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  • Base-Breaking Character: Hayden. Some people hated her for being a completely unsympathetic Jerkass who repeatedly screams, torments, and insults many of the main characters. On the other hand, lots of fans absolutely love her because of this, finding her to be an incredibly entertaining and interesting villain to watch.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: The robbery/shooting at the end of "Piggy, Piggy".
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  • Captain Obvious Reveal: Tate being the Rubber Man. The scene where he takes the mask off in episode 8 feels like it's supposed to be a big revelation, but it was pretty obvious after we saw him wearing the suit on Halloween.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Tate is still immensely popular with fans. See the Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds entry below, and then look up Evan Peters' picture, for reasons why.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Adelaide has a large fanbase.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Tate's makeup job in his shooting rampage is an exact replica of the facial tattoos worn by performance artist Rick "Zombie Boy" Genest, who's best known for his collaborations with Lady Gaga (he notably appeared in her "Born This Way" video). Hey, guess who scored a lead role in American Horror Story: Hotel? Making it even funnier is that Even Peters character is the ex-husband of Gaga's.
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    • Patrick beating up Tate becomes hilarious, as both actors have gone off to play famous super speedsters. Teddy Sears, who plays Patrick, plays Hunter Zoloman / Zoom on the Flash's second season and Zoom was known for killing other metahumans. One can't help but see Zoom nearly killing Quicksilver.
  • Memetic Mutation: "There's not going to be X you stupid slut!"
  • Misaimed Marketing: For whatever reason, F/X decided to promote this show as being from "the creator of Glee". Sure, that's probably Ryan Murphy's most well-known show, but that's not an ideal way to get fans who might be interested in something like American Horror Story hooked.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Constance crossed it by killing Moira for "stealing her husband from her" even though her husband actually tried to rape Moira. If that wasn't bad enough, she continues to verbally bully Moira after her death.
  • Narm:
    • All over the place, but one thing stands out. The line about Ben burying his sorrow "in some twenty one-year-old's pussy" was clearly intended to be dramatic; it is listed on the Funny subpage.
    • The show's attempts at overt sexuality while still not being allowed to show nudity leads to some hilariously awkward scenes.
    • The revelation that Tate, being a ghost, getting Vivian, a human, pregnant leads to the friggen Antichrist caused some groans from a lot of fans, especially with the final episode having Constance casually be okay with Vivian's Satanspawn son murdering her housekeeper.
    • Ben is shot, and decides to not seek medical attention for it because it was just a "through-and-through".
  • Narm Charm: The show seems to intentionally play up its similarities to old horror movies and indulge in some of the soap-opera-esque ridiculousness that was present in Dark Shadows (the series upon which it is presumably based).
  • Portmanteau Couple Name:
    • "Violate" for Violet/Tate.
    • "Hotgomery" for Billie Dean Howard/Nora Montgomery.
  • So Bad, It's Good: Even the shows critics admit that even when it's bad it's still immensely entertaining.
  • The Scrappy: Those horrible twins aren't particularly well liked, as there doesn't seem to be much point for them, other than them showing up and being rude and smashing things.
  • Squick: After explaining that her mother had always recommended it during the first trimester of pregnancy, Constance instructs Moira to feed Vivien pig organs. She later drops off a brain, which looks disturbingly human. Vivien devours it raw. Even Vivien herself seems squicked by how readily she ate it.
  • Stalker with a Crush: To some viewers, Larry's treatment of Ben comes off this way. Ben just finishes masturbating when he notices Larry watching him through the window. Larry then follows him, acts overly friendly and personal towards him, touches him allot, doesn't stop Ben when he gets physical with him, talks about wanting to die so he can haunt him too.
    Larry: (approaching Benn from the shadows) People will say we're in love.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: The theme songs sound very similar to the bass line in the song "Guns of Brixton" by The Clash.
  • The Un-Twist: The origin of the rubber suit. We're told early on that it belonged to Chad and Patrick. Then we get a whole story explaining its backstory. And it turns out that... Chad bought it. And not even in a strange way, he just went to a store.
  • The Woobie:
    • Moira, who was almost raped by Constance's husband, only to be shot when found in that position and is trapped in the house/verbally tortured by Constance, who considers Moira to be a "whore". When her body is found only to be promptly covered with concrete, Constance cruelly taunts Moira by telling her that since her body can never be moved now, that she'll be trapped in the house for all eternity.
    • Poor little Addie, who wanted nothing more than to be a pretty girl for Halloween, and gets run over by a car while trick-or-treating. The person directly responsible for that? Constance, who kept hiding her from the world for her own selfish reasons and didn't watch her that night, even making her wear the mask that made it hard for Addie to see clearly. She'd been hiding her appearance on purpose for years.
    • Nora. Yes, she starts out as a Rich Bitch who belittles her husband and only cares about her status, but having her baby kidnapped, mailed back to her in jars, and having her husband transform their child into some sort of abomination, leading her to kill husband and herself? You can't help but feel a bit sorry for her.
    • Violet. Not only does she feel neglected by her family, she's surrounded by unexplainable craziness and dangerous ghosts, finds out that her boyfriend is the ghost of an unstable mass murderer and a rapist who impregnated her mom, dies young of an overdose and can never again leave the house, struggles to keep her parents from finding out, and is stuck in the same house with aforementioned boyfriend's yandere spirit even though she doesn't love him anymore. Her reaction to finding her own decomposing body hidden in the house — with her sobbing and whimpering, unable to even form words — was truly heart-breaking.
    • And then there's Ben, who had to outlive his entire family before getting murdered himself. The scene where he desperately tells Vivien to live on so they can continue their life together followed by the him sitting alone with her dead body was a real Tearjerker. Add to that how often he gets shit on by those around him — especially Vivien's guilt trips and Moira's sexual harassment. And he still keeps on apologizing for what he's done wrong (hilariously highlighted when Vivien accuses him of never owning up to his mistakes).
  • Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: Tate. He doesn't seem that perturbed by most of his more "questionable" actions (e.g. shooting up his school, brutally murdering Chad and Patrick, raping his love interest's mother with plans to steal the resulting baby), but he's a seriously disturbed man whose actions in the series are driven by a compulsive need to please the ladies of the house (due to a Freudian Excuse stemming from his own abusive mother). His later interactions with Violet serve to further woobify him by showing his suffering and that he does love her. At the end of the series, she rejects him completely upon realizing that he's a monster, though he still has feelings for her and still hopes to make her happy, whether it's by winning her back or killing some other boy to keep her company as a ghost.

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