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This page is meant to hold whatever materials from The Wall Will Fall ARG that are meant to be assembled from pieces. So far, such materials are only encountered in "physical spam" received by tropers.

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    Comic book of foreshadowing 
A part of the package. The comic consists of the actual paper comic and its digital copy on the CD. The pages resemble a broken mirror, and with the exception of the title page, the tropers only receive some of the shards. The filenames of the pages on the CD consist of 4 numbers, which are encoded with the "Letters-to-numbers" code that is omnipresent in this ARG.

Later, the complete pages were found in the echoes left by the fictionals. The password to echoes is "Gurt", case-sensitive.


All shards combined give a nonsensical image, on which "User: WTF Average Joe" can be read in faint letters. When combined in order 8-4-15-0-6-2-17-7-10, the file names form the phrase "Bright white light in the neverending void".

Later packages also contain a piece of paper with a scattered fragment of what is presumed to be a URL.

The URL is now assembled: [1] (Thanks to Yankee White!). It points here. No further updates to the shard list is required.


    Wall Pieces 
  • The Pittsburgh piece (directed to from the Baltimore echo; located inside a book; retrieved by Enlil. This piece has been scanned and removed.)
  • The Seattle piece (directed to from the San Francisco echo; located inside a pony bag; located by GuestUser17. This piece has been scanned but not removed.)
  • The Los Angeles piece (directed to from the Majestic Theatre echo; located in the "Masked Fool" VHS box; located by NarrativeDilettante. This piece has been removed and scanned.)
  • The Sydney piece (directed to from the King's Cross echo; located in an Australian flag bag; retrieved by JRPictures. This piece has been removed but not yet scanned.)


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