And The Fandom Rejoiced / Marvel Cinematic Universe

This is basically the entire planet's response to the notion of the Marvel Universe put on film. For the most part so far, the films haven't disappointed.

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    Iron Man 

Iron Man

Iron Man 2
  • Famed Giant Mecha fan Genndy Tartakovsky storyboarding the action scenes for the sequel!
  • The briefcase suit. Seriously, the briefcase-Transformation Sequence has got to be one of the most salivating Technology Porn moments in the history of film. It was so awesome that when it was revealed in one of the trailers, bloggers the world over had a nerdgasm and used that screenshot for their posts. Let's give a hand to the SFX people for pulling off something that's been done for forty years in the comics but seemed impossible to do on film: actually make a suitcase armor realistic.
  • Gee, I wonder what the stinger will be for this one and if it can match Nick Fury.....wait, THE HAMMER!

Iron Man 3
  • Trailer for Iron Man 3. Holy crap, is that Extremis in action???

    The Incredible Hulk 
The Incredible Hulk

  • The casting of Sir Anthony Hopkins as Odin brought Oscar cred and gravitas to the picture.

Thor: The Dark World
  • Oh goody, mid-credits Stinger! Wait, did they just say infinity stones?

Thor: Ragnarok
  • To paraphrase Kevin Feige: "Ragnarok means the end. Thor: Ragnarok will change Thor's universe in a way The Winter Soldier changed Captain America's!"
  • Fans have taken a liking to the announcement that the movie will mostly be set off of Earth this time around after feeling that the Earth-based characters were taking up too much spotlight.
  • Taika Waititi's announcement as director got almost universal praise throughout the fandom, whether it's because of general acclaim for his prior work on offbeat comedies, a belief that his presence would inject some much-needed fresh air into one of the more stagnant MCU properties, as well as being the first nonwhite director for the MCU, indicating a push for more offscreen diversity.note  This praise became even stronger after Marvel released a funny, yet visually-stunning, teaser.

    Captain America 
Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  • The title alone made fans excited.
  • And other characters joining in on the fun in April 2014? Black Widow, Maria Hill, Crossbones, Sharon Carter, and The Falcon. Hell yes.
  • Veteran actor Robert Redford, who made a name for himself starring in the political thrillers that inspired this film, is joining the cast!
  • The mention of Stephen Strange actually caused cheers during early screenings.
  • The mid-credits scene gave fans a first look at Baron von Strucker, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch long before Avengers: Age of Ultron came out.

