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Funny / Yesterday (2019)

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  • Anytime Jack declares a Beatles song to be one of the greatest works of art ever written, the people around him think he's just gotten incredibly cocky.
  • Jack realizing that Oasis are too derivative of The Beatles to exist in a world without them.
    Jack: Figures.
  • Rocky gives a heartfelt speech about how much being able to help Jack has meant to him just before the album release concert. Cue Rocky opening Jack's "door to stardom"...and the two discovering it's actually the fire escape.
    • Rocky is Mood Whiplash incarnate. Witness him stealing Ellie's chips during her heartfelt talk with Jack at the train station.
      Ellie: Not all the chips!
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  • Ed Sheeran's ringtone is his own song "Shape of You."
  • Every time Jack discovers another peripheral change to the timeline it's followed by a google search trying to see if it's really gone, complete with who/what is the actual first result. After getting confused looks asking for a Coke instead of a Pepsi, he types in Coke and gets directed to a page on Pablo Escobar.

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