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Awesome / American Horror Story: Murder House

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Larry doing the world a huge favor by beating Hayden to death with a shovel.
    • Doubles as a CMOF: "She's still moving."
  • Ben showing up at Larry Harvey's house, revealing he knows the story of him murdering his own family was fake, and subsequent telling off.
  • Patrick giving Tate a much deserved ass beating (although according to Apocalypse, he was possessed by Satan when he did all the horrible things he did, so maybe he didn't deserve it).
  • Even though it doesn't work, Violet trying to banish Chad from the house. Just furthers how badass she can get when her family is threatened.
    • Also at the end when she tells off, and then banishes, Tate. What's ironic is that he's the one who showed her how to.
  • The whole scare fest the ghosts put on, to scare the new buyers out of the house.
  • Ben completely and utterly taking Tate the fuck down with an absolutely crippling Shut Up, Hannibal!.
  • The teacher who holds the library door shut when Tate is shooting up the school. His actions only delay the inevitable, but it was still an heroic attempt.
  • In the pilot, Leah tries to force Violet to eat the cigarette she threw down for smoking on campus - Violet spits in her face and runs off with a smile.
  • Violet and Vivian, with some assistance from Tate, fighting off the intruders in "Home Invasion". Bonus points to Violet for telling one of the intruders off, and later luring one of the intruders to the basement for Tate and Gladys to take her out. Vivian beats the remaining intruder in unconsciousness with a ceramic bowl.
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  • Constance and Moira forming an Enemy Mine, and then later with Larry, killing Joe in "Open House" - Moira seduces him before biting his dick off during a blowjob, and Larry suffocates him immediately with a plastic bag.
    Constance: Make sure he's off the property before he expires. I wouldn't care to encounter his carcass ever again.
  • Ben, who's been getting shit from everyone' in the house from his affair, gives a Tranquil Fury Shut Up, Hannibal! speech to Moria when she again tries to seduce him. This causes her to finally respect him and leaves the room, saying "Congratulations Dr. Harmon. You're finally beginning to see things as they are".
    • Makes it better that he finally sees her as who she is.

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