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At least this is not a face and a caption.

First released in the late 1980s, Lythande is a North American-exclusive limited edition troper. Despite attempts to cross over with some anime and live-action franchises note , it doesn't appear this troper will be receiving a reboot anytime soon.

See alsonote : Speed Grapher, Rurouni Kenshin, Inuyasha.

Contrast with TroperWall.Lythande and Literature.Lythande.

Supertrope(r) to:


  1. Altar Diplomacy
  2. Cat Ninja (rescued and cleaned up)
  3. Claimed by the Supernatural
  4. Desecrating the Dead (rescued from salvage pile and rewritten)
  5. Fast as Lightning (salvaged and launched)
  6. Feeling Their Age (not designed, but rescued from the salvage pile)
  7. Muggle with a Degree in Magic (tweaked and launched)
  8. Murder by Suicide
    1. Ordered to Die
    2. Suicidal Sadistic Choice
    3. Tricked to Death
  9. This Index Knows What It's Talking About


  1. Human Torch (1939)
  2. Fanfic.Blood And Revolution
  3. Fanfic.Cruciamentum Eternus
  4. Fanfic.Darkness Ankh Ascendant
  5. Fanfic.A Game Of Masques
  6. Literature.Lythande


  1. Human Torch (1939)

This troper contains examples of: