozen along with Ben, Gwen and a police squad). Then he's chained down and turned into a giant chandelier and mined for crystal by Oompa Loompas little robot henchmen. Then his instant self-made armor gets blasted off of him by a sparkly blond prettyboy. Episode six gives him a break (though he does complain it's "the worst road trip ever"), but in seven it's back to being pounded, this time right into the ground by Gwen's grandmother. And in eight, he ends up being ripped into by an old school bully of Ben's who's possessed by a vicious metal armor. He was threatening in the original Ben10. One wonders why he's respected by the rest of the cast...
  • Greasepit from Biker Mice from Mars.
  • Tom Dubois of The Boondocks. He's an upstanding citizen who tries to distance himself from the negative stereotypes associated with African-American males in his neighborhood (his wife is Caucasian and is heavily involved in many Black causes), but still gets the majority of mistreatment from Riley and the self-loathing Uncle Ruckus. In a recent episode, he became the unwilling host of the ghost of Colonel Stinkmeaner, and nearly wrecked his own reputation by acting completely out of character at the most inappropriate times. Soon, Tom finally tried to get over his fear of prison rape by taking the Woodcrest elementary students (inculding Huey and Riley) to a real prison and, during a riot, had to face a rapist called the "Booty Warrior"....and Tom kicked his ass! (well, with a a little help from a soap on the floor, but still.)
  • Gil in Bubble Guppies. It doesn't help that he's the Cowardly Lion (and his fears are often what grants him Butt Monkey status).
  • In the Animated Adaptation of the Bubsy video games, Arnold the Armadillo is dragged along on an adventure he wanted no part of and is put through seemingly endless physical abuse by the title character, as well as Bubsy's hyperactive, destructive niece and nephew.
  • Sissi from Code Lyoko. She's supposed to be the Alpha Bitch, but you would be hard pressed to find a character outside her cronies and father that doesn't enjoy constantly insulting her to her face. This gets awkward when the prequel comes around and it's revealed that she's basically involved in a kind of Vicious Cycle, acting like the Alpha Bitch in response to the bad treatment she gets from everyone else, which is essentially a response to her Alpha Bitch behavior. The Lyoko kids do manage to break this cycle in the finale, and Sissi does prove that she's been a Jerk with a Heart of Gold all along.
    • Odd from the same show also gets little respect and is constantly failing at various goals he pursues, such as holding on to a girlfriend (though, to be fair, it doesn't help that he dates multiple girls at the same time). He also is notoriously bad at school that even the teachers mock him for it publically. Let's not forget the constant dissing he gets from his friends, most infamously them stealing his own virtual pet toy and giving it to Yumi's little brother, who soon afterwards breaks it. And also, as he himself lampshades, he's the sole character whose Lyoko form "looks like a nitwit".
    • Of course, neither of the two above examples combined could make the Butt Monkey magnitude of the show's resident gym teacher, Jim Moralés (but he'd rather not talk about it).
  • The Toiletnator from Codename: Kids Next Door, sure the guy has the power to control all toilets and has the coolest name but none of the other villains give him any respect and they all think of him as being annoying.
    • It is made apparent at one point that he CAN be incredibly dangerous in his own right. After a team of villains rejects him, he decides to go commando on the KND himself (armed with plungers, urinal cakes, etc.). It turns out that the villains had already invaded their treehouse, Toiletnator mistaking them for the KND in disguise and soundly beating them all, apparently his only victory done against his teammates.
    • It's somewhat poetic that, in the Grand Finale, Toilenator is the only villain to not go on the big scavenger hunt that has been set up and stays behind at the starting place to goof around. As a result, he's the only nemesis that winds up completely unscathed in the end.
    • Numbuh 4 also gets this treatment periodically, sometimes being self-inflicted, but often not. A notable example being when Sector V was all temporarily decommissioned.
    Numbuh 1: (speaking to Numbuh 2) Sure, you're smart, that's why you're not the one on the pole.
    Numbuh 4: (On the pole) Hey!
  • Jay Sherman and his son Marty in The Critic.
  • Tucker of Danny Phantom. He's dumped on quite a lot and has saved Danny more than once and yet, he only gets thanked once and it's a "thanks for being my friend" that Danny throws out to Sam as well. Although it's heartfelt, the execution of how that came about feels rather tacked on and awkward. Later seasons have him either virtually ignored or usually getting victimized.
  • Chris in Dan Vs.
  • Anthony De Martino from Daria. Ms. Barch has beaten him up several times, a classic rock DJ gave him a heart attack and broke his knee during a school-sponsored roller hockey game, he's seen two of his friends (the unnamed childhood friend from "Anti-Social Climbers" and Mr. O'Neill) get married to women he loathes (his mom and Mrs. Barch respectively), he once had to teach a sewing class as part of a deal on his teacher's contract, he grew up with a negligent mom who cared more about the men she dated more than her own son, he lost his car in a card game, he was forced to go on a casino cruise despite the fact that he's a recovering gambling addict, he has to deal with moronic students like Kevin and Brittany on a daily basis — it's a wonder he was never committed to a mental hospital. The only times De Martino ever had a Throw the Dog a Bone moment were when he forced Ms. Li to sign the new teacher's contract that promised a 10% raise in salary, and the events of Is It Fall Yet?.
    • Believe it or not, Tom Sloane himself has been this sometimes (though he does not deserve it for obvious reasons, compared with De Martino). More specifically in "Psycho Therapy", where he was indirectly humiliated in front of a internet's webcam seen by several people.
    • Kevin and Quinn as well, sometimes.
  • Darkwing Duck, who is routinely subjected to the sort of slapstick cartoon abuse that usually gets inflicted on the antagonists of a cartoon. And despite dealing with Ax-Crazy villains like NegaDuck, Dangerously Genre Savvy criminal masterminds like Taurus Bulba, evil scientists, demons, and being S.H.U.S.H.'s top freelance contractor and one of FOWL's worst enemies, he doesn't get an ounce of respect from the city he protects. He's constantly upstaged by Gizmoduck, and even when Darkwing wins a "Superhero of the Year" award, the award is a statue of Gizmoduck with his Cool Hat and cape attached, because Gizmoduck winning was considered a foregone conclusion.
