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Now I have a Troper Wall for you people to be completely oblivious about and never post on!
If this were a real attack,
you would be dead.

I have no sense of self-restraint, so my page is freakishly long and only getting bigger as I add whatever comes to mind. To help you navigate it with your Puny Earthling mind, I have included the following navigation aid. Just click on any link and you will be magically whisked away to whatever section your heart desires. As long as your heart desires the section you clicked on.

Please note that the navigation links are all Red Links due to a system bug, but they work just fine.

I've been a contributor since August of 2014, though I've been lurking on the site for hours at a time practically since its inception.


I exist on DeviantArt as Solipsism-Syndrome, and I am also on FanFiction.Net as The Great And Powerful Keski. (I haven't been active on either site in a very long time, but there you have it.)

I have always been firmly seated in the realm of Speculative Fiction, but over the years I have shifted from a strong preference for Fantasy to a strong preference for Science Fiction - the harder the better. Ten bonus points to Science Fantasy, and a billion points to any work that purports to be fantasy but Genre Shifts into science fiction, or turns out to have been science fiction all along. (Scrapped Princess and The Second Apocalypse are two shining examples that each get a billion and ten points for being all of the above.)

Fifty negative points, though, to works that Genre Shift in the other direction. I'm looking at you, Alias.


I am not to be confused with that other thing my name coincidentally rhymes with.

This paragraph serves no rhetorical or informational purpose, and exists only to pad out this portion of the page, so that the picture of BMO won't overlap annoyingly with the next section, since the rest of the page consists of bulleted lists (although some of the bullets are full paragraphs, especially once you get down to the lists of my own works and tropes that commonly appear in my works. Nonetheless, the rest of this page, after this paragraph, is in fact bulleted lists. Well, and a couple of numbered lists peppered throughout, for sequential items. And a couple of horizontal bars). I suspect I have enough Filler now, so I'm going to stop typing.

I decided I didn't have quite enough Filler, so As You Can See, I'm still typing. Or rather, I'm typing again, and from your perspective I've probably been done typing for quite some time; and in fact, from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, time is just another spatial dimension that we are evolutionarily unable to perceive as anything other than a linear, one-way progression (which is why we are capable of "looking" and "moving" in one direction only—respectively backward and forward (from an individual perspective, of course)), which means verb tenses are essentially pointless from an objective perspective, and it only bears saying that for a specific period of time with set bounds, which we shall call Tx:Ty, I type the material on this page (well, I didn't type it all in one sitting, i.e., period, but you get the idea), and for another specific period of time with set bounds, which may or may not have (and is astronomically unlikely to have, but could still technically have) the same bounds, and which we shall call Ta:Tb, you read said material. And if spacetime is closed, that means in a sense, you have already read it, are reading it, and are about to read it, all at the same time. Which doesn't exist. Sort of. But now I'm pretty positive I have enough Filler, so piss off and go read the rest of the page.

Pages I've created:

I contain examples of:

Tropes I Have Provided Examples Of... Whilst In-Character:

My Favorite Tropes (when done well):

Tropes common to my work includenote :

My works include (This section is a work in progress. Note that most of this can be found online. I'll provide links later.):

