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  • Lordxana's recent post of reassurance.
    Lordxana: No one of us carries to weight of this world because whenever someone is down and feeling the weight the rest of us come up and say "relax a bit man, we can lift it for a while" You are not alone because we are here to back you up. If you begin to feel like Atlas let us help hold the world for awhile. And when you are ready to come back we will still be there ready for your shoulders to help us hold up.
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  • Romeo's recent post to the Cabal, fiercely defending Juliet against them.
    I don’t know who you are or why you think you can stick your neck in this, but don’t you dare go near her. And don’t give me that crap – you don’t know the first thing about love.
  • Poirot's comments regarding the extremist who attempted to murder two of his clients because of their homosexual relationship. Keep in mind that for a man of his time period, it represents quite an ethical leap.
    Perhaps I found the case simple to solve, but I learned more than the culprit; though inside I am truly conflicted about the sexual practices as Daniel and Esteban, speaking to them and being able to respond to their hospitality made me more able to judge a man’s good nature, not by how he makes love but by how he demonstrates it.
  • Holmes' comment:
    I really do miss Watson :-(
    • Quixote's response to this, when reprimanded for calling Holmes a jerk:
    I think I just miss Sancho.
  • This exchange:
    I don't need that picture anymore to do the impossible. It all of you behind me that makes me do the impossible.
  • And this one:
    But what your biggest mistake, and the one that has made me angry... You underestimate my friends.
  • Sweeney Todd of all people, gets one when he is Refictionalised. Qara's poem is just that beautiful.
    Ben:I see it... I see everything changing. Lucy! Lucy... I'm coming, Lucy. I'm coming now.
  • Mister A does not know how to deal with all of the feelings going on around here. Oddly sweet, really, in an irritating kind of way.
  • Joe and Ed's interaction in the "Break Up" video. Sure it ended horribly but to have friends who will get that worked up and concerned about your safety and give that big a damn about you...
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  • The audio of the evidence that the prosecution tried to raise against Peter Pan is actually completely adorable with him reassuring a little girl after her parents argue. Hear it here.
  • narrativedilettante's refic for Adam fills you with so much hope for the guy that you can't help but have a massive smile on your face afterwards.
  • Actually, he gets it even if he does poorly...
    • Quixote's reaction to the gift was equally beautiful.
    "I have no words. Only tears. "
  • Lordxana's post about the endgame:
    "We will not give up. We will not fall. We will not look at all the coming work and bow our heads and lay down to be defeated like dogs. We will charge forth and capture every echo, every wall piece, and refictionalize every character. Why is this you may ask? BECAUSE WE ARE TROPERS. We do not back down, we do not surrender, when impossible odds rear their heads at us we yell and scream our defiance into the world and yell in a collective voice "WE WILL NOT GO SILENTLY INTO THAT GOOD NIGHT". So push forward and strike out against all impossibility. I have seen the best humanity has to offer in this forum. And not a single damn one of you will surrender at this point. I know this to be true and you know it to be true. So lets drop the petty bullshit about what to do or how we do what we do and do it. We have a world to save people, and we will do it together. All for one and one for all. TROPERS UNITED! WE WILL NOT FALL!"
  • With about 18 days left for Don to live, Brad and Don, with the help of two doctors decide to spend time showing Don the world.
  • Don Quixote considers Brad to be his hero.
  • Seeing the world through human coloured glasses.
  • Romeo and Juliet finally start to get to know each other.
  • Ed and Joe make up.
  • Pixelmage's refictionalisation story for Don Quixote is both this and a major Tear Jerker.
    "Yes, we parted ways with tears. And yes, he was a hero. A true hero that no one, not even the heinous spiders themselves, would be able to shake once again. He was the one true Don Quixote, the greatest hero of our times."
  • Mr. A asked for volunteers for a Suicide Mission to fight Cthulhu. Basically all the Metaguards immediately Jumped at the Call, complete with harder speeching about how they'd rather die for this than let their friends be in danger.
  • Mister A finally gets it.
    Mister Administrator: NO ONE IS SUPERFLUOUS. WE ARE A TRAM.
  • Adell's glorious return to the forum following his battle with Cthulhu. Everyone was completely overjoyed to just hear that not only was he alive, he had succeeded.
  • S_o_S' attempt at a Rousing Speech.
    Princess S_o_S: Today, a very brave man stares down an incredibly powerful monster. He is our representative, chosen by the community. We have already shown that we have faith in him, Let us continue to have that faith. We know that he is capable. We know that he is intelligent. And we know that he will not go down without a fight. Adell will protect the wall. Adell will allow the Metaguards to mobilise in time. And Cthulhu will be driven back by Adell, once and for all. MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON CTHULHU, FOR ADELL WILL SHOW HIM NONE!
  • The most amazing thing is that Word of God states that due to their ferocious activity and work prior to facing Cthulhu, the players actually changed the game. Adell was intended to die in the final conflict and the Game Masters were good enough to change the plot to ensure his survival. Not only did we hit the implied ammount of fics and songs required in two days, but then Tom added this, crowning moment for the players and the GMs alike:
    Tom: It's much more meaningful if it reflects real choices. And once we realized that, we realized it was actually going to be a much better story if the volunteer lived. The players would understand that the point had been The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You. It wasn't the fourth wall that saved Adell, it was you guys.
  • The GMs choosing to use the Players parody song based on Mulan, a song they wrote and sang together for Don Quixote, as the end credit music, in appreciation for all their work. The wall won't fall.
  • In retrospect another lovely moment comes in the final video broadcast on Joe's Youtube channel, in what Ed says to Joe, giving him the courage to go through with their plan. All throughout the game Joe has been described as nothing more than average, by everyone from himself to the Administrator. But Ed knows his friend is more than that. He always has.
    Ed: You're an investigator, Joe. And one of the best.


  • Five years on, not only are many of the members of the Forum still good friends but two of them are getting married. In the words of one of the original Puppetmasters.
    Story Tom: Oh no, I’m responsible for something!
    • Puppetmaster Dana's response to the wedding on facebook:
      It never quite hit me until that moment, but art really does have the power to change lives. And I am so honored to have played a part - however small - in bringing all of these people together.

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