    • And that's still not as bad as the abuse Steelbeak takes whenever he appears. You just know you're a Butt Monkey when you can upstage DW.
  • Dexter's Laboratory:
    • Dexter himself suffers this greatly in alot of crazy forms. For example, his entire lab is completely destroyed, the earth is destroyed, Dexter is turned into a sandwich, etc. He also gets into big trouble from his mom and dad as well.
    • Especially his backbone-lacking teenage/young adult self in "Ego Trip", who works for Mandark designing cubicles in the future.
  • Donald Duck, from the classic Disney cartoons, frequently finds himself in this position, open to torment by various supporting characters or simply cruel fate. ("Who gets stuck with all the bad luck? No one but Donald Duck.") Other times, he brings on his own misery by virtue of being hot-headed and kind of a Jerkass.
    • There has been a vocal outcry in Italy over Donald's Butt Monkey status in the late 1960's, so comic book writer Guido Martina and fellow artist Giovan Battista Carpi made it up for them by creating a superhero alterego for him called "Paperinik", a portmanteau of Paperino (Donald's name in Italy) and Diabolik. The Paperinik stories eventually spun off into their own canon.
    • House of Mouse frequently showed short cartoons under the title of "Donald's Dynamite", in which Donald would find himself lumbered with a Cartoon Bomb that no matter how he tried, he couldn't get rid of. Inevitably, these would be about five minutes of watching Donald become increasingly desperate to escape the explosive before being blown up.
    • Goofy has also developed a slight Butt Monkey status in a lot of his "How To" shorts. Whether it's Goofy himself or the many lookalikes that appear during these videos, most of them either end with or feature him getting hurt or beaten up. For example, the "How To Dance" video ends with him getting knocked over during an energetic dance on a crowded floor, causing him to get punched, kicked, and squished by the other people on the floor.
    • The tradition carries on in Kingdom Hearts, where he occasionally ends up the butt of Sora and Goofy's jokes, as well as making occasional screw-ups.
    • Fenton Crackshell from DuckTales, who pretty much is a suspiciously similar substitute to Donald, was this also. He was extraordinarilly good at counting, and he did become the super hero Gizmoduck. But he also had an extreme case of bad luck. Not to mention that he was stuck dating Gandra Dee, who often was ungrateful or cold-hearted towards him.
  • Many characters from Drawn Together end up being Butt Monkeys in one way or another, given the deranged nature of the show. In particular, Ling Ling, Woldoor, and Toot suffer the worst effects.
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy is one big universe of Butt Monkeys, regardless of whether or not they deserve it.
    • The three Eds, as almost everyone on the show hates them, they are constantly humiliated from their attempts to earn respect from their peers and doomed to fail at every money-making venture they've ever made. The one who brings it upon themself the most , however, is Eddy.
    • Jimmy. Bordering on Born Unlucky, almost as much as Eddy.
    • Jonny sometimes, if the subject is his big head.
    • May, particularly when Lee and Marie gang up on her. However, she does dish it back.
  • The entire purpose of Eek! The Cat was about placing an incredibly sympathetic, sincere, likable character in a series of gags designed to bring harm to him.
    • Although in later seasons Sharky the Shark Dog took over the role (though you could say much of the time he brings it on himself). In one short" Try Hard" he recruited his international cousins to try to eliminate the cat once and for all. Eek unwittingly thwarted their plans through sheer dumb luck.
  • The Fairly Oddparents has two. First is Binky, a fairy whose every apperance has something bad happening to him. The fact that he seems to be Jorgen's assistant probably makes it worse. Then there's Veronica, a member of the popular kids. Despite her status, most jokes involving her involve something painful happening to her. Or the fact that she's insanely in love with Timmy.
    • Timmy himself qualifies, too. Parents who would rather go out for a night on the town and tend to discipline you with a cage, a bitchy and manipulative babysitter, a gray-skinned bully, and a spastic teacher who gives you "F"s for the hell of it? Good thing he has fairies.
    • Cosmo is also somewhat of a Butt Monkey at times. Two words: Super Toilet.
      Cosmo: So much clogging! * gets into fetal position and sucks his thumb*
    • Not even Mr. Crocker is safe from this trope. I mean, come on. He lives with his mother, has a hunch back, and his ears are on his neck, and he gets beaten and mauled by everyone on a regular basis.
  • Two Words: Meg Griffin from Family Guy. She goes through all kinds of crap, primarily being ignored, neglected, and ridiculed by her own family.
    • In "Stew-roids", Meg is sobbing in her room, upset that she is not invited to a party in her own house. Lois, meanwhile, is comforting her, but eventually gets bored and suggests she commits suicide by giving her some Ambien and a Sylvia Plath book and "whatever happens, happens."
      • Word of God seems to indicate that it's played straight, and the only thing the writers can think of to do with the character. Meanwhile, you have fans who hate the way the writers treat her (although plenty of fans prefer Butt Monkey Meg).
      • Meg is now in Designated Monkey territory, in large part because of her parents' Face-Heel Turn. Before cancellation, Lois and Peter weren't especially fond of their daughter, but at least show enough love that Lois conspired to get revenge at high school kids who pranked her, and Peter tries to share some of his popularity when he goes undercover at high school (despite some jailbait temptation from Connie D'Amico). After the show's return, though, they become the main source of Meg's suffering. It's easier to imagine Peter and Lois beating their daughter between shows than lifting a finger to help her now.
