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Video Game / Bomberman 94

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The original Japanese cover

Bomberman '94 is a 1993 installment in the Bomberman franchise for the PC Engine, the follow-up to Bomberman '93 and a predecessor to Super Bomberman 3. The game introduced series mainstays Rooi the kangaroo-like creature, and Buggler/Bagular/Buglear, the franchise's primary Big Bad.

The inhabitants of Planet Bomber lived in peace, protected by five spirits, until the evil Buglear and his robot army invaded. The Spirit Pictures, the source of the spirits' magical power, were destroyed, splitting Planet Bomber into five pieces. Bomberman must restore the Spirit Pictures in each area, reassemble Planet Bomber, and defeat Buglear and his army.

In 1994, the game was ported and localized as Mega Bomberman for the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive. Despite being on a more powerful console, the port had inferior graphics, and multiplayer only supported up to four players instead of five even though the console was capable of five players with the right MultiTap. Due to these flaws, it is passed up in favor of the original Japanese version for worldwide re-releases, including the Wii Virtual Console, PlayStation Network, Windows 8.1 via the Windows Store, and the Wii U Virtual Console.


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