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This troper is mostly a lurker, and usually does minor edits. Due to him being a systematisation freak, TV Tropes has become his gold mine, so don't expect him to leave soon. Oh, and yeah, he got here from xkcd.

He hails from a faraway land where wild bears roam the streets, which means you may have trouble understanding him. Bear with it. Heh heh... Bear...

Likes doing nothing, sleeping, Nanomachines, Face Palm Of Doom, giant robots, Mind Screw, Large Ham, duct tape, fiddling around with electronics (when not depressed, which is rare), drawing (rarely), Metal and Chiptunes, Indie games, feeling of harmony when something is done properly.


Patiently waits for the Russian section of TV Tropes to open, and for someone to finally leave the "Steal, Kill, F#ck geese" comment on the Alpha Protocol page.

Not so talkative outside of TV Tropes. Needs More Love.

    This troper provides examples of: 

  • Minor stuff
  • Laconic pages
  • Started the Vangers work page, which was eventually left to its own devices
  • Currently participating in The Wall Will Fall ARG.

    Vandalize here 
  • Lol, Limes! ~Apples Galore
  • You win ALL THE INTERNETZ FOREVER. We have agreed unanimously; you get infinite limes and Bonsus points for this. You are AMAZING. (If you don't know what I'm talking about yet... this should explain everything.) ~QaraXuanZenith
  • Good day, Mr. Dryunya. We come to warn you that while TV Tropes may be organized, it isn't exactly sane. You probably know that by now, but just in case...
  • Well, given that you need more love... -looks about before giving a good hug to Dryunya- I'm sure you're a good person! NES

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