      • "Seahorse Seashell Party" had Meg snap at her whole family and give the biggest "The Reason You Suck" Speech to them, blasting them for their flaws and how badly they had treated her over the years. One would think Meg finally catches a break as her family breaks down in tears from the revelation, but Meg later realizes that the reason her family treats her like shit is because they need someone to expel all their negative energy into and without Meg for that, they would turn on each other. Meg decides to apologize for what she said and lets her family abuse her again for the sake of keeping everyone slightly sane. Some fans may see this as a cheap in-universe reason for why Meg is abused in nearly every episode.
      • In the "Road to the Multiverse" episode, Meg is shown what she would be like in alternate universes. In one universe where technology is super advanced, Meg is shown to be extremely sexy with a revealing outfit, large breasts, long hair, and no hat, but Stewie says that the universe she is in still considers her ugly. In another alternate universe where everything is in the world of Disney, Meg is portrayed as being extremely fat and has tentacles instead of legs (parodying Ursula from The Little Mermaid). Meg is a complete Butt Monkey no matter what universe she is in.
      • To sum up Meg, she will always be a victim to Status Quo Is God. Meg has a boyfriend? He'll break up with her or someone else will cause him to leave her. Does Meg get her attitude toughened up? She'll be soft again next episode. Does someone care about her for who she is? It won't last. Does her family actually feel remorse for abusing her and promise to love her? Peter will resume farting in Meg's face later on. Meg is basically never allowed to have any ounce of happiness and whatever she gets is taken from her.
      • In the South Park parody episode "Cartoon Wars," she is the only character with no dialogue.
      • Brian has recently fallen into this as well despite being the Straight Man. Every woman he date winds up dumping him either due to his own insecurities, bad advice and/or meddling from Stewie (who mind you is a baby and has only one dating experience which he asked for Brian's advice on) or just cause the plot say so. Always winds up falling to whatever Stewie is doing at the moment. Fails at pretty much any endeavor he tries. Mocked constantly even getting berated by Quagmire of all people for his failings. And keep in mind Brian is supposed to be the intelligent one. Talk about a turn around of character.
      • Brian's case started out as a Take That, Scrappy!, since up until then he was portrayed as a smug, self-righteous douchebag whom the show treated as always being in the right. The smug, self-righteous douchebaggery eventually went away but his Butt Monkey status remained.
      • YMMV on that part where the self-righteous douchebaggery has gone away; it's still prevalent in a lot of episodes. Because of this, some fans feel his Butt Monkey status is justified.
    • Joe Swanson was second to Meg on the Butt Monkey meter at one point, and even in more recent episodes he still gets crap from the others. No wonder the man's got a Hair-Trigger Temper.
  • Kif Kroker of Futurama is a bit of a cross between a Butt Monkey and the Eeyore. He is put upon a lot because Zapp blames him for his own failings, and he's gotten a bit depressive as a result.
    • Oh, And Zoidberg, the most common recipient of the trope. In one episode Leela crashes the Planet Express ship through the roof. Hermes turns to Zoidberg and promptly docks his pay.
      • Inverted once (and only once) in the Xmas episode, where Robot Santa tries to kill everyone for being naughty, except Zoidberg, who has been very good, and gets a pogo stick.
      • Actually, it's inverted again much, much later on, when it's revealed that MOM, of all people, treats him with genuine respect, heck they even address each other by first names and she has offered to give him his own lab fully staffed. Seems that Zoidberg's lot in life is to be treated as a Butt Monkey by everyone except those who already treat everyone else as a Butt Monkey.
    • Fry is a bit of this as well, along with being the series' primary Cosmic Plaything.
  • Jon Arbuckle, in Garfield and Friends, frequently finds himself in this role.
    • Jon's counterpart on U.S. Acres would be Wade. If anyone is bored on the farm (Roy more than anyone else), the solution is to make Wade run screaming in a fear-induced panic. And more often than not, Orson would then chew out Wade for falling for the prank rather that the perpetrator.
  • Tunnel Rat from G.I. Joe: Renegades. Not only is he wanted for a crime he didn't commit, but most of his team mates are always annoyed with him. They don't even treat him with respect.
  • Gerold Goode from The Goode Family is the show's cross between Dogged Nice Guy and The Ditz. He was this in the radio episode, "Trouble in Store" and "Gerold's Way or The High Way"
  • Goof Troop has three characters who qualify as some variety of Butt Monkey, but they're all played entirely differently.
  • Pud'n from The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, who seems to be a dumping ground for the weirdest, most horrible incidents that Maxwell Atoms can think of.
    • Irwin is twice the Butt Monkey Pud'n is. Let's see: he's in love with Mandy, who hates him and hurts him commonly; he goes through torture like being eaten, made fun of, physically attacked in every way, ended up in a few downer endings, and more; he got caught in the tub twice both in court and a warp hole. He's like the black equivalent to Milhouse.
      • Granted, at least he Took A Level In Bad Ass in Underfist.
      • His genetics are quite interesting: his mom is a mummy and his grandfather is Dracula.
    • Grim himself. Just think, he's The Grim Reaper, subjected to a life as eternal Chew Toy friend to a complete meathead with uncontrollable destructive tendencies and a Machiavellian sociopath of a girl. The Grim Reaper as Straight Man? How ironic.
  • Eugene from Hey Arnold! And probably Brainy too (the one that is always behind Helga "breathing" and gets punched in the face as a result).
  • I. R. Baboon of I Am Weasel. He fits the trope perfectly, but with a bonus. As a baboon with no pants, he's about as close to a literal Butt Monkey as you can get.
  • Dib, from Invader Zim, is the butt of everyone's jokes, due to his perceived insanity regarding the paranormal (as well as the size of his head). An interesting example as he is the show's designated protagonist. His father is generally absent, using the little time he has with Dib to bemoan his "insanity" and pressure him to study "real science"; his younger sister, Gaz, is eternally unsympathetic to him and often turns horribly violent if Dib, for example, takes her last piece of pizza or talks too much. One could say the Halloween episode "Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom" quite literally "put him through Hell." (In a twist, by the end of the episode he was the only character who wasn't injured).