Captain America: Civil War
  • People were initially worried when it was announced they were adapting Civil War because of the original's polarizing reputation. However it's been confirmed that the central conflict of the film will NOT be about superhero secret identities, a huge relief that gives people a lot of hope for a Pragmatic Adaptation. And people who were already fans of that storyline are happy to begin with.
  • The Black Panther solo film is still a long way down, but fans will finally get to see one of the most prominent black superheroes in the Marvel universe show up in costume in this movie first! Chadwick Boseman has landed the role, following his acclaimed performances as actual African-American historical figures in 42 and Get On Up.
  • Baron Helmut Zemo confirmed! On top of that he's being played by the highly acclaimed Daniel Bruhl! He's one of Cap's greatest legacy villains in the comics and one who fans have been waiting a long time for, and many are overjoyed his inclusion in the film may pave the way for the rest of the Masters Of Evil or the Thunderbolts to come in.
  • Henry Jackman will be coming back to score for the film. Considering how the music for The Winter Soldier is seen as some of the best for the entire MCU by many fans, you can bet people are very excited.
  • Hmm, according to the press release about bringing Spider-Man to the MCU, he'll show up in a supporting role in an MCU film before his new movie in 2017. It's too late for him to pop up in either Avengers: Age of Ultron or Ant-Man outside of cameos (which don't count as far as contracts go), and both Doctor Strange and Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 are way out of his field, so that leaves... OH. MY. GOD. Now it's been made official he's going to show up... Yes! Just as people hoped!
  • Hawkeye's been confirmed to appear, meaning that like Black Widow he'll get more chances to shine in the MCU outside of the Avengers films. *YAY!*
  • William Hurt being confirmed to return as General "Thunderbolt" Ross after 8 years since The Incredible Hulk, something that's especially excited fans who were starting to fear that everyone else from the film aside from Banner himself had been Exiled from Continuity, especially after both Avengers films largely ignored his prior relationship with Betty which comprised a large amount of the movie.
  • Cap's new uniform for Civil War is possible the most well-received one since his original WWII uniform. It's based on the largely well-received Age of Ultron uniform, but dumps the red trim lines which were the most complained about element, and incorporates a lot more blue, which pleases the many fans of his stealth suit from The Winter Soldier.
  • Fans upset at the scarcity of Black Widow and Falcon merchandise for their previous movies found some comfort after the 2015 Licensing Expo, when Marvel announced a stronger focus on them in the merch, including a Black Widow clothing line. LEGO later confirmed that they'll include minifigures of both of them in a set that costs much less than previous MCU Lego sets with Widow did, and also includes the first Crossbones minifigure.
  • Speaking of Lego, the inclusion of a to-scale Giant-Man figure in their Super Hero Airport Battle set generated excitement. Even though some liberties Lego made with previous MCU movies' sets (eg, Trevor Slattery chasing Iron Man in a car with a flamethrower on top, Ant-Man and Ant-Man II fighting Yellowjacket together) didn't make this seem like official confirmation of a Giant-Man appearance, collectors seemed to agree that it would make a pretty cool addition to a Marvel Lego figure collection. Press screenings of the picture revealed that Scott actually does become Giant-Man!
  • The private teaser at D23 basically acted as a string of this to the fandom which had been antsy about the movie since its title was first announced. Yes, this is first and foremost Captain America's movie, not just a stealth Avengers or Iron Man sequel, and the popular Winter Soldier will have plenty to do this time around. It also reiterated that the film's main conflict would be about oversight instead of superhero identities and Tony would have a justified reason for being Pro-Reg this time around, instead of the comics' Idiot Plot.
  • Chris Evans has announced that he's changed his mind about wanting to move on from the MCU, quelling a lot of fears about Cap getting crowded out of his final movie.
  • The fact that the Avengers as a team will be appearing rather than after several movies as happened between The Avengers and Age of Ultron and the team heroics not being largely offscreen.
  • Hey, it's the new Civil War trailer. Man, this looks awesome... HOLY SHIT SPIDER-MAN!!! "Hey, everyone." Yeah, they're not gonna screw this up.

    The Avengers 
The Avengers
  • The effort behind this film and everything that went into it, from the the previous films as setup to the end credit scene, has een so spectacular that a movie like this would've been thought of as impossible 20 years ago.
  • The smartest thing the producers have done, and probably ever will do, for the movie was to hire Joss Whedon as co-writer and director.
  • Speaking of trailers...this. Particularly the moment at 1:53 when the camera circles the Avengers standing together, ready for battle. Every Marvel fan can probably remember sitting there, seeing this trailer for the first time, staring unblinking for two whole minutes as the words "this is going to be the greatest thing ever" repeat themselves over and over in blogs across the globe.
  • This extended to the score, with Alan Silvestri returning from Captain America: The First Avenger (whose music was a hit with many) and thus becoming the first composer since Marvel began backing their own films to score two movies.
  • So The Avengers was pretty great, huh? It's a shame we never found out who the master of that creepy guy who gave Loki his army was, but oh we—...oh, here he is! Wait, did he just mention "courting death"?! Oh my God, is that Thanos?! HELL YES!

Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • A certain "brother/sister act" has a role in the second movie... Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch! Woo-hoo! Then it was learned that X-Men: Days of Future Past also has Quicksilver, so a deal with 20th Century Fox was struck that Quicksilver can be in both as long as the films won't reference each other.
  • Iron Man 3 made fans fear that Robert Downey, Jr. wouldn't appear in the Avengers sequel, but he signed another deal with Marvel Studios. That same article assures fans that they can also expect to see him in The Avengers 3!
  • The full title of The Avengers 2 excited fans by revealing a new villain: Ultron. The trailer that revealed him is just epic. First there were the voice-overs while a helmet was being made, and at first it looks like Iron Man's helmet. But then's being dented and melded into something. Camera pulls back to reveal Ultron's head, and well...just listen to the screaming fans.
  • The charmingly snarky and slimy James Spader is voicing Ultron.
  • Now Paul Bettany is the Vision! J.A.R.V.I.S seems to be getting an upgrade.
  • Classic Marvel antagonist Baron Strucker is appearing, and he looks downright identical to his comic book counterpart. Nailed it!
  • After the disappointment that was a Suspiciously Similar Substitute that only appeared for a couple of seconds in Iron Man 3, screenshots feature an actual Hulkbuster armor, and the Hulk is fighting it!
  • The fandom collectively scratched their heads when Rhodey was left out of the first Avengers. This time, it's been confirmed Rhodey will show up in Age of Ultron and will get to kick ass alongside Tony! Finally!
  • A couple of hours after the leaked version of the official teaser trailer got taken down, Marvel caved in and released the trailer in glorious HD. Cue the overjoyed fanbase.
  • Third trailer up. The team shot at 1:03 is just epic. Additionally, the appearance of Vision at the end got a lot of fans pumped up.
  • Captain America is shown doing some pretty impressive stuff such as throwing a motorcycle at a truck with his bare hands. Fans looking forward to Captain America impressively kicking ass rejoiced, especially those not happy with his treatment in the first Avengers movie.

Avengers: Infinity War
  • Tom Hiddleston will be returning as Loki, for those worried that Ragnarok may be his swan song.
  • It's been revealed that the Russo brothers will be directing both this and the fourth movie, instead of Joss Whedon. While this initially came as a blow to Whedon fans, the huge success of Captain America: The Winter Soldier means the franchise is in more than capable hands.
  • The Russo Brothers letting slip that Captain Marvel will be in it, well ahead of the oft-delayed premiere of her own movie, made quite a few people happy.
  • After missing out on Age of Ultron, Alan Silvestri will return to score both Infinity War and its followup! After how much the soundtracks to both The First Avenger and The Avengers were enjoyed, the news was welcomed many fans of the films.
  • Reports have indicated that along with the usual suspects (Downey, Hemsworth, Johannsen, etc.), there is another possible name added to the cast: Liv Tyler. Yes, that's right: Betty Ross is apparently coming back to the MCU almost a decade after The Incredible Hulk!
  • The first officially released teaser trailer has given fans MUCH to rejoice about! Of note:
    • "And get this man a shield."
    • The Wakandan military charging towards hordes of alien invaders. And who is helping Black Panther lead the way? What we've spent all of Phase Three waiting to see: the Avengers, reassembled.
    • Thanos beginning to add the Infinity Stones to the Infinity Gauntlet.
    • The return of Alan Silvestri's fanfare, blaring triumphantly to signal that the Avengers are back and ready to kick ass.
    • Spider-Man's new sleek and stylish metallic suit! Courtesy of Tony Stark, of course.
    • Also, Spidey is confirmed to have his freaking Spider-Sense! Our Spider-Senses are definitely tingling for that!
    • Is that the Hulkbuster 2.0?!?!
    • Even the opening narration is nothing short of pure fanservice awesomeness, as it consists of the Avengers each saying a piece of Nick Fury's famous speech about The Avengers Initiative from back in The Avengers! It really ties in all three phases together and reaffirms that, yes, this is the Avengers!
    • Thor, at the end: "Who the hell are you guys?"
    • Vision with human skin?! Holding Scarlet Witch in what seems to be a loving embrace??? ARE THEY FULLY ADAPTING THEIR ROMANCE FROM THE COMICS?!

