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  • Awesome Art: In late 2017, several of Max's artistically talented regulars collaborated to produce a new all-animated intro sequence packed full of Call Backs to humorous moments from the stream (like Kenny's "Twenty-One!" moment and Steve's glow-in-the-dark T-shirt).
    • In 2018 he added to it by commissioning a new animated intro for the Youtube channel from Volta Bass (who's done work for Matt McMuscles before) with an original theme song composed by Little V Mills.
  • Base-Breaking Character: Simmons can come off as this on the stream. Having some of the most vocal opinions of the group, chatters often get divided on what he says.
    • In late 2018, Max announced that he would be doing sponsored streams; while he explained that extremely little would changenote , he still got complaints from a few viewers who considered this selling out. However, the vast majority of the fanbase was alright with this, especially when Max said he would find a way to make the sponsorships more lucrative for the viewers (such as his unspoken promise of using the gaming laptop he purchased for his first sponsored stream as the prize in a giveaway contest).
  • Heartwarming Moments: At EVO 2018, Max revealed that he'd been contacted by Guinness World Records because he'd won the record for largest online fighting game community, and would be featured in the 2019 Gamer's Edition of their book. They asked Max to come in for a commemorative photo shoot...and he told them that the rest of the team had to be in the photo too or else he wouldn't do it, because they're just as important to the channel as he is. How's that for True Companions?
    • This tweet from Kenny makes it even sweeter, since Max insisting on including the whole crew allowed him to fulfill his childhood dream of getting into the Guinness Book.
    • A few of the stories Max brings back from big conventions like E3 and EVO can become this. One big example: Devil May Cry head honcho Hideaki Itsuno cried Tears of Joy when Reuben Langdon showed him Max's reaction to the DMC5 reveal trailer, since it demonstrated how much people appreciate his work and how excited they are about the game.
    • At EVO 2017, Max got approached not only by industry greats like Akira Nishitani (the designer behind Street Fighter II and Final Fight), but none other than Daigo Umehara asked for a picture and later posted it to Twitter, referring to him as "Max-sempai". Let that sink in for a moment: an undisputed legend of the fighting game community considers Max his sempai.
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    • In December 2018, Max revealed that at one event he was approached by a Japanese man who, in broken English, said that he appreciated the Rock Howard Legacy videos he'd done. When Max asked who he was, he introduced himself as Nobuyuki Kuroki, an art director for SNK and Rock's creator.
    • After E3 2019, Max revealed that during the Final Fantasy VII Remake press event, he noticed some of the Square-Enix people paying extra attention to him. After the event was over, he asked for a picture with Yoshinori Kitase, the game's director, who agreed. And then Kitase asked for a picture with him, explaining that when the game's dev team was feeling down or directionless, they would watch Max's reaction video to the original reveal trailer because seeing his sheer, unbridled joy at their work gave them the energy to keep going.
  • He Panned It, Now He Sucks!: Max is a Compassionate Critic through and through, but he still gets hate from people who are upset that he doesn't play or talk about "their" games as much as they'd like; of course, he also gets the inverse of this ("He Praised It, Now He Sucks"?) if he likes a game that others don't.
    • Max actually addresses both these occurrences in a 2018 video where he analyzes what went wrong with Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, noting that if you ever said anything bad about the game the hardcore fans would call you a hater, but if you said anything good about it the game's haters would call you a sellout. Max himself had to deal with both sides, since he enjoyed the gamenote  but still acknowledged its glaring flaws and tried (unsuccessfully) to convince Capcom to fix them before the final release. As if to prove his point, shortly after that video was posted, Max actually got death threats from people who didn't like what he said.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: In Max's 2015 playthrough of Final Fantasy VII, he admitted that when he played the game in the past, he somehow missed The Reveal that Cait Sith was Shinra executive Reeve the whole time, and knowing that fact improved his opinion of the character a lot.
    • Likewise, Spider-Man (PS4) completely changed his opinion of the character. While he never liked Spider-Man while growing upnote  (though he understood why others did), the game's well-written, meaningful portrayal coupled with fun, dynamic gameplay made him appreciate both the heroic and human sides of Spidey, with him going so far as to say that the game was probably the best representation of Spider-Man ever made.
    • In the past Max teasingly made fun of "Battle Royale"-style games like Fortnite, but Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 actually managed to win him over, in large part because it paired the tried-and-true COD gameplay he'd loved for years with the Battle Royale concept. Simply put, he had so much fun with the game that he streamed it for over thirty hours over the course of four days, including playing with the whole Yo!VG crew at his house on the weekend and streaming for over ten hours by himself the following Monday and Tuesday. When Apex Legends dropped, he - a noted fan of Titanfall - similarly spent a decent amount of time binge-playing it, but ended up dropping it because the three-person team format meant that the whole group couldn't play it togethernote .
  • Special Effects Failure: One of the unfortunate side-effects of the switch to stream archiving is that Max's recording method creates a ton of visual artifacts in the footage.
  • "Stop Having Fun" Guys: Absolutely averted; while of course Max plays to win, he values having a good time and using the characters he likes over things like Character Tiers. A prime example is the fact that he plays Q in Street Fighter III, despite his being considered the third worst character in the game, simply for cool factor and the fact that a well-played Q is really fun to watch. If anything, these kinds of people despise Max; go onto any "hardcore" fighting game forum and you'll be guaranteed to find at least one person sneering about how they hate him because he has the audacity to be nice to casuals and new players.
    • The channel is also home to one of the few places where you can find Super Smash Bros gameplay that features everything the game has to offer in multiplayer as opposed to the much more common practice of locking off items and specific stages. Quite refreshing considering the crew playing.

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