    • Almost subverted in "Dib's Wonderful Life of Doom", when Dib actually gained superpowers, thwarted the Irken invasion, and became hero of the world. Unfortunately, it was all a simulation so Zim could get him to confess that he threw the muffin.
    • Pushed even further, and here not because of people seeing Dib as a lunatic, in the video game Nicktoons: Globs of Doom, where Dib is stuck with the Card Carrying Villains because Zim managed to lie his way to the heroic side (The entire game is a Strange Bedfellows situation). No one (except Plankton, whom Dib complained to) raised an eyebrow. Not even Jimmy Neutron, who should know better than this. And when the villains Snap Back (and take them Dib with them, booting Zim out with the heroes for whatever reason), only to be defeated and left stranded in space? He complains that he's still not a bad guy. No one still cares.
    • Zim, the titular character, is that too. Like for Dib, he's regarded as being a freak by his classroom. Being a "Failure Is the Only Option" show, you can imagine what happens to him a lot of times and... well, his leaders sent him to Earth (not even knowing its existence) just to not see him anymore. And they gave him GIR. And now is regarded by them both like a pain and a joke. However, they do have their reasons—-with the odd exception of Earth, which Zim cannot destroy, Zim's presence on a planet tends to cause lots of destruction and death.
    • Keef could also be called a Butt Monkey; he is an overly-friendly child who wants nothing more than to be friends with Zim and Dib, yet his attempts usually end with him being horribly hurt. However he is only significant in two episodes, one of which was unfinished and unaired. Iggins, who only appears in one episode, could also be called a Butt Monkey, though there is a reason for his admittedly over-the-top suffering (taking a video game that rightfully should have been Gaz's).
  • James Bond Jr. has Trevor Noseworthy IV, who always tries to get the titular character into trouble, only to hilariously fail time and time again.
  • Samy Garvin on Jimmy Two-Shoes. Though, what else do you expect of a Yes-Man to Lucius?
    • Jimmy himself falls under this at times as well.
    • And Lucius. But being an expy of the Devil, he has it coming.
    • Also Heloise thanks to the second season.
  • The Flash from Justice League and Justice League Unlimited.
  • Ron from Kim Possible has elements of this: gets no respect, villains never remember his name, gets ignored by everyone in favor of Kim. Of course he ends up dating Kim, so it's hard to feel bad for him.
    • Ron gets a bone thrown to him whenever Monkey Fist appears. Since he's a gentleman of class (who just happens to have a bizarre, all-consuming obsession), he makes a point to remember Ron's name as well. After Ron gets mystic monkey juju, Monkey Fist even becomes something of a nemesis to him, and he's better suited to dealing with Fist than Kim is (because, you know, monkeys).
    • Another example is Dr. Drakken. He is driven out of university after being incessantly laughed at by his friends, constantly and vigorously mocked by his sidekick who is undeniably superior to him in just about every way, constantly and repeatedly beaten by Kim (who often takes little or no effort to do it), and occasionally reminded that Professor Dementor has a bigger reputation than him as a dangerous Mad Scientist. Like Ron, he ends up with his female partner, so it does even out in a way.
  • Pick a male character from King Arthur's Disasters. Anyone will do.
  • Bill Dauterive from King of the Hill. He's a divorcee, a loser, and a source of many, many jokes. Illustrated most poignantly in "Soldier of Misfortune," where the villain smacks him when Boomhauer mouths off. Made almost worse when he doesn't get a real happy ending in the Grand Finale.
  • The entire premise of nearly every La Linea short is the main character, Mr. Linea, being tormented by his surroundings and even directly by the animator himself sometimes.
  • Dr. Frogg from League of Super Evil is quite the Butt Monkey. His inventions constantly backfire and/or hurt him, and he's constantly being attacked and/or eaten by the team dog, Doomageddon.
  • Hardy the hyena from Lippy The Lion And Hardy Har Har often gets sucked into zany schemes of his lion friend Lippy and usually suffers from Guilt By Association Gag. Hardy frequently crosses over into woobie territory due to his status as The Eeyore and the abuse he has to put up with and the fact that he can't laugh without hurting.
  • The Looney Tunes team, particularly Chuck Jones, liked to pit "winners" against "losers", which meant that many of the villains or antagonists (Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam, Sylvester, and sometimes Daffy Duck) routinely got the stuffing kicked out of them on both a physical and personal level. However, the defining character of this trope is undeniably Wile E. Coyote, who has never once had a chance to be anything BUT a Butt Monkey. Jones always pointed out that what kept the humor from turning to tragedy was the fact that at any given time, any of the Butt Monkey characters like Wile E. could walk away from the chase/protagonist unharmed. (Wile E is never really in any danger of starving, so he doesn't need to catch/eat the roadrunner). Thus, he's really just bringing it on himself by not cutting his losses and giving up when it's clear to everyone that the world, and anvils, have it in for him.
    • Even Bugs Bunny was subjected to being one of these on a few occasions. (See the Cecil Turtle shorts, Bob Clampett's Falling Hare, Jones' Rabbit Rampage, etc.)
    • Tiny Toon Adventures had Plucky and Hamton.
      • Calamity and Furrball too.
    • Animaniacs was full of characters who either existed to be abused by the Warners or just couldn't catch a break in general. The most consistent examples are Dr. Scratchnsniff, the mime, Buttons, The Goodfeathers (Especially Squit), Rita and Runt, Katie Kaboom's family, Mr. Skullhead, and Chicken Boo. Buttons especially — it's clear that the writers didn't have the aforementioned "keep the humor from turning to tragedy" principle in mind when they created his shorts.
    • Histeria! has Pule Houser for this.
    • Loonatics Unleashed has Tech E. Coyote.
  • Bessie Higgingbottom from The Mighty B!. The show's Terrible Trio (Portia, Gwen and Penny) seem to enjoy seeing her suffer.
