And The Fandom Rejoiced: Marvel Cinematic Universe

This is basically the entire planet's response to the notion of the Marvel Universe put on film. For the most part so far, the films haven't disappointed.

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    Iron Man 

Iron Man

Iron Man 2
  • Genndy Tartakovsky storyboarding the action scenes for the sequel!
  • The briefcase suit. Seriously, the briefcase-Transformation Sequence has got to be one of the most salivating Technology Porn moments in the history of film. It was so awesome that when it was revealed in one of the trailers, bloggers the world over had a nerdgasm and used that screenshot for their posts. Let's give a hand to the SFX people for pulling off something that's been done for forty years in the comics but seemed impossible to do on film: actually make a suitcase armor realistic.
  • Gee, I wonder what the stinger will be for this one and if it can match Nick Fury.....wait, THE HAMMER!

Iron Man 3

    The Incredible Hulk 
The Incredible Hulk


Thor: The Dark World

Thor Ragnarok
  • To paraphrase Kevin Feige :"Ragnarok means the end. Thor: Ragnarok will change Thor's universe in a way The Winter Soldier changed Captain America's!" Nerdgasm ensued!

    Captain America 
Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  • The title alone made fans excited.
  • And other characters joining in on the fun in April 2014? Black Widow, Maria Hill, Crossbones, Sharon Carter, and The Falcon. Hell yes.
  • Robert Redford joining the cast!
  • Does the term, First Trailer bring forth amazement? Well, just ask yourself that after this clip.
  • The casting of Anthony Mackie as Falcon excited a lot of people.
  • The mention of Stephen Strange actually caused cheers during early screenings.
  • Mid-credits scene features first looks at Baron von Strucker, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch!

Captain America: Civil War
  • First of all, it won the game of chicken with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice for the May 6, 2016 release date.
  • People were initially worried when it was announced they were adapting Civil War because of the original's polarizing reputation. However it's been confirmed that the central conflict of the film will NOT be about superhero secret identities, a huge relief that gives people a lot of hope for a Pragmatic Adaptation. And people who were already fans of that storyline are happy to begin with.
  • Black Panther will show up in costume in this movie before he makes his proper MCU debut in his own movie!
  • Baron Zemo confirmed!
  • Henry Jackman will be coming back to score for the film. Considering how the music for The Winter Soldier is seen as some of the best for the entire MCU by many fans, you can bet people are very excited.
  • Hmm, according to the press release about bringing Spider-Man to the MCU, he'll show up in a supporting role in an MCU film before his new movie in 2017. It's too late for him to pop up in either Avengers: Age of Ultron or Ant-Man outside of cameos (which don't count as far as contracts go), and both Doctor Strange and Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 are way out of his field, so that leaves... OH. MY. GOD.
  • Hawkeye's apparently going to be in it (assuming the article claiming such is true and that nothing happens to stop Renner from appearing like the previous film) meaning that he'll be in more MCU stuff after that. *YAY!*
  • Falcon is returning and getting a snazzy new costume. For those not fond of the Movie Superheroes Wear Black thing, this is hopefully indicating a more true-to-the-character costume in the future.
  • Martin Freeman will join the cast!
  • William Hurt being confirmed to return as General "Thunderbolt" Ross after 8 years since The Incredible Hulk, something that's especially excited fans who were starting to fear that everyone else from the film aside from Banner himself had been Exiled from Continuity.
  • Not only that, but Agent 13, the Vision, Scarlet Witch, Ant-Man, and War Machine are going to appear in the movie.
  • Cap's new uniform for Civil War is possible the most well-received one since his original WWII uniform. It's based on the largely well-received Age of Ultron uniform but dumps the red trim lines which were the most complained about element, and incorporates a lot more blue, which pleases the many fans of his stealth suit from The Winter Soldier.

    The Avengers 
The Avengers
  • The smartest thing the producers have done, and probably ever will do, for the movie was to hire Joss Whedon as co-writer and director.
  • Like with the Heimdall example above, many people went WTH, Casting Agency? when it was announced that Mark Ruffalo would be replacing Edward Norton as Bruce Banner. After the film was released? No regrets.
  • ...Was that a Skrull in one of the trailers?
    • They turned out to be Chitauri instead, but it was still pretty damn awesome, so nobody's complaining.
  • Speaking of trailers...this. Particularly the moment at 1:53 when the camera circles the Avengers standing together, ready for battle. Every Marvel fan can probably remember sitting there, seeing this trailer for the first time, staring unblinking for two whole minutes as the words "this is going to be the greatest thing ever" repeat themselves over and over in blogs across the globe.
  • This extended to the score, with Alan Silvestri returning from Captain America: The First Avenger (whose music was a hit with many) and thus becoming the first composer since Marvel began backing their own films to score two movies.
  • So The Avengers was pretty great, huh? It's a shame we never found out who the master of that creepy guy who gave Loki his army was, but oh we-...oh, here he is! Wait, did he just mention "courting death"?! Oh my God, is that Thanos?! HELL YES!

Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • A certain "brother/sister act" has a role in the second movie... Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch! Woo-hoo!
  • Iron Man 3 made fans fear that Robert Downey, Jr. wouldn't appear in the Avengers sequel, but he signed another deal with Marvel Studios. That same article assures fans that they can also expect to see him in The Avengers 3!
  • The full title of The Avengers 2 excited fans by revealing a new villain: Ultron.
    • The trailer that revealed him is just epic. First there were the voice-overs while a helmet was being made, and at first it looks like Iron Man's helmet. But then's being dented and melded into something. Camera pulls back to reveal Ultron's head, and well...just listen to the screaming fans.
  • James Spader will be voicing Ultron. No rumors. It's confirmed by the official website itself.
  • Now Paul Bettany is the Vision! J.A.R.V.I.S seems to be getting an upgrade.
  • Baron Strucker is appearing, and he looks downright identical to his comic book counterpart.
  • After the disappointment that was a Suspiciously Similar Substitute that only appeared for a couple of seconds in Iron Man 3, screenshots feature an actual Hulkbuster armor, and the Hulk is fighting it!
  • Rhodey's back!
  • A couple of hours after the leaked version of the official teaser trailer got taken down, Marvel caved in and released the trailer in glorious HD. Cue the overjoyed fanbase.
  • Third trailer up. The team shot at 1:03 is just epic. Additionally, the appearance of Vision at the end should help get his fans pumped up.
  • Captain America is shown doing some pretty impressive stuff such as throwing a motorcycle at a truck with his bare hands. Fans looking forward to Captain America impressively kicking ass rejoiced, especially those not happy with his treatment in the first Avengers movie.

Avengers: Infinity War
  • The acclaim that Guardians of the Galaxy cast member Batista received for his performance as Drax the Destroyer gave rise to a rumor that Marvel had started restructuring his contract, so that he would play "a significant role" in the third Avengers movie. If this rumor proves true, it would all but confirm a crossover between The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • In the media event, the teaser shows various shots of all the revealed Infinity Gems so far with voice overs, ending with Thanos wearing the Infinity Gauntlet with all stones.
  • It'll be a two-parter, meaning double the awesomeness.
  • Tom Hiddleston will be returning as Loki, for those worried that Ragnarok may be his swan song.
  • It's been revealed that the Russo brothers will be directing instead of Joss Whedon. While this initially came as a blow to Whedon fans, the huge success of Captain America: The Winter Soldier means the franchise is in more than capable hands.
  • It's going to be filmed completely in IMAX!c

    Guardians of the Galaxy 
Guardians of the Galaxy
  • San Diego ComicCon 2012 revealed a release date and a promotional image. There was MUCH rejoicing.
  • For any wrestling fans who like Marvel, Batista is Drax. Cross-promotional fandom rejoicing.
  • For fans of Zoe Saldana kicking ass in space, her being cast as Gamora is cause for rejoicing.
  • Karen Gillan has joined the cast as Nebula.
  • Nova Corps Confirmed, YESSSSSS!!!!
  • The announcement of Vin Diesel as Groot was also well-received, especially by fans of Vin himself.
  • While the first trailer and the second trailer have had fans split down the middle (some saying the film looks too weird), those speaking in the movie's favour have stated that finally, we're getting a space opera which actually looks and feels like a space opera.
  • The first and second Special Extended Looks helped appease people who found previous trailers too goofy, by showing off some of the more dramatic elements. They also gave promising demonstrations of the chemistry between the lead actors.
  • Nathan Fillion is getting a cameo!
  • Josh Brolin is Thanos!
  • The fact that the character Howard the Duck appears in The Stinger has convinced people that there may be hope for a cinematic future for the character yet. However, James Gunn claims that he only meant it as a joke. This didn't stop Marvel from greenlighting another comic series for the character.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 2
  • Mere days before the first movie's premiere, Marvel confirmed at Comic-Con that they greenlit a sequel for a July 2017 release, and that they still had James Gunn signed on to direct.
  • Another one of Marvel's presentations about Phase 3 of the MCU revealed that the Guardians sequel would come out in May 2017, two months earlier than originally planned.

