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The Crossoverlord is a superhero action comic that, as the name suggests, is a crossover among a number of superhero webcomics. It stars Lightbringer, ANT, Mindmistress, Dasien and Dead Debbie from Indefensible Positions. In 2009, The Green Avenger and Ultra from Point Guardian were added to the ranks, in March and October, respectively. This comic is written as a collaboration among the authors of the source webcomics.

In the story, a being called The Crossoverseer (a Guardian of the Multiverse) gathers heroes from various universes (read: webcomics) to oppose The Smiling Man (the Crossoverlord of the title) a villain who is likewise gathering villains to help with his plans against the guardian. The main characters are actually only one of many such teams, though they get to deal with the Smiling Man directly. At first, the heroes must learn to get along with each other, but later they discover the chilling truth about Smiling Man's actions.

The comic has concluded, but a sequel titled Crossoverkill has commenced with a new team of heroes. Mindmistress is reprising; Energize, Yuuki, Fusion from Essay Bee Comics Presents Fusion, Captain Perfect, Majestic Knight from the eponymous webcomic and Hoodoo are new.

This webcomic provides examples of:

  • Artifact Collection Agency: The Armoury of Apocalyptic Objects and its guardians.
  • Art Shift: Story is illustrated by all authors, but Dasien's and Mindmistress' creators took a huge part of this job upon themselves. And since issue #7, the creator of Bad Guy High adds some pages because of being a fan.
  • Bad Ass Army: Used by the Smiling Man when he invades Ringo's home Reality. It consisted of half Red Robots and half Uber-Red clones.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Both times the heroes fought the Smiling Man's named Five-Man Band. First time it was the villains over the heroes. Second time however, thanks to Mindmistress changing who fought who, it was the other way around.
  • King of All Cosmos: Ringo, as Dasien dubbed him, isn't exactly a very effective guardian of reality.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Mindmistress and Dasien have been sniping entertainingly at each other since they were introduced.