  • Mr. Bogus is very often at the receiving end of comedic abuse that comes his way, despite being the main character. This is highly evident in the original Belgian-produced claymation shorts that the show itself was based on.
  • Mr. Persnickety on The Mr. Men Show often falls victim to this.
  • Adam Lyon in My Gym Partners A Monkey. Everytime Jake Spidermonkey does one of his shennigans Adam is usually the poor sap who has to go along with it.
    • Jake Spidermonkey too, for that matter. He is obssessed with his butt, and even spoke to people with his butt for his face on one occasion.
  • While My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic isn't afraid to subject any of its characters to all manner of physical abuse in the name of comedy and emotional abuse in the name of personal growth, Spike is the one character who can't seem to catch a break. And if he ever starts to notice, watch out, because it means he's probably about to dig himself even deeper. Sometimes it even happens in ways that aren't evident until you think about it and probably weren't intentional at all, like being mysteriously absent from Twilight Sparkle's birthday party, or not being invited to the Crystal Empire after becoming its savior and national hero (he's left behind so he can be deprived of his jewel cake, poor thing).
  • Virtually everyone living in the Valley in The Oblongs. Helga and James get the absolute worse treatment though.
    • Don't forget Bob, especially. He also doubles as a Chew Toy. Remember when that gargoyle the Oblongs bought on Dump Day crushed him repeatedly every time he tries to put it on the roof of the house?
  • Candace from Phineas and Ferb. She gets trampled, attacked, lost, falls down, and just generally suffers way too much. Her universe hates her.
    • Besides, she usually gets the boy (Jeremy) in the end, so it's hard to feel too sorry for her.
    • You think Candace has it bad? Doofenshmirtz has it worse. His parents weren't there when he was born, he was forced to be a lawn gnome, and his brother is the favourite of his mother. However, this is all played for laughs since Doofenshmirtz is the bad guy (even though he's more pathetic than evil).
    • Adyson in "The Great Indoors". Oh so much.
    • Stacy received this treatment in "Spa Day".
    • How can we forget Baljeet? Just as an example, he apparently has to spend all of his allowance replacing wedgied underwear every single week.
  • Oscar Proud in The Proud Family, he's a natural born loser, his own mother hates him, and he constantly make terrible decision that turn badly for him, and every success the family makes, he is excluded from it.
    • Penny Proud is second to Oscar. She has friends who ditch her, her father embarrasses her and keeps her from dating, and is often in bad situations.
    • Puff the Dog is also getting injured in some way, usually by Bebe and Cece.
    • The Chang Triplets and Camp Gay Michael also count.
  • Gus Griswald from Recess, to the point where he's The Woobie.
  • Most characters on Regular Show get to play this, but the seat's got a brass plate on it that says "Rigby".
    • At least until Thomas was introduced.
  • Rocko in Rocko's Modern Life.
  • Scaredy Squirrel.
  • Shaggy from Scooby-Doo is the victim of practically every unfortunate occurence in the series, from Fred's insane plans to simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. More than one instance sees him as literal live bait.
  • Eric Needles from Sidekick is always troubled by Professor Pamplemoose and Vanna Glama.
  • The script writers for The Simpsons never seem to run out of new afflictions to plague Milhouse with. Perhaps the greatest insult to Milhouse comes from behind the scenes. In the movie's DVD commentary, the writers stated that originally Milhouse was going to be portrayed as "finally getting a break" with Lisa, even getting to the point where he would help save Lisa and the rest from the angry mob and generally being all around useful in the second half. However, due to fear that Milhouse' long, long-time infatuation with Lisa would go over viewers' heads... this story was toned down and Milhouse was replaced with Colin... now making the subplot seem tacked on. It just really isn't ever coming up for poor Milhouse, is it?
    • No, the worst insult to Milhouse is in a Twenty Minutes into the Future episode where Lisa is getting married, and discusses her wedding plans with Marge:
    Lisa: I don't know, Mom. I feel kind of uncomfortable wearing white. You know, Milhouse...
    Marge: Oh, Milhouse doesn't count.
    (they both laugh)
    • Lisa might enter this trope soon. Her family is a bunch of idiots, she gets insulted for her gifted status, she is a loner and an outcast, and in an episode where Lisa finds out one of her ancestors helped a black slave become free, she tries to use that. However, Milhouse, who had loved Lisa, and married her in the future (if the latest episode on the future counted) said that her ancestor didn't do that, called the story a fairy tale and a fake, and basically betrayed her. The only redeeming part is that it wasn't her ancestor Eliza, but Mabel who freed the slave and coincidentally helped make the Simpson family 1/64th black.
    • Speaking of The Simpsons, need we mention Hans Moleman? The only character to canonically be killed multiple times.
    • From about seasons 9/10, Moe and Kirk van Houten become two of the major Butt Monkeys of the show.
    • Homer himself has his moments of Butt Monkeying. From his frequent injuries (which reached the point that the Behind the Music parody stated that Homer became addicted to painkillers due to said injuries), humiliating situations (such as losing his clothing, getting covered in mud, running into other campers which led to him being chased and captured, and being examined by scientists because they thought he was Big Foot) and general bad luck and mistreatment. Granted he usually really deserves it (and most of the time causes it).
      • Many of the couch gags end with him killed, maimed, or humiliated.
      (family sits on the couch)
      Lisa: (looks at the camera) What? Can't we just sit on the couch with anything weird happening?
      Homer: (hit by a spear) Do'h!
    • Frank Grimes. Right to the grave.
    • Perhaps the most notable recurring example is that of Gil, a character whose only reason to exist is to fail at everything he does.
    • From the Show Within a Show we have Scratchy of Itchy And Scratchy, the perfectly amiable and good-natured cat whose sole reason for existing is to be the perpetual victim of the psychopathic, needlessly malevolent whims of the brutal mouse Itchy.
    • Sideshow Bob becomes the family's Butt Monkey in "Great Louse Detective".
    Bart: I don't know how we ever had fun without him.
