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Awesome / The Wall Will Fall

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  • Don Quixote's Heroic Resolve.
    • And then defeating Jennifer, in nothing more than a battle of wills and getting shot again for his trouble (it did not kill him).
  • The Cat trolling the Cabal was also pretty damn awesome.
  • Quixote simultaneously giving Deanna a Precision F-Strike and Dryunya a Shout-Out:
    "By the way, Jennifer. In the words of one of my wise and helpful friend, Dryunya… go fuck yourself…"
  • The Witch Hunter strikes again.
  • Adell just Punched Out Cthulhu.
    • His subsequent return to the forum/chat is also nothing short of this.
  • Meta CMOA: The postmortem. All of the postmortem.

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