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  • Creator Killer: Not to Disney itself, but despite being a box office success, The Secret Lab (the special effects company that Disney made to produce this film and formed from the remains of Dream Quest Images after their buyout by Disney) was shut down, with the only other project they made being Wild Life (specifically, they were animating it). This was cancelled. More on The Secret Lab's history can be found on a Jim Hill article.
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  • Fan Nickname: Ozzy and Strut for the two Oviraptors that fight over Aladar's egg.
  • Playing Against Type: Whoever knew Samuel E. Wright, the voice of the Softshell-hearted crab Sebastian could play a rude total jerk-ass demanding iguanadon, with almost nothing redeeming about him?
  • Science Marches On:
    • Oviraptors were assumed to be nest raiders when they were first discovered, and named appropriately. Then it turned out, thanks to new technology, that the eggs they are usually found with contain baby Oviraptor. This discovery was made several years before the movie. However, this discovery does not completely rule out the inclusion of eggs in an Oviraptor's diet. Later research has however, revealed Oviraptor nests, containing embryonic bones from other species, as well as its own, suggesting that it may have eaten eggs after all...
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    • The Pteranodon, despite being accurate for its time, is shown dip-feeding (snatching food from the water with its beak) and rearing its young like birds. Its been proven that Pteranodon would be more likely to catch food by swimming (its prey was noted to be rather small, so dip-feeding would have been impractical) and that baby pterosaurs would have been able to take care of themselves when they were born.
  • What Could Have Been: Enough examples it needed its own page.

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