    • Bart has his moments as the Butt Monkey too. He often gets strangled by his father, nearly killed by Sideshow Bob for 20+ years, was almost killed by Mr. Burns twice (Burns ran him over with his car in one episode, and later, locked him in a safe and sunk him to the bottom of the lake), and has been subject to really hurtful shamings by the whole town (as seen in "Bart's Girlfriend," "Miracle on Evergreen Terrace," and the notorious "The Boys of Bummer." "The Telltale Head" is a gray area. On the one hand, you have the entire town going after Bart for decapitating the Jebediah Springfield statue. On the other hand, Bart apologized for what he did and, in a TV-exclusive scene, shamed the mob for losing their way as Springfield citizens).
    • Bumblebee Man, in-universe on his own show, exists for this purpose.
  • Brainy Smurf of The Smurfs is the village's Butt Monkey.
  • South Park
    • Butters is a naive, wide-eyed, sweet-hearted little boy who Matt and Trey exhaust their imaginations thinking of new torments to inflict upon, including beatings, attempted murder by his mother, a ninja star in the eye (which was ignored in favor of everyone being outraged over Cartman being naked in public), etc. The character he has effectively replaced, Kenny, was also a prime example of a Butt Monkey.
    • Pip, the little British kid from the earlier seasons was a definite Butt Monkey before he was phased out of the show. He was so unpopular with the other school kids that in one episode they tried to see who could spit on him the most. In another episode, Cartman makes fun of him because his parents are dead. Like Butters, he had a polite and pleasant disposition and generally took all the abuse with good nature. Word of God says that Pip stopped appearing because Butters worked better as an example of this trope.
    • Cartman was also a Butt Monkey, as he's the character that the other boys make fun of the most. ("Wow, this place is huge!" "Yeah, it's almost as big as Cartman's ass!") The pilot episode is literally about things going into and coming out of Cartman's ass. Of course, he stopped being a Butt Monkey when he started to actually deserve all the bad stuff that happened to him. And there comes a point at which it could be argued that the four boys are all Butt Monkeys, in that they always find themselves inextricably involved in absolutely ludicrous situations that they have no interest in ("we don't care, we just want our Okama Gamesphere back"). And, of course, there's Scott Tenorman, who was tricked into eating his parents, and was then mocked by his favorite band of all time. While not a recurring character, he had the show's Ultimate Butt Monkey Moment.
    • In the episode with Damien (who himself is something of a Butt Monkey for being the son of Satan), Pip affirms this by saying the other kids do pick on Cartman a lot, but like him because he picks on Pip. This gives Damien the idea to turn Pip into a fireworks display for Cartman's birthday party, causing all the kids to like him.
      • Although Cartman rarely played along with the fat jokes involving comparisons to the size of his ass.
      • Cartman still gets jerked around quite a bit these days. There was pretty much all of "Cartman Sucks" (especially the last scene), he was treated like a dog by Caesar Milan in "Tsst", humiliated by Butters of all people (and in the same episode molested by a movie executive while in disguise as a robot), had the crap beaten out of him by Wendy, literally shat upon by his idol Mel Gibson...just goes to show you that even the most clever Magnificent Bastard isn't immune to pain and humiliation. Basically though, these were generally payback.
    • Kenny used to be the show's resident Chew Toy/Butt Monkey. In much earlier seasons he dies at the end of nearly every episode. It's lampshaded in the Thanksgiving short with Jay Leno making a guest appearance.
      • Not only was Kenny dying every episode, but he and his family were constantly mocked by the other characters because they were so poor. It was mostly Cartman who joked about it, but the others would always laugh along.
      • Even in early episodes where he lived he always had something terrible happen to him. For example, "Terrence and Phillip: Behind the Blow" he survives, but winds up getting all of his limbs cut off.
    • Clyde in some episodes.
    • Kyle has had his moments as well, mostly having to do with being the center of Cartman's torment around him being a Jew.
    • Stan isn't spared of this either. Shelly would constantly beat him up in the earlier episodes, and has been put to blame even when it wasn't his fault in the episodes Stanley's Cup and Butterballs. This is Played for Drama in You're Getting Old/Assburgers.
  • Squidward from SpongeBob SquarePants. The worst things tend to happen to him: his head exploded, shot out of a cannon, set on fire twice, been squished by a boulder, stampeded by a crowd, attacked multiple times by a seabear, zapped multiple times by the Flying Dutchman, exploded after eating too many Krabby Patties, a piebomb was accidentally thrown in his face, got his toenail ripped off, forced to turn the pages for SpongeBob's lyric book as his only means of performing in a live concert, and seems generally hated by everyone in Bikini Bottom, including inanimate objects. At one point, he actually asks, "Will I ever win?" In fact, only five episodes ("Band Geeks", "Suction Cup Symphony" "Love That Squid", "Enchanted Tiki Dreams" and "House Fancy") have ever played out in his favor.
    Squidward: "Why must every eleven minutes of my life be filled with misery?! Why?!"
    • In the early part of the first season Squidward would bring much of this on himself. For example, he turned Spongebob and Patrick into enemies as a practical joke, tricked them into being his slaves and pulled a really nasty and harmful April Fool's gag on Spongebob.
    • And also Plankton who's had just as bad luck as Squidward in his many meager attempts to find out the secret behind a Krabby Patty.
    • Patchy the Pirate gets this almost all the time.
      • And Mrs Puff, Barnacle Boy, etc; all as a result of Spongebob and Patrick not understanding what leave me alone means.
      • Keep in mind Spongebob and Patrick also had their moments in being a Butt Monkey. Don't believe it, watch the episode "Pre-Hibernation Week" and the end of "Suds".
  • Rodney J. Squirrel from Squirrel Boy, sometimes.
  • Jared in Superjail! is usually this, especially when he's seriously injured. The guy just can't catch a break from anyone, be it his fellow staff members, his boss, or the inmates. Whenever it looks like things will look up for him, Negative Continuity applies and he goes back to being miserable, either that or there will be actual in-story events or reasoning to undo any bone thrown at him.
