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Trivia / John Carpenter's Vampires

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  • Approval of God: John Steakley, the original author of the book it’s based on, reportedly liked the movie despite the plot being different from his original vision.
  • Awesome, Dear Boy: John Carpenter signed on to the movie as it was a chance for him to direct a horror film that had the look and feel of a western.
  • Box Office Bomb: Budget, $20 Million. Box Office, $20.3 Million. Funny enough this was still Carpenter's most financially successful film in The '90s.
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  • Executive Meddling: The studio slashed the budget and the shooting schedule. While John Carpenter's background in low-budget filmmaking meant this wasn't a big problem, Carpenter cited this as the reason film deviated so much from the novel.
  • Old Shame: According to Starlog magazine, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa was unhappy with his role in the film. He tried speaking to John Carpenter several times about his character's back story and motivation, but Carpenter rebuffed him. This left Tagawa feeling like he was little more than a glorified stuntman.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Russel Mulcahy was the studio's first choice as director before settling with John Carpenter. Peter Jackson and Sam Raimi were also considered for the directors chair.
    • Bruce Campbell, Clint Eastwood, R. Lee Ermey, Danny Glover, Tommy Lee Jones, Al Pacino, Bill Paxton, Joe Pesci, and Kurt Russell were also considered for the part of Jack Crow.
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    • Alec Baldwin was to play Montoya, but quickly dropped out. His brother Daniel Baldwin replaced him out of recommendation from Alec himself.
    • Back when Russell Mulcahy was attached to direct, one possible idea was that the film would take place in a distant future, where a decent amount of the human population has been turned into vampires, and vampire hunters are as abundant as police officers. The vampire hunters would've used futuristic high-tech gadgets and equipment to hunt down the vampires, who were plotting to take over the world by transforming the Pope into one of them. Dolph Lundgren was slated to play Jack Crow while Willem Dafoe was being eyed to play Valek.


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