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Tear Jerker / Under Night In-Birth

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And it's all downhill from there...

Warning: Spoilers Off applies to Moments pages. Proceed at your own risk.

  • Tsukuyomi's death, and Byakuya's reaction to it. He starts going through the Five Stages of Grief, but instead of moving onto acceptance, he starts going backwards and gets stuck on denial by deciding that Strix is his sister's reincarnation. The poor kid is so heartbroken that he just snaps. What's worse is that he saw her just a few minutes before she died, and didn't think anything was wrong until she didn't respond to any of his texts or calls. You even get to hear his thought process as he runs into the city to look for her and eventually finds her dead body.
    • There's also the scene where he does first come across her body. Byakuya starts calling out for his sister from within a crowd, but when people in the crowd silently start to make way for him, he almost immediately starts to piece together what exactly the commotion is all about and his voice gets more and more faltered and shaky with every time he calls out for his sister. When he does see her body, he desperately and hysterically tries to pass if off as a random stranger. All of this culminates into what is arguably one of the most heartrending screams of anguish and horror ever heard in a video game.
    Byakuya (In his head): "I can't stomach this any longer. Sis... You were so pretty. How ironic... It truly is. How could I ever mistake someone else for my sister? It's impossible..."
  • Roger's death. Gordeau invited him to come join the rest of Amnesia for their confrontation with Bankikai, only for Roger to get too close to the Abyss and turn into a Void. Gordeau tries desperately to save him, but Enkidu has to give it to him straight that Roger is already dead. He was a really Nice Guy that even Carmine got along with, taken from the world far too soon simply because he wanted to help his friends. Gordeau was so devastated by his passing that he left Amnesia out of depression.
    • Gordeau's reaction to all of this is definitely worthy of a few tears too. The most notable instances are when he desperately begs Wagner not to kill Roger and when he falls unconscious towards the end of the whole ordeal. His tone of voice in that scene almost makes him sound like he's on the verge of tears.
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    • In the same chapter, we have Ogre's death as well. From what little we knew of him, he was a compassionate and considerate man who looked out for friend and foe alike, and ended up dying to spare someone who's supposed to be his enemy the grief of having to put down their Voided out friend. Zohar reacted quite similarly to how Byakuya did when Tsukuyomi died.
  • You can't help but feel sorry for Merkava. He became a Void against his will, and almost all of humanity is out to get him for what he is. He's hardly a malicious person, and describes his situation as being forced to share a twisted body with a monster he can't fully control, and when that monster's hunger takes over, all he can do is watch it hunt and feast on its prey. And being the only sentient Void, he pretty much has no companionship, and will likely never will. One of his victory quotes has some... depressing implications.
    "By defending myself from those that seek to harm me, I make even more enemies. These chains of enmity will bind me forever..."
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  • The predicaments of both Kuon and Linne. In order to keep the conflict between the two factions of the Night Blade from escalating, Kuon volunteered himself and his sister to have their very souls engraved with the Secret Arts of Eternity and Reincarnation respectively. Kuon ended up becoming completely immortal and unable to age, while Linne ended up possessing the body of a young girl whenever her previous body dies. Kuon ended up becoming so burdened by this that he left his village out of grief and to stop conflict from igniting again. Both siblings end up becoming walking curses, both truly unable to die.

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