    • Ash is a lesser example in seasons 2 and 3. He gets bullied and mocked by the other inmates, especially Nicky, for his childish fears or (in the season 3 finale) poor communication leading to them believing he was going to betray them all.
    • The TWINS even get a moment of being the Butt Monkeys now and then in the show. In "Time Police, Part 2", they foolishly accept a porn director's invitation to go "take test shots", then wind up locked in his van and presumably raped (they're later shown to be traumatized and with their clothes ripped up, and only tell Jared "We don't want to talk about it"). In "The Trouble with Triples", the entire episode is spent with them being the butt monkeys to their elder brothers (The Triplets) and winding up with their luck worsening in all sorts of ways to the point where they're forcibly taken home and physically tortured to "study" to become overlords. Of course, it could have all been avoided if they didn't lie to their brothers.
  • Tak from Tak and the Power of Juju, saving the fact that's he's troubled by Chief and Lok.
    • Then again both the Chief and Lok would also count.
  • Michaelangelo in the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon.
    • Interestingly, Donnie is also getting shades of this— to the point where fellow nerd Leo gets on his case about Techno Babble, and Mikey takes literal and figurative swings at him in a decidedly non-Annoying Younger Sibling way. That's not even mentioning the out-of-the-blue insults and general smacking around by Raphael.
  • In Teen Titans, Beast Boy. Poor guy even suffers in the Downer Ending. No wonder he's embarrassed that his first name is the same as that of a certain well-known cat.
    • Poor Doctor Light...
  • Timon in Timon & Pumbaa. To be fair, a lot of what Timon goes through is karmic retribution for some recent act of Jerkassery, usually by being overly rude, selfish, or proud. When using his powers for good, he generally ends up okay.
  • Tom, in the Tom and Jerry shorts. Sometimes this will catch up to Jerry, too (Most notably when Tom gets his revenge on him).
    • Jerry also qualifies in episodes when Tom is the antagonist.
  • Tom Peters of Tom Goes To The Mayor. His wife is hateful and grotesque, he can't connect to his step-sons on any level, he's an utter failure as an entrepreneur, and his every plan is doomed to failure merely by his association. When other characters are in a position to help him they never do. While it seems that Tom meets the mayor for the first time in every episode due to Negative Continuity, it's also hinted that Tom is so tragically insignificant that the mayor simply forgets who Tom is. The sole instance Tom was actually successful he turned into a complete Jerkass.
  • After his first run-in with physical abuse, the writers of Total Drama Action seemed to make it a point to have Justin hit at least once per episode.
    • In the Total Drama series, everybody is a butt monkey at some point in time (even Chris). Some of the better examples would be Cody, Trent, Owen, Tyler, Ezekiel, Sam, Scott, and especially Duncan! The man has been chucked off cliffs, hit in the groin hundreds of times, electrocuted by eels and crushed by Owen countless times along with many other painful injuries that would kill a normal person!
  • For Totally Spies!, let's put it this way: a good idea for a drinking game. If you happen to be watching a Totally Spies! marathon or are watching the show on DVD, take a drink every time something bad happens to Clover. You won't be sober for long.
    • There are some occasions where Sam or Alex gets this end of the stick, though.
  • If you get annoyed at Jerkass Sentinel Prime in Transformers Animated, just wait five minutes and something nasty will happen to him. Usually it's related to Earth's weather/inhabitants/road structure, but he's also had his body stolen by a human, been humiliated in front of his comrades, screamed like a little girl when encountering organics, failed at driving in the rain, and been wrong in pretty much every arrogant assertion he's made.
    • From season 2 onward, Starscream also becomes a Butt Monkey in this series. It starts with the infamous "Starscream Death Montage" with Megatron killing him over and over again (with the AllSpark fragment on his head being the only thing keeping him alive). All of his plans always fail and in the finale in which may be his Crowning Moment of Butt Monkery, his clones (with one heavily implied to represent his self-loathing) betray him for Megatron. He spends the majority of season 3 as a disembodied head trapped with Megatron aboard Omega Supreme, and just when he fnally gets a new body, Megatron blasts him (He recovers). And in the finale, The AllSpark fragment that was keeping him alive is pulled out, thus killing him. And if you count the comic adaptation, he gets humiliated and blackmailed by Professor Princess. One can't help but feel a bit sorry for him.
      • In Prime he's an interesting case. He vacillates between being a legitimate villain with a nasty streak and being on the receiving end of all sorts of abuse, both from the Autobots and his supposed subordinates.
    • According to supplementary material, Beachcomber.
    • Tutor Bot, as well.
    • Then there's Skyfire from the original series, an 'old friend' of Starscream's who is revived and used by the Decepticons, and then seems to heroically sacrifice himself to save the Autobots. Only a sequel episode shows that he didn't actually die, but was buried in some ice to the extent where it took the Autobots seconds to dig him back up, they just didn't bother until they needed him to fly somewhere. In that episode, he befriends Thundercracker for all of about thirty seconds, until the Decepticons shoot him. He's then routinely ignored by the other Autobots unless they need carting around the world, and forgotten about entirely when the Aerialbots arrive towards the end of the second series.
    • Waspinator is by far the biggest example in Beast Wars, though Scorponok and Terrorsaur almost had it as bad early on.
      • Waspinator's many deaths can be watched here. From the man himself:
        Waspinator: "Why universe hate Waspinator?"
      • Terrorsaur and Scorponok were also co-Butt Monkeys before they met their fate at the start of season 2, then Waspinator became arguably the sole Butt Monkey (Inferno has been picked on a bit as well).
      • Terrorsaur even initially rivaled Waspinator in being blown to pieces! Unlike the former, he at least managed to remain a genuine threat, if only due to having one of the biggest arsenals in show.
