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This is my profile. It is empty until I think of what to write here. o.o

Currently under construction, yo!

Tropes related to him(in his opinion):

  • Pungeon Master: Will say a pun the moment it comes to him, he must!
  • Nice Guy: At least, he likes to think he is.
  • Neutral Good: What he considers his alignment.
  • Reclusive Artist: Can unfortunately venture into this, especially if the particular work interests him greatly. Once spent 7 full days nonstop working on a graphic design, without leaving (save for sleep and food) or answering anyone's calls. Has tried to avert this more recently cause it's pretty unhealthy.
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  • Lean and Clean: He's a pretty skinny individual. Exercises regularly, though!
  • Adorkable: Hopefully, though more likely just comes off as annoying nerd!
  • Mediator
  • Determinator
  • Facepalm: Played straight while involved in the The Wall Will Fall during This Exchange.


Empty, apart from this petty act of vandalism. :-P ~Anura

Oh hai there. How are you? ~ApplesGalore

  • I'm fine, thanks for asking! ~Adell

Hello Mr. Ahewlettpackard! ~SuperKing93

Hello Adell! -TheWildWestPyro


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