    Guardians of the Galaxy 
Guardians of the Galaxy
  • San Diego ComicCon 2012 revealed a release date and a promotional image. There was MUCH rejoicing.
  • For any wrestling fans who like Marvel, Batista is Drax. Cross-promotional fandom rejoicing.
  • For Star Trek (2009) and Avatar fans who enjoyed seeing Zoe Saldana kick ass in space, her being cast as Gamora is cause for rejoicing.
  • Karen Gillan has joined the cast as Nebula, exciting the many Whovians in the fanbase.
  • The announcement of Vin Diesel bringing his badass Guttural Growl to Groot was also well-received, especially by those who remembered how much pathos he brought to the title character of The Iron Giant—another extraterrestrial with a limited vocabulary.
  • While the first trailer and the second trailer have had fans split down the middle (some saying the film looks too weird), those speaking in the movie's favour have stated that finally, we're getting a space opera which actually looks and feels like a space opera.
  • The first and second Special Extended Looks helped appease people who found previous trailers too goofy, by showing off some of the more dramatic elements. They also gave promising demonstrations of the chemistry between the lead actors.
  • Nathan Fillion of Firefly fame is getting a cameo! James Gunn evidently feels obligated to put him in all the movies he directs.
  • The fact that Howard the Duck appears in The Stinger has convinced people that there may be hope for a cinematic future for him yet. James Gunn claims that he only meant Howard's appearance as a joke, but Marvel still greenlit another comic series for the duck.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
  • Mere days before the first movie's premiere, Marvel confirmed at Comic-Con that they greenlit a sequel for a July 2017 release, and that they still had James Gunn signed on to direct.
  • Another one of Marvel's presentations about Phase 3 of the MCU revealed that the Guardians sequel would come out in May 2017, two months earlier than originally planned.
  • Wonder what Stan Lee's standard cameo is going to be this ti... wait is that him talking with THE WATCHERS!

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3
  • Weeks prior to the second film's release, James Gunn confirmed on Facebook that he would return to write and direct Vol. 3. The post in question highlights his interest in the project is motivated by his love for the characters and world and his passion for the first two films would carry over to the third.

  • A movie about Ant-Man was officially announced at San Diego ComicCon 2012.
  • The hiring of Edgar Wright as director generated interest, until he left due to Creative Differences.
  • Fans of The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes! felt pretty giddy to see Wright post a scene from an episode of that show on Twitter, with the caption, "Homework". The picture in question comes from "To Steal an Ant-Man", the episode which details how the original Ant-Man, Hank Pym, found a successor, Scott Lang. This provoked speculation on the movie possibly showing more than one Ant-Man.
  • Two Ant-Men in the film seems even more likely now that Hank Pym has been confirmed to appear. And who's playing him? 80s superstar Michael Douglas.
  • During the end credits of "Marvel Studios: Assembling a Universe", we see what appears to be footage of Ant-Man.
  • Ant-Man, after much hustle and Broken Base reaction will be moved to Phase 2, that means phase 2 also has 6 movies (like Phase 1) in addition to 4 TV seasons! Growing strong Marvel! Growing strong!
  • Evangeline Lilly let slip in an interview that her mother was once The Wasp, suggesting that she was an active superhero in the past. Looks like Janet isn't as forgotten after all!
  • The Falcon is going to appear as well!? Guess this is Marvel's way of making up for his lack of screentime in Age of Ultron.
  • The Spider-Man reference towards the end of the film.
  • The Wasp reveal. As stated by Hope van Dyne, "It's about damn time."