      • It's only fitting that at the end of Beast Wars, Waspinator is the only Predacon to get a happy ending, becoming ruler of the early humans. Though, I guess it doesn't last long before he's booted from Earth by the humans. Though, by the end, Waspinator is the only Predacon who doesn't meet his/her fate (minus Blackarachnia, who's a Maximal by the end)
      • His Animated incarnation is basically the natural extent as a result.
    • Rattrap becomes kind of a Butt Monkey in Beast Machines, at the beginning. In Beast Wars he was considered slightly obnoxious but otherwise a valuable robot to have on your side. Then along comes Beast Machines and the only thing standing between Rattrap and getting thrown off a cliff is Optimus. When Optimus gets put out of commission temporarily, everyone gets downright hostile, even after he learns to transform again, because he doesn't offer anything in the way of firepower (Cheetor even says they're only keeping him around because he sits on the outside fringes of being "one of us", and therefore they're not ditching him). Then they're surprised when he turns to Megatron for a little sympathy and weaponry.
      • Rattrap is the weapons expert. Guess who is the only Beast Machines Maximal who doesn't have weapons?
      • Because of his quasi-New York accent, one TV Guide writer goes as far as describing Rattrap as "George Costanza as a rat".
    • Also from the Transformers verse are Ransack and Crumplezone, a Team Rocket-like duo. Ransack perhaps more so than his partner. Quoth Crumplezone:
      "When he [Optimus] sees our real strength and feels our vengeance, he'll regret beating us over and over and over and..."
      • From the same series as these two, Thundercracker. Dear Primus, Thundercracker. Having the worst boss ever doesn't help. He gets lit on fire by Scourge twice. ("Would somebody please put me out?") At the end, after Ransack, Crumplezone, and Thunderblast go back on their Heel Face Turns and sneak off in a homemade rocket, poor Thundercracker gets shanghaied aboard when goes to investigate. The Hasbro version of his toy's mold was a major-league example of quality-control failure. (PRIMUS DAMNIT HASBRO!)
  • Larry from T.U.F.F. Puppy is this. He never gets a break from Snaptrap blasting him or sending him into the shark tank.
    • In fact, everyone in the series are all this, including Dudley, Kitty, Keswick, the Chief, and even Snaptrap.
  • Luxor from Tutenstein.
  • Mr. Lunt in VeggieTales. He is often cast as the villain's sidekick, and occasionally as an incompetent villain himself. When cast in a positive role, Mr. Lunt is infallibly the Butt Monkey. On at least two occasions he cross-dresses, once portrayed Gollum (Middle-Earth's butt monkey), and once lamented the fact that his entire life only included one half hour of happiness. The only story in which Mr. Lunt has not been the Butt Monkey was in the Don Quixote story.
  • Every character in The Venture Bros. is a loser, more or less. But Billy Quizboy is the true Butt Monkey. Everybody treats him like crap and mocks his pathetic attempts to exaggerate his own abilities.
  • Wallace & Gromit are like this. The former often gets hurt because of how absent-minded that he is while the latter often gets hurt by how his master is really Too Dumb to Live.
  • Mirta in Winx Club, most of it all in the first season. Let's see, her best friend is constantly tearing her apart for not wanting to fit in and be a bitch like the Trix. She's the only attempted homicide in the first season (and there are a lot) that can't possibly be explained as anything vaguely related to the Trix's master plan or taking out the Winx; Darcy tries to suffocate her with a blob of goo because Mirta disagrees with her about how she feels about fairies. When she finally does try to do something good, she gets turned into a pumpkin BECAUSE SHE HAS ONE ON THE FRONT OF HER SHIRT though considering that the Trix tried to send several people to Hell, drown Bloom, and feed the other four Winx to a giant tornado all around that time, she should probably consider herself relatively lucky on that count. Flora decides to try and undo the curse, which is fortunate because none of the teachers seem to give a rat's ass whether or not she ever gets better; considering that one of them Wizgiz teaches Alfea students how to control their shapeshifting powers, this seems pretty cold. Flora keeps her in the room she shares with Bloom and her pet stomach-with-legs Kiku, who's been known to nibble on Flora's plants from time to time. And it's not like she can't tell Kiku's sniffing around her, because she's been shown to be able to perceive her surroundings from time to time. It's not until she speaks for the only time for most of her time there that she gets moved to the greenhouse, and that's probably got more to do with the fact that she's seen Flora and Bloom naked and it creeps them out. While she does get restored to human form in the end of the season, the Winx seem to forget about her unless they need to go to Cloud Tower for something; seeing as Musa, Tecna, and Stella still owe her a life debt, it seems a little harsh. She's last seen in Season Five as the only person from the last three years at Alfea who's still there, and not in a teaching position like the Wins; apparently she hasn't come close to gaining an Enchantix, or no one has let her try.
    • She gets it like a dog in the 4Kids dub too. Even Miss Griffin calls her a pussy in front of a class of students at one point since a scene was changed dramatically so that she got laughed at for talking about a friendship spell instead of answering a difficult question and then having Lucy laughed at for getting humiliated by the Trix in the last episode. Her telling Lucy about her transferring to Alfea at the end of the season had her say "good witch" instead of "fairy", which has the double whammy of her calling her best friend evil to her face, and Lucy's altered to angry answer that's basically the Y7 equivalent of "Yeah, well FUCK YOU!".
    • And in Magical Adventure, when she tries to defend her friends with witch magic (which she can still use in this movie) after all fairy magic is cut off, one of the teachers shuts down all her powers, basically on principle. Good thing no one gets eaten or anything . . .
  • Wally Walrus would more often than not wind up as this, with him being at the mercy of Woody Woodpecker's antics.
  • Prince Nestor from World Of Quest always seems to have something slimy and gross cover him multiple times in an episode.
    • The rivalry he and Quest have is pretty one-sided, as Quest is big and muscular and, well, an adult, therefore usually always prevailing over poor Nestor.
  • Zig of Zig And Sharko.

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