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  • Acting for Two: Several.
    • Eltnum and Uzuki are both voiced by Satomi Akesaka.
    • Both Linne and Kuon are voiced by Ayane Sakura. Bonus points for the both of them being siblings.
    • Sakurai and Young Seth, who are both voiced by Aimi.
    • Akari Kitou voices Azel and Komatsu.
    • Tomomi Mineuchi voices Chitose (Linne's previous body) and Tomomi.
    • Mami Ozaki, who voices Hiroha and Murayama.
    • Naomi Ozora provides the voices of Chiharu and Lex.
  • Colbert Bump:
    • Was initially a Cult Classic, but featuring it in BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle did alot to boost its popularity, namely by introducing it to three much larger fanbases.
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    • It got another substantial one after being announced as a main title for EVO 2019.
    • It has now received an even larger one after being nominated as a candidate for the best fighting game of 2020 at The Game Awards.
  • Fandom Life Cycle: Stage 2 at the moment, though with its debut on the EVO main stage, it's on track to hit Stage 3.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Carmine is affectionately referred to as "Mine-Chan" by the Japanese fanbase.
    • Due to his admittedly handsome appearance as well as his powers, Londrekia has been given the risqué title of "Ice-Twink".
  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.": Both of the Guest Fighters, as there had not been a Melty Blood or Akatsuki game released overseas at the time Exe:Late was released in western countries.note 
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  • No Dub for You: It ultimately took an appearance in BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle for the characters to get a dub, with the exception of the 7 characters who have yet to appear in the game.
  • The Other Darrin: Rather than Rio Natsuki voicing for Eltnum just like her Melty Blood counterpart, Satomi Akesaka takes over instead.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: Yūki Kaji, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka and Saori Hayami would go on to reprise their respective anime characters in the later French Bread-developed fighting game with the same type of HD engine, Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax. Satomi Akesaka along with one other person also narrate the official character tutorials for said game.
  • What Could Have Been: Eltnum started off as a proof of concept of Sion for a HD remake of Melty Blood, a remake whose development has never come to pass.
    • The devs have expressed interest in bringing in a Skullgirls character for a future build of the game. Specifically, a sprite for Filia was made as part of French Bread's congratulatory message to Lab Zero after the latter got their game released both on PC and in arcades, most likely made in response to Yuzuriha's background cameo in one of the stages.
    • Silvaria was originally planned to wield throwing knives when fighting.
    • Kaguya was first elaborated upon during a developer stream on upcoming characters where the likes of Chaos, Nanase, Wagner, Enkidu, and many others were shown off. Word of God states that Kaguya is taking longer than usual because they wanted to keep Kaguya's playstyle unique and not have a repeat of characters with weapons such as Noel and Petra.
    • Londrekia was going to be made playable and scrapped at the last minute twice. Once during production of the original version of UNIB, where he would've been a puppet character with a rapier and a coffin for his puppet, which were given to Chaos, Orie and possibly Uzuki respectively. The second time was when his design was finalized. As datamining shows, he was given introduction text (as seen on his character page) and a placeholder. To even further enforce this, the game review site GameGrin accidentally leaked Londrekia's character art, which has been since deleted off of the site, but the art can still be found around the web. However, he has been officially made playable as of the Exe:Late[cl-r] update.
      • The last point was further enforced when the fighting game coverage site Shoryuken interviewed Kamone Serizawa, French Bread's battle planner. When asked if they are done with Exe: Late[st], Kamone responded that nothing has been set in stone but they are interested in adding more content to the current version.
    • The setting for the game was originally going to be a much more darker sci-fi setting, similar to BlazBlue. Hyde was still the main protagonist, but looked much older and more similar to Ragna The Bloodedge and the other characters were more darker looking, especially the likes of Waldstein and Hilda.
    • The original version of the game was going to have Londrekia, Azel, Phonon, Lex and Zohar in the base roster.
    • Tsurugi was originally going to make his debut at the end of Phonon's Arcade story, however, this was scrapped for unknown reasons.
      • Tsurugi was also under consideration for being a playable character at one point, and there are files detailing an outline for a possible Chronicle Mode story, detailing his friendship with Hyde, when he got his powers, how the EFG came to be, as well as introducing us to the student council president/leader of the EFG - a student named Sasaki.
    • Two original versions of Linne had her as a young girl and as an older woman; her current incarnation came to be when a developer suggested combining both versions together.
    • Londrekia was originally going to be Hyde's rival back when Seth didn't exist. It's unknown if the same was going to be for Orie.
  • The Wiki Rule: Under Night In-Birth Wiki.
  • Working Title: Void Red ~Unknown Acter~


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