Ant-Man & The Wasp
  • Those concerned over how long they'd have to wait for Hope to become The Wasp received their answer in October 2015, when Marvel announced another Ant-Man movie for July 2018. The fact that the Wasp's name appears in the title also looks cool, even if she has to share it with Ant-Man.
  • Peyton Reed stated two years in advance of the film that Hope would not be Scott's sidekick, and they would truly be equal partners.
  • For fans disappointed with MCU movies' shortage of Asian crimefighters, news of Fresh Off the Boat's Randall Park portraying Agent Jimmy Woo, one of Marvel's longest-running Asian protagonists, sounds exciting.
  • The role of Janet Van Dyne will be played by Michelle Pfeiffer, another 80s superstar who made a name among comic geeks as Cat-Woman. The casting also heads off fears that Marvel would cast someone Playing Gertrude.
  • Another nerd-beloved actor, Laurence Fishburne, is playing fellow size-changing superhero Bill Foster.

    Doctor Strange 
Doctor Strange
  • At first fans thought the reference in The Winter Soldier was just a cute reference and wishful thinking. Turns out Doctor Strange has finally been confirmed as a proper movie in Phase 3, with a release in 2016!
  • Hot on the heels of his award-nominated performance in 12 Years a Slave, Chiwetel Ejiofor is Baron Mordo!
  • Many fans were worried about how the film would adapt Strange's costume, which is a bit silly even by comic book standards. The first pictures of Cumberbatch in costume revealed that they managed to be faithful to the comics look while still not being too goofy about it.
  • The release of the teaser trailer confirmed that the film would be going all-in with adapting the trippy Steve Ditko imagery which is the comic's biggest calling card.
  • The news that Academy Award winner Michael Giacchino will be in charge of the film's music certainly got everyone excited.
  • Scott Derrickson has said that the magic in the movie will remain magic; no Doing In the Wizard or Clarke's Third Law in effect, meaning the MCU finally has a proper introduction to the supernatural realm.

Spider-Man: Homecoming
  • Sony turned down the deal with Marvel, what a shame... Wait, there are the discussion is still occurring? Hang on, the deal worked out and Spidey's going to show up in Captain America: Civil War? And Spider-Man will be getting an MCU movie in 2017, which will be supervised by Kevin Feige?! Our Spider-Senses are tingling!
  • Donald Glover was cast as Aaron Davis, taking away some of the stain Spider-Man suffered when Glover was bandied about as a possibility for the role in The Amazing Spider-Man, causing a ton of thinly-veiled racist backlash. Some of Aaron's dialogue also implies that his nephew, Miles Morales, will eventually join the MCU.

Future Movies
  • Before Spider-Man: Homecoming was even released, it was confirmed that Marvel Studios were planning to make three Spider-Man solo films.

    Black Panther 
Black Panther
  • The first two phases drew a lot of criticism for featuring nothing but White Male Leads. Who better to break that streak than the prince of Wakanda, coming February 2018!
  • The first concept art for Panther's costume has been released, and it looks absolutely spot-on!
  • Marvel made it a priority to find a black director, meeting with Ava DuVernay and F. Gary Grey, before finally going with fan-favorite Ryan Coogler, director of Fruitvale Station and Creed. As a director with a talent for shooting amazing action and a deep understanding of racial politics and ideas, the announcement that he would be directing was met with damn near universal acclaim.
  • BP's cast has received such praise it spawned a Twitter hashtag.
    • Coogler managed to bring over Michael B. Jordan, the lead star of both his previous films, to play Killmonger. At the same time news of Jordan's addition to the movie broke, word came that Lupita Nyong'o might also be getting a part (later revealed as Nakia), making the film quite a showcase for rising black talent.
    • SDCC revealed that Okoye of the Dora Milaje would be in the film and played by none other than Danai Gurira, known to most people as The Walking Dead's premier badass and Breakout Character Michonne.
    • Fans rejoiced when it was announced that the Ensemble Darkhorse Dora Milaje from Civil War would be coming back for the solo film and with a name this time (Ayo).

    Captain Marvel 
Captain Marvel
  • If only Marvel Studios released a movie about a female superhero...Carol Danvers will get one in March 2019? Sounds like a long way away, but still great!
  • To paraphrase Feige again, "Carol's origin is earthbound, but her power comes from space." This kind of character is perfect to act as a bridge between the Earth part of MCU and the cosmic fantastic part.
  • The announcement that Carol will also be the MCU's most powerful superhero. Basically, she'll be Marvel's answer to Superman!
  • A lot of people are pretty pleased that the writers have been announced as Nicole Perlman and Meg LeFauve, both because of positive reception for their previous bodies of work and having female screenwriters for Captain Marvel lending a degree of authenticity.
  • Brie Larson, the 2015 Best Actress Oscar winner, has landed the titular role. And the reason this announcement came three years in advance of the film is that like Black Panther and Spider-Man, she's going to play a supporting role in a film prior to her own.
  • Nick Fury will be in the film, which will mark his first appearance outside the Avengers films in five years. Now that's a real sign of what a big deal this one is.
  • The Skrulls are appearing! Granted, this was never impossible, since Marvel does have film rights to the Skrulls, just not the Super-Skrull, since he has the Fantastic Four's powers, but it's still awesome that they're finally showing up.
    • With Disney now having bought Fox, there is a possibility that they actually CAN use Super-Skrull!

ABC Shows

    Agents of SHIELD 
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season One
  • Clark Gregg is reprising his role as Agent Coulson. It's been confirmed that it's not a prequel, so Coulson lives.
  • The trailer. ...Is that Luke Cage at 0:19?
    • Jossed unfortunately. However, Whedonites can rejoice as the guy playing whoever that may be is none less than Charles Gunn.
    • Since then, that character has been revealed to be Deathlok and Luke Cage has been introduced to the MCU!
  • Shepherd Book is wearing a S.H.I.E.L.D. lab coat!
  • Yes! S.H.I.E.L.D. has flying cars!
  • HOLY SHIT! NICK FURY appears in the second episode!
  • One episode will be a sequel to Thor: The Dark World? *runs to theater* TAKE MY MONEY!
  • Freakin' Sif will appear??? AND STAN LEE? SHARED UNIVERSE WINS!
  • It's been confirmed that Mike Peterson is Deathlok.
  • The fact that they tied the show directly into the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier caused the entire fanbase to rejoice!
  • PATTON OSWALT IS GOING TO GUEST STAR??!! Marvel, you Magnificent Bastard!
  • Maria Hill will return near the end of the season and Nick Fury will be in the season finale. REJOICE!!
  • Courtesy of Hill: "Who or what is a Man-Thing?"

Agents of SHIELD Season Two
  • Mockingbird not only exists in the MCU, but called up Coulson to join up with the team! And as of the Winter mid season break, she's now been Promoted To Opening Credits!
  • Peggy Carter appears in a flashback, along with some of the Howling Commandos!
  • As of "Afterlife", Deathlok is back, and he looks awesome!

Agents of SHIELD Season Three
  • Third season has been confirmed!
  • Lincoln will be joining the cast as a series regular! And evidently, so will Mack!
  • Fans of the comics will be happy to know that, as well as the Secret Warriors being introduced, Daisy will now be changing her hair to look more like her comic self (as well as going by the name Daisy Johnson properly), while Bobbi's biochemist skills will be made use of, after a season focused solely on her ass-kicking prowess.
  • The Secret Warriors of the show so far were largely In-Name-Only, being only Daisy was retained...until they revealed Yo-Yo Rodriguez, AKA Slingshot, was joining the cast. Then, Absorbing Man was revealed as returning, implying that his son Stonewall will be featured too.

Agents of SHIELD Season Four
  • The show being renewed for a fourth season before it came back from hiatus definitely counts as a moment to rejoice.
  • Ghost Rider confirmed!
  • It bites that the Netflix series have no impact in the wider universe.... HOLY SPIT! Did the exploding Judas Bullets from Luke Cage just make an appearance?!
  • #TripLives!

