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  • Crazy Awesome: Jimmy; the man's house is named "Fort Awesome". What more do you want?
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Many fans wish Dave and Lisa had gotten back together in the end.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: Phil Hartman's last scene on the show before he was murdered made light of the apparent death of one of his fellow cast members.
    • The entire series is one long funny aneurysm moment. There are multiple references to violent deaths and crazy girlfriends. Including but not limited to; "You're just like Linda, EXCEPT CRAZY!", "Does it involve a gun with a built-in mouth piece?", "She tried to set fire to my hair while I slept. As if that wasn't bad enough, two weeks later she breaks up with me.", an episode ends with him realizing that a stalker has cut the brake line of his car ("CHECK YOUR BRAKES"), said stalker at one point saying "You're a dead man Bill McNeal", a psychic tells him he WILL live a ridiculously long time. Jokes about the death of other characters are few and far between. [The example mentioned above about Dave, two references to Jimmy jumping out the window, in the dreams episode, and in the episode where he is in a fight with Beth.]
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    • Somewhat subverted in the Bizarro Episodes "Space" and "Sinking Ship" where everyone dies except for Bill and Matthew.
    • Any jokes about crazy girlfriends can also be hard to take when one remembers how badly Dave Foley suffered from his divorce settlements after the series ended.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Matthew defeated Joe in an "Ultimate Fight" contest on the episode "4.20". Joe Rogan would go on to work as a TV announcer for the Ultimate Fighting Championship.
    • In "Houses of the Holy" Joe subs for Catherine when she's out sick and does a phenomenal job on the air. Joe Rogan would go on to host a very popular podcast.
    • "The Real Deal with Bill McNeal" seems almost like a precursor to Real Life crank Bill O'Reilly. Crossed with Tear Jerker since, had Hartman lived to have seen O'Reilly's success, he likely would have done an awesome parody of him somewhere.
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    • In one episode, Bill launches an editorial against rap lyrics (you know, after everybody else stopped). At one point, he mentions with disgust that the rappers refer to themselves with "the n-word". Confused, Matthew replies "Nerd?" A few years later came the rap group N.E.R.D. (And no, the "n" doesn't stand for the "n-word".)
    • In "Chock", Bob Odenkirk's character states that he quit the law firm to get the a capella group back together. Hmm, Bob Odenkirk working at a law firm?
  • Moe: Beth gets upset when Lisa is voted "cutest reporter" in a magazine, because "once they start calling pretty people cute, it devalues the whole word. What's going to happen next? Cute exotic people, cute sexy people? It is very important that the word "cute" remain precise terminology to the people who truly have cuteness, like me!"
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  • Retroactive Recognition: Jon Stewart, Patton Oswalt, Ben Stiller, David Cross and Bob Odenkirk all made guest appearances of varying importance on the show before they were more widely known. For younger viewers, they're likely to see this show and think, "Hey, is that the host of Fear Factor/UFC?"
  • Seasonal Rot: Some say it's because Jon Lovitz was a poor substitute for Phil Hartman. Others say that too many years of being Screwed by the Network had begun to take its toll on the staff's creativity. Whatever the case, it's pretty much agreed that the fifth and final season was inferior to the ones that came before it.
  • Shipping Bed Death: Subverted.
  • Spiritual Predecessor: Can be seen as this to 30 Rock. Dave Nelson is the Only Sane Employee who has to manage a staff of nut jobs, and somehow channel this insanity into something resembling a professional broadcast over the air. Dave's boss and mentor is a somewhat ethically challenged high-powered capitalist businessman who likes to micromanage what should be a tiny part of his empire.


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