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Produced by Cast Member

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Joey King's co-producer credit on The In Between

With some series, it's almost inevitable that a cast member or two will eventually start developing ideas for the show as far as writing and/or directing episodes go, however, in many cases, some cast members will go even further than that, and take on the added additional responsibility of actually producing the show.

This usually will happen in one of two ways: either a certain cast member will be given the job of producing the series simply as posturing and to make them happy (this is usually common when said cast member is the lead, if not one of the leads); or the credit is because the cast member is also actively involved in the writing process, and many staff writers on shows nowadays are given producer credits, rather than writer credits.

This is particularly common among Long Runners.

Related to Actor-Inspired Element; see also Written by Cast Member and Directed by Cast Member.


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    Films — Animated 

    Films — Live-Action 

    Live-Action TV 

    Pro Wrestling 
  • All Elite Wrestling Dynamite, as of Christmas 2019, lists six current performers as various producers on the show.
  • Professional Wrestling has historically used various wrestlers as "Head Booker" which is the Wrestling equivalent of the Executive Producer with various "Agents" who are usually semi-retired wrestlers or other talent as the equivalent of Producer for individual house shows and secondary TV programs.
  • Triple H and Mickie James are both on-screen talent listed as Producers on various WWE TV Programs.

    Puppet Shows 
  • Sesame Street:
    • A variation of this. Outside from occasionally directing a Muppet insert, Jim Henson was never involved with the actual production (contrary to popular belief); in 1989, however, when the show celebrated its 20th anniversary, Henson wanted to express his gratitude and appreciation to CTW (now Sesame Workshop) for being a part of the show for all those years, by producing an anniversary special through his then-Henson Associates company.
    • During the 2000s, Kevin Clash, who was already directing for the show more frequently, began to executive produce Elmo-related Sesame projects, such as the recurring Elmo's World segments on the show, as well as Elmo-driven DVDs and specials; this was mostly because of the impact that Clash had on turning Elmo into the character he's known as today.

    Web Video 

    Western Animation