Fan Works (available on 

  • The Legend of Zelda: The Conqueror: A sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask co-authored with Nathaniel Shepard. He conceptualized the story and plot, while I did most of the writing and editing/proofreading.note  It begins during the final battle of Majora's Mask, when Link dons the Fierce Deity Mask and curb-stomps Majora's Mask. The premise of the fic is that the Majora's Mask houses a super-scary evil being known as Majora, but Riend, the being trapped inside the Fierce Deity Mask is even worse. It possesses Link when he dons the mask the fifth time (to fight Majora), having extended its influence enough to take control of him. Then it beats the shit out of Majora, and proceeds to conquer most of the world using Link's body, and Termina as a base of operations. And that's just the prologue. The story proper follows Mera, a Shiekah-in-training. Stuff happens. After a prologue and five chapters, the fic petered out, and then I added a purely comedic Chapter XIX for no good reason.
  • The "series" never had a name, but since it all grew out of Finality, I'll call it the Finality series/trilogy. They are ordered here in the order I wrote them, but the timeline is Parable, then Finality, then Final Fable Zero. While the series is pretty undeniably a crossover, Finality is almost entirely inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, while Parable is almost entirely inspired by Fable. Thus, that's how they're categorized on the site.
    • The Legend of Zelda: Finality: A short story that follows a Really Several Thousand Years Old vagrant named Luseik through his exploration of a run-down, decrepit, abandoned Hyrule Castle Town (based on as it appeared in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time), reminiscing about the Golden Age (just prior to and during the events of Ocarina) and wishing his girlfriend wasn't dead. The Sequel Hook reveals that he and Link are both Heroes, and Luseik most likely spent the intervening millennia in Albion. As to the sequel itself, well...
    • The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Legend of Final Fable Zero: The Belkan War—Combat Evolved Over Normandy: A comedic (in case that wasn't clear) and brief account of Luseik's and Link's misadventures in Albion following the events of Finality... for about five minutes, and then it follows Bruce/Amy, who is also the true identity of Master Chief as well as Cipher. It's a rapid-fire crossover of all of the works referenced in its title (except for Final Fantasy).
    • Parable: After Final Fable Zero petered out I decided to take the story seriously, but first I went back to write a prequel to Finality. Taking place an unspecified (but significant) amount of time after Luseik's exile from Hyrule, but still long before his return, it appears that Parable will parallel the timeline of Fable—but early on, a teleportation spell gone awry causes Luseik to go through a Time Skip to the end of the main game, when the Guild is destroyed. If the fic had continued, Luseik would have tried to track down the game's hero because a magic voice in his head told him to. The fic didn't last long enough to really get to the plot. Also, it had been some time since playing the game when I wrote the fic, as evidenced by some pretty Egregious errors, such as referring to Maze as the Guildmaster. Also also, I had never played The Lost Chapters at the time, so who knows what influence that might have had—such as the Guild not being quite destroyed.
  • Ace Combat: Restitution: A four-part fanfiction of the entire Ace Combat series, primarily the fourth, fifth, and zeroth installments. In short, the fanfic suggests that the main character of each game is actually the same person each time, and that he is actually an artificial intelligence secretly placed into wars on whatever side his handlers want to put at an advantage. The story also suggests that the longer "Ace" is active, the more unstable his mind becomes (a la AI rampancy as described in the Halo universe), until eventually he has to be shut down and rebooted through a process referred to as restitution. The Reveal shows that the entire fic has been a Dying Dream, Ace's mind forcing him to relive memories as they are wiped in preparation for a reload.
  • The Fourth Realm: My longest-running work, a Black Jewels fanfiction based around the idea of a fourth Realm called Dachrea cut off from the familiar three, populated by Half-Human Hybrids and Non-Human Humanoid Hybrids, primarily draghans (half-human, half-dragon), wehrs (half-human, half-wolf), and gejke (not a hybrid, but rather a kind of solid, Shapeshifting Living Shadow with an eternally childlike mentality). A couple of dragons from Dachrea plot to invade the main three Realms, while draghan Warlord Prince Luseik and his Anti-Magic girlfriend Anna gradually become aware of the scheme and attempt to foil it. Many of my most frequently Reused Character Designs originated or were codified in this work, including Luseik, a Byronic Hero with a small degree of The Dulcinea Effect; Kreethen, an Ax-Crazy Psychopathic Manchild; Yachesen and Yachesa, a pair of Creepy Twins consisting of an Emotionless Boy and a Knight Templar Big Sister; and a few others.


Unpublished Literature (available on deviantART)

My Favorite Worksgratuitously-long explanatory note :

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  • Everything by R. Scott Bakker, including:
    • Disciple of the Dog (Probably my least favorite, but still a solid novel.)
    • Neuropath (This book is amazing.)
    • The Second Apocalypse note 
      1. The Prince of Nothing
        1. The Darkness That Comes Before
        2. The Warrior-Prophet note 
        3. The Thousandfold Thought
      2. The Aspect-Emperor
        1. The Judging Eye
        2. The White-Luck Warrior
  • The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas.
  • Everything I've read so far by Greg Egan, which amounts to:
    • Quarantine (1992)note 
    • Permutation City (1994)
    • Distress (1995)
    • Diaspora (1997)
    • Teranesia (1999)
    • Schild's Ladder (2002)
    • Incandescence (2008)
    • Zendegi (2010)
    • Orthogonal
      1. The Clockwork Rocket (2011)
      2. The Eternal Flame (2012)
      3. The Arrows of Time (2013)note 
    • The Four Thousand, The Eight Hundred (2015)
    • Dichronauts (2017)
    • a number of his short stories, my favorites so far being "The Singleton"note , "Crystal Nights"note , "The Hundred Light-Year Diary"note , "Axiomatic"note  and "The Planck Dive", in no particular order.
  • Frank Herbert's original six Dune novels. note 
    1. Dunenote 
    2. Dune Messiah
    3. Children of Dunenote 
    4. God-Emperor of Dunenote 
    5. Heretics of Dune
    6. Chapterhouse: Dune
  • 1984, by George Orwell, is probably my favorite novel.
  • Everything I've read by K. J. Parker:
    • The Engineer Trilogynote 
      1. Devices and Desires
      2. Evil for Evil
      3. The Escapement
    • The Company
    • Purple and Blacknote 
    • The Folding Knife
    • Blue and Goldnote 
    • The Hammer
    • Sharps
  • Brian Ruckley's The Godless World Trilogy.
    1. Winterbirth
    2. Bloodheir
    3. Fall of Thanes
  • Everything I've read by Vernor Vinge.
    • The Witling
    • Tatja Grimm's World
    • True Names
    • Zones of Thought
      1. A Fire Upon the Deep
      2. A Deepness in the Sky
      3. The Children of the Sky
    • Rainbows Endnote 
    Live-Action TV 
    Musicals (and one Opera) 
    Video Games 
    Web Animation 
  • 8-Bitch Fyve: Evil on the Attack note 
    Western Animation 