    Agent Carter 
Agent Carter Season One
  • Fans were worried Edwin Jarvis (a major supporting character in the Avengers comics) was doomed to be a Posthumous Character by Tony Stark's AI buddy, but it was confirmed he would appear in this series, leading to a lot of rejoicing.
  • The Black Widow Program makes an appearance, marking the first step towards confirming Widow's origin from the comics is kept, and tying the series deeper into the greater MCU, for those worried the show was too stand-alone.

Agent Carter Season Two
  • And second season has been confirmed!
  • Perennial Iron Man villain Madame Masque will be re-imagined as an enemy of Agent Carter in season 2, giving the MCU its first female Big Bad!
  • After the first season took some hits for only featuring two black characters (one being killed in the first episode), it's confirmed that Season 2 will be a lot more diverse.

Inhumans Season One
  • Introducing the Inhumans amidst the various hints of Inhumans existing in the series? Well played, Marvel! Well played!
  • The seeds of the Inhumans was planted in 2014 in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. 5 years before the film. Someone at Marvel must be really Crazy-Prepared.
  • News of the first two episodes getting an IMAX run seem to throw a bone to anyone who'd feel distraught by the cancellation of the Inhumans movie.

Netflix series

Daredevil Season One
  • Daredevil's cinematic rights returning to Marvel made people breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Daredevil Season Two
  • The confirmation that the series is being renewed for a second season in 2016 made fans very happy, especially for fans who wanted to see more of Daredevil "officially" as Daredevil in the red costume and were worried they'd have to wait until The Defenders.
  • After fans were wondering when she would finally show up, Elektra has finally been confirmed.
  • Sure, Season 2 great, but is Matt really gonna use that ugly-ass costume the entire season... oh, they ditched the weird pseudo-mask thing? Well... awesome!

    Jessica Jones 
Jessica Jones Season One
  • And the eminently talented Krysten Ritter has been cast as the lead.
  • Luke Cage has been confirmed to make his debut in the Jessica Jones series, which will then lead into his own!
  • David Tennant is known for his talent at portraying eccentrics. His casting as the creepy Purple Man has excited fans as yet another spot-on choice for the MCU, especially given it suggests the Netflix series having Vincent D'Onofrio as Kingpin (whose performance was highly praised) is not an aberration but a standard.

Jessica Jones Season Two
  • On January 17th, 2016, Jessica Jones was officially renewed for a second season!
  • In the same vein as Black Panther and Captain Marvel, Season 2 will be directed solely by women, after they helmed just four episodes of the first.
  • Many fans were happy when this season was announced as the next MCU Netflix entry after The Punisher, having been worried that Daredevil would become just as much a Spotlight-Stealing Squad as Iron Man by getting a third season before any of the other Defenders even had a second.

    Luke Cage 
Luke Cage Season One
  • Emmy Award winner Alfre Woodard has been confirmed for the role of Mariah Dillard, adding formidable acting credentials to the show's roster and exciting proponents for more diversity in the MCU.
  • The studio's promise to largely do away with the problematic elements that come with a character who was first created to piggyback on the '70s Blaxploitation craze. In fact, this got Mike Colter to take the role before he'd read a single script.

Luke Cage Season Two

    Iron Fist 
Iron Fist Season One
  • The show outdoes the use of Wu-Tang Clan in Luke Cage by actually having RZA direct an episode. This is a guy who knows his Asian influences.

Iron Fist Season Two
  • After the lackluster response to the first season helmed by Scott Buck, the announcement of Raven Metzner as the second season's showrunner, whom Jeph Loeb has described as an Iron Fist fan with an understanding of martial arts films, has been welcomed by fans.

