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Goes by "Dove" when in online fandom spaces. Is pretending someone else typed this up for the sake of maintaining the typical tone of a TV Tropes page. Spends too much time on TVTropes while at work.

Dove as a troper:

    Responsible For: 
  • These tropes, along with their laconics, page quotes, page images, and image captions, where applicable:
  • These page images and their captions and/or their page quotes:
    • Altar Diplomacy: Had to cut together some screencaps to make a three-part collage because Lythande really wanted something showing the flags.
    • Flexsplosion: There's a flexplosion-based duel in Castle In The Sky. The screenshot was perfect.
    • Hassle-Free Hotwire: The existing quote and image were both about a difficult hotwire rather than a hassle-free hotwire, and most fictional examples of hotwiring only get screentime when they're difficult or impossible; eventually I figured out that hotwiring is really easy in GTA IV and went from there.
    • It's Personal with the Dragon: Since Vader is the ultimate Dragon, it seemed only fitting to use him for this page as well. The screenshot started out pretty dark, though — his all-black silhouette may be difficult to see now, but before being run through Photoshop, the whole image was like that.
    • You Shall Not Pass!: The quote-picking threat vetoed the previous page quote, which was just Gandalf's trope-naming lines from the movie, and requested something more indicative. A perfect poem was just waiting to be mined from the bottom of the lit section.

    Known Troping Hopes 
This section exists mostly because watchlisting YKTTWs is impossible.
  • Has assumed responsibility the following YKTTWs with an eye to launching them:
    • About-Face Fortress (born of query from Lyner that quickly turned into an enthusiastic debate between Dove and SolipSchism.)
    • Behavioral Conditioning (original sponsor posted this several years ago, someone bumped it, and Dove realized it needed a complete overhaul)
    • "Don't Call Me That" Backfire (sponsor hasn't been seen since original draft; Dove revamped the description, reformatted everything, and found a host of related tropes)
    • Princess Lessons (the original sponsor may come back, as it's only been a few days, but Dove renamed the trope, revamped the description, and added all of the current examples while they were gone.)
  • Plans are in motion to adopt or otherwise rescue these:
    • Flexsplosion (I provided the trope image, then forgot about it. Noticed the image on my desktop two months later and wondered what had happened to it.)
    • List Padding For Emphasis (original sponsor posted years ago and it recently got bumped; somebody needs to clean it up and add the examples.)
  • Maaaay attempt to salvage these fixer-uppers at some point:
  • Would like to personally illustrate something on the List of Pages Artists Can Illustrate.

    Known Troping Tropes 

    Known Troping Preferences 
  • Gets a kick out of making sure pages are alphabetized properly.
    • Consequently likes to format examples by offsetting the work name with a colon rather than burying the lede in the text of the example itself.
  • Prefers Ask the Tropers to the forums.
  • Aspires to be a YKTTW Midwife.
    • Enjoys cleaning up other people's YKTTWs and taking charge by adding examples from the discussion straight into the draft itself.
    • Inordinately proud of finding appropriate trope illustrations.

    Known Fan Tendencies 


Dove in general:


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