  • A movie about Ant-Man was officially announced at San Diego ComicCon 2012.
  • The hiring of Edgar Wright as director generated interest, until he left due to Creative Differences.
  • Fans of The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes felt pretty giddy to see Wright post a scene from an episode of that show on Twitter, with the caption, "Homework". The picture in question comes from "To Steal an Ant-Man", the episode which details how the original Ant-Man, Hank Pym, found a successor, Scott Lang. This provoked speculation on the movie possibly showing more than one Ant-Man.
  • Paul Rudd is Ant-Man!
  • Two Ant-Men in the film seems even more likely now that Hank Pym has been confirmed to appear. And who's playing him? Michael Douglas.
  • During the end credits of "Marvel Studios: Assembling a Universe", we see what appears to be footage of Ant-Man.
  • Ant-Man, after much hustle and Broken Base reaction will be moved to Phase 2, that means phase 2 also has 6 movies like Phase 1, in addition to a TV series! Growing strong Marvel! Growing strong!
  • Evangeline Lilly let slip in an interview that her mother was once The Wasp, suggesting that she was an active superhero in the past. Looks like Janet isn't as forgotten after all!

    Doctor Strange 
Doctor Strange


    Black Panther 
Black Panther

    Captain Marvel 
Captain Marvel
  • If only Marvel Studios released a movie about a female superhero...Carol Danvers will get one in November 2018? Yes!
  • To paraphrase Feige again, "Carol's origin is earthbound, but her power comes from space." This kind of character is perfect to act as a bridge between the Earth part of MCU and the cosmic fantastic part.
  • The announcement that Carol will also be the MCU's most powerful superhero. Basically, she'll be Marvel's answer to Superman!
  • A lot of people are pretty pleased that the writers have been announced as Nicole Perlman and Meg LeFauve.

  • Introducing the Inhumans amidst the various hints of Inhumans existing in the series? Well played, Marvel! Well played!

TV/Netflix Series

    TV Shows 
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Agent Carter
  • The series has been confirmed for Fall 2014! And Hayley Atwell will be reprising her role!
    • Well, it's January 2015 now, but still!
  • Howard Stark is confirmed to appear!
  • The directors of both of Captain America's first two solo movies (Joe Johnston for The First Avenger and The Russo Brothers for The Winter Soldier) will direct episodes!
  • Edwin Jarvis will appear.
  • The Black Widow Program makes an appearance, marking the first step towards confirming Widow's origin from the comics is kept.
  • And second season has been confirmed!

    Netflix series 
  • Daredevil's cinematic rights returning to Marvel made people breathe a collective sigh of relief.
  • He'll get his own show on Netflix in 2015.
  • Charlie Cox has been cast as Matt Murdock.
  • And Vincent D'Onofrio as Kingpin!
  • Rosario Dawson joining also got people excited.
  • A ninja from the Hand can be seen in the second trailer!
  • The black suit.....sure it is practical, but it is just not Dare....wait, did that trailer just show off the actual costume!? It actually looks awesome!
  • The confirmation that the series is being renewed for a second season in 2016 made fans very happy, especially for fans who wanted to see more of Daredevil "officially" as Daredevil in the red costume and were worried they'd have to wait until The Defenders.

Jessica Jones
  • She'll get her own show on Netflix in either 2015, or after the end of Daredevil's.
  • And the eminently talented Krysten Ritter has been cast as the lead.
  • Luke Cage has been confirmed to make his debut in the Jessica Jones series, which will then lead into his own!
  • David Tennant is Purple Man!

Iron Fist
  • He'll get his own show on Netflix in 2016.

Luke Cage
  • He'll get his own show on Netflix in 2016.
  • Mike Colter has been cast as Luke Cage.

The Defenders
  • The four Netflix shows mentioned above will cross-over into a miniseries about The Defenders!


    Multiple Series 
  • The casting of Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury. Marvel fans will know that the Nick Fury of the Ultimate Marvel universe was specifically designed based on his mannerisms, years before the Iron Man movies. Of course, it makes sense. He allowed them to use his image on the condition that he got to play Nick Fury when they started making Marvel movies that needed the character.
  • This article screams it. Look at the movies this article says are in the making (Some of which have since earned their own sections above). Doctor Strange, Blade, Captain Marvel, Iron Fist, Black Panther, and the Runaways.
  • For the people who were outraged by the Mandarin twist, Ben Kingsley's Marvel One-Shot All Hail the King reveals at the end that that there's a real Mandarin, who's possibly gonna execute Trevor Slattery for impersonating him. Bonus points for the Justin Hammer cameo.
  • 2017 and 2018 will have three movies! And if the rumors about Sony starting up a two other movies in the following Summers of the Spider-Man reboot are true, then 2018 and 2019 will have four!

    Potential Future Series