Mildly Amusing Things I've Said and/or Heard and Decided to Collect and Post Here in a List:

SolipSchism: [to Scorpion451] I hate you so much it loops around and becomes love.

SolipSchism: [Opinion about whether a trope applies to a Pokémon]
Larkmarn: Yeah, ditto.

SolipSchism: I seem to remember reading somewhere that the rate of reproduction on Earth is so great that at its current rate, if you lined everyone on the planet up single file and marched them past you, the line would literally never end.
Bocaj: I know lines are boring but the answer is not lots of casual procreative sex

SolipSchism: Wait. Wait. Isn't Dalekanium the unbreakable alloy Dalek casings are made of?
The Unsung Bard: Don't know if I'd call it unbreakable seeing as New Who has plenty of Daleks getting blown the fuck up.
SolipSchism: Because according to "Day of the Daleks", "it's a highly effective type of explosive."
The Unsung Bard: Maybe it's more volatile in an unrefined state?
SolipSchism: Fridge Logic: Maybe that's why they're so unexpectedly good at getting blown up. They make themselves out of BOMBS.

[In the "Corrupt-a-Wish" Forum Games Thread]
Miscellaneous Soup: I wish that the next poster was a weasel. They will not bite me or harm in any physical or mental way. That includes paying someone to kill me or harm me.
SolipSchism: Granted. I get into your pantry and eat some of everything, scattering the rest all around the floor; then I chew up the cushions on your couch; then I shit on the couch and pee on your coffee table. Then I turn into a weasel and leave.
Miscellaneous Soup: XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XDnote 

[On Facebook]
SolipSchism: Got a fortune cookie with no fortune in it. So, does that mean I have no future? Like, I'm going to die soon? That's dark, Panda Express. That's really fucking dark.
Shawn: Or maybe yours is a future that cannot be predicted.
SolipSchism: [speaking about my boyfriend] I feel like I'm describing an adorable little baby except it's in its late 20s and I want to have sex with it.

Brahian1: [referring to ninja posters; see the paragraph near the bottom of Ninja Editor] holy fuck thats a lot of ninjas

And Now, The Best Pun Ever

"Plateaus are the highest form of flattery."

Rather Random Rachel, shortly before achieving divinity

Suddenly, a wild story appears!

In the month of July, in the year 2015, I was struck with an inexplicable compulsion to start writing a bizarre story based on TV Tropes. The story is written in anachronic order, and it's entirely possible that the "Chapter" Things don't even take place in the same continuity, and yet they are all related—they are all a part of the story.

  1. First "Chapter" Thing Here
  2. Second "Chapter" Thing Here
  3. Third "Chapter" Thing Here

Here's what the critics are saying about Whatever This Story Is Called:


Death Vlk: Well apparently I've died a horrible, slow and painful death after engaging in some massively OOC dialogue so like...I don't have an opinion.

Death Vlk: I approve of this rewrite. This is IC enough for a good fiction story.

Death Vlk: Solly, I politely request you give my new body a John Waters mustache.
Death Vlk: It will add to my character.

Oh Boy Time: A fine job for a slightly above average hoe.

Inhopelessguy: oh
Inhopelessguy: my
Inhopelessguy: fucking god
Inhopelessguy: holy shit

Inhopelessguy: ...quite possibly the most concise definition of the Tree.

Inhopelessguy: This is beautiful.
Inhopelessguy: Thank you, father.

Brahian1: ill just bookmark it and then never actually read it

Baron Green: Wow, Solly, that was quite a tale. Also really well written.

electronic-tragedy: It was an interesting read to say the least.

Ozbourne: Do I even want to know what I am in this........ whatever you're talking a[b]out thing is

Ghost Elm: That... was amazing...

Lior Val: I'm too focused on Mass Effect to read this.
Lior Val: Sorry Solip, but Wrex and Garrus are more interesting.

Lior Val: I demand to be a mad scientist if I am ever in this story.

William Radar Storm: Am I correct in assuming that I am not in the story?


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