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YMMV / Yesterday (2019)

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  • Genius Bonus: Jack is outraged when it’s suggested "Hey Jude" be renamed to "Hey Dude." The Jude in the song was John Lennon’s son, and it’s about the other Beatles assuring him they’re all still his family after John had been neglecting him. (Not to mention that “Hey Jude” wasn’t even the original title... it was “Hey Jules” at first.) So of course no one understands the title without that context.
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  • Older Than They Think: In addition to the examples mentioned below, Entertainment Weekly ran an article in 2004 called "Do the Beatles Still Matter?" that speculated what the world would be like if they never existed. Also, in the Doctor Who audio drama "1963: Fanfare for the Common Men", the Beatles' place in history is taken by the fictional band the Common Men.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Robert Carlyle plays John Lennon who, having never become a superstar, survived to old age and now lives deep in the country. Jack locates him and visits him, giving Jack the advice he needs to quit his career for the woman he loves.
  • They Copied It, So It Sucks!: It has been criticized for copying David Blot and Jamie Royer's graphic novel of the same name which was about a man going back in time and releasing Beatles songs before the band formed.
    • There's also Greg Taylor's 2010 young adult novel "The Girl Who Became a Beatle" which follows a very similar premise; a young struggling musician wakes up in a world where her band has replaced The Beatles in rock history, with her now being responsible for having written all the songs originally by The Beatles.
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    • Not to mention this was released the same year as Blinded By The Light, which also features an Indian protagonist inspired by a major musician, in this case, Bruce Springsteen instead of the Beatles.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: You would think that a world in which the Beatles never existed would have tons of potential for interesting stories and theories on how the musical landscape would look without them. Not only does the movie not explore any of them, the musical scene is identical to the real world, except the Beatles (and Oasis) never existed. This creates a confusing situation where the Beatles didn't exist but their influence still happened somehow. Eric Clapton's songs about Pattie Boyd presumably don't exist either as if George Harrison had never been famous, Eric would have never met her. Oasis also never formed as a band and it's shown that Jack knows at least one of their songs. There's a lot of songs not directly by the Beatles that have now been erased and he could also now claim as his own but apparently it doesn't occur to him.
    • Also, if cigarettes don't exist, then presumably everybody who died from a smoking related illness (including George Harrison!) in the original time line didn't in this one, but this is never explored either. Cigarettes never existing would actually be a huge Ripple Effect but is treated as a throwaway gag.
    • It's entirely possible that the setting isn't an Alternate History, but rather, the blackout just removed everybody's memories — and the physical evidence of those memories — from the timeline. This would explain why a world without The Beatles, Harry Potter, cigarettes, or Coca-Cola, each of which could function as a massive Point of Divergence all on its own (for example, without Harry Potter, there is no genre of young adult literature as it exists today), looks otherwise almost exactly the same.
      • However, this theory does create some Fridge Horror, as it means the version of John Lennon that Jack meets is just a sort of replicant created by the blackout, with Fake Memories of a happy life in obscurity.


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