    The Defenders 
The Defenders Season One
  • The four Netflix shows mentioned above will cross-over into a miniseries about The Defenders!
  • It's been hinted that Doctor Strange will make an appearance on the show, marking the Netflix series' first direct connection to the wider MCU, and perhaps even indicating its events will have an impact on other parts of the franchise.
  • The Big Bad of the series? Sigourney Weaver. Who was introduced with an excellent buildup at Comic Con, with Jeph Loeb discussing how they searched long and hard for an actor worthy of going up against all four Defenders, and then got the crowd going simply by revealing it would be a woman, before Weaver walked out.
  • Alongside the expected announcement that Rosario Dawson's Claire Temple would appear on the show after showing up in all of the team's individual ones, Marvel also dropped the bombshell that other supporting players from all four of them would appear, making the show possibly even more of a geek-packed affair than the Avengers films.
  • Marvel Studios again shows just how in tune they are with what the fans want to see, as crew members stated in an interview that one of their biggest goals is the various character interactions made possible by the setup, to the point that every script meeting is started by asking "Who hasn't talked to each other yet?"

    The Punisher 
The Punisher Season One
  • The introduction of The Punisher in Daredevil Season 2 was such a big hit that he was given his own Netflix series, with show runner Steve Lightfoot, best known for his work on Hannibal. That is, this is a guy who's not afraid to take a story's protagonist to some very dark places.

Other Series

    Cloak and Dagger 
  • The series has been announced for a 2018 release on Freeform.
  • Gina Prince-Bythewood, the director of romantic drama films Love & Basketball and Beyond The Lights has been announced as the director of the pilot. Not only is it surprising for a movie director to be attached to a show, but this also shows that the romance of the show is being approached seriously.

  • The main cast members have all been announced, along with descriptions that sound accurate to the original characters.
  • Nico's actress, Lyrica Okano, is of Japanese descent, which shoots down the fears some fans had of her being turned white due to a casting call.

    New Warriors 
  • Two words: Squirrel Girl. The highly popular one-time joke character who had long been considered too bizarre and silly to ever appear outside the comics is making an appearance in the MCU at last.


    Multiple Series 
  • The casting of Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury. Marvel fans will know that the Nick Fury of the Ultimate Marvel universe was specifically designed based on his mannerisms, years before the Iron Man movies. Of course, it makes sense. He allowed them to use his image on the condition that he got to play Nick Fury when they started making Marvel movies that needed the character.
  • This article screams it. Look at the movies this article says are in the making (Some of which have since earned their own sections above). Doctor Strange, Blade, Captain Marvel, Iron Fist, Black Panther, and the Runaways.
  • For the people who were outraged by the Mandarin twist, Ben Kingsley's Marvel One-Shot All Hail the King reveals at the end that that there's a real Mandarin, who's possibly gonna execute Trevor Slattery for impersonating him. Bonus points for the Justin Hammer cameo.
  • 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 will all have three movies instead of two! And depending on how Sony works the Spider-Man movies into the equation, as many as four movies could be released in a single year!
    • And 2017 will also have three Netflix series, up from the two a year model they started with.

    Potential Future Series 
  • The rights to Ghost Rider, Blade and Man-Thing are now under Marvel's control!
  • The rights to Sub-Mariner are at Marvel again... Sort of. They're still working out a few kinks with Universal, but it looks as though Atlantis could open up for the MCU in the future...and maybe, just maybe, we'll finally get to see The Invaders in action.
  • Runaways and New Warriors, featuring Squirrel Girl!, are in development which means that Marvel is bringing two fan-favorite properties into the MCU proper.
  • After ten years, the word finally came that a major shakeup at Fox would cause the X-Men and Fantastic Four to revert back to Marvel no matter who the rest of their assets are sold to, thanks to the wording of the original agreement.
    • And the major shakeup ended up being... Disney buying Fox outright! Which means that Disney and Marvel Studios now have the film rights to every one of their major properties (except right to use the Hulk in a solo film).
    • They also made sure to assuage many people's biggest worry about the X-Men joining the franchise: Deadpool will retain his own series, and it's still going to be just as hard R.
  • After years of fans asking why the hell Marvel wouldn't just make a Black Widow movie already, word finally came in January 2018 that work had begun on it.