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Nightmare Fuel / Dinosaur

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"Okay, what's the worst thing it could be?!"

"Be careful near the shadows. Mean things like to hide there."
Yar (in the video game)

Dinosaur is markedly darker than many other films in the Disney Animated Canon, and it shows.

  • The opening scene featuring the Carnotaur, which chases down and mauls a Pachyrhinosaurus to death, and can just be seen actually tearing off hunks of flesh to eat before the camera pans away completely.
  • The meteor strike is pretty nightmarish.
    • The massive meteor falls out of the sky, creating a massive explosion that sends shockwaves hurtling into the island. The lemurs desperately try to flee from the approaching peril somehow, completely unaware that they can't escape something like this.
    • When the meteor hits it is deadly silent, so the fear doesn't kick in until the shockwaves reach the island and the meteorites start to hit. And keep in mind that there is fearful music right before the meteor strikes... Then there is silence as the blast fills the sky.
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    • Poor Yar is desperately trying to leap to safety but is too old and weak to cover much ground before Aladar scoops him up. He certainly would've died if Aladar hadn't been running in the same area.
    • Zini narrowly escapes a meteorite when he finally leaps to Aladar and the others.
    • The monster cloud itself is terrifying, a giant, ever-mushrooming hellish wave of fire and brimstone that blasts the island like a nuclear blast, leveling the courtship tree like it was a piece of broccoli.
    • Aladar reaches the end of the island, a dead end, and looks back only to see the monster cloud moments away. With no choice, Aladar dives into the raging sea from the top of a 500ft tall cliff, moments before the monster cloud arrives, with the tiny lemurs losing their hold on him and going flying into the sea. Thankfully, somehow, they all manage to survive.
  • The raptors are the first predators to menace Aladar and his family, likely the first to menace them in their lives.
    • The group is initially curious to finally find another sign of life. But they start to realize they're in trouble when more of them begin to appear and circle them from everywhere. The final proof that Aladar's family needs that they're in mortal peril is when the alpha of the pack bares its teeth menacingly, almost in a jumpscare.
    • The chase that ensues has the raptors biting into Aladar, trying to eat him alive, and only just missing the lemurs.
    • The close-up of the Velociraptor's eye after Eema saying "you consider yourself lucky that's all that's following us".
    • Despite Aladar's group being safe from the raptors as they're with the herd, Aladar comes across a dead Struthiomimus, and notices the raptors trailing the herd from far behind. It's a grim sign of what will happen to any on the journey who can't make it.
  • Kron can be pretty scary given his effortless mood swings. He goes from a calm, but condescending tone when meeting Aladar to a chuckle, then a ferocious, low growl that he'd better watch himself. His callous treatment of the herd is also pretty scary, as he declares that while half of the herd may not survive a waterless push to the Nesting Grounds, he'll save the half that deserves to live. The final two times he encounters Aladar he loses his temper and begins thrashing him for questioning his authority.
  • Everything involving the Carnotaurs.
    • A pair of them is revealed to be trailing the herd, following the tracks of the hundred-strong group, and aren't far behind. The fact that the raptors trailing the herd immediately scatter at their approach quickly establish the Carnotaurs as dinosaurs to be feared.
    • The scene in which Bruton and the scout are ambushed by the Carnotaurs in the canyon. Bruton suspects something is amiss as they're stalked, and just as he decides to leave, the scout is suddenly grabbed by a Carnotaur and dragged away screaming. As Bruton tries to escape the other one, the first one can be seen chomping down on a hunk of flesh it's already torn off.
    • Bruton returns to the herd and warns Kron, who listens just as one of the Carnotaurs lets out a roar. It's an omen that the Carnotaurs are literally on top of the sleeping herd. Kron understandably panics and moves the herd out.
    • During our next check-up with the Carnotaurs, we see they've reached the lake and are within walking distance of Aladar's slow, weak misfits. A few hours later they've found them in the cave.
      • The shot of the Carnotaurs from below as they approach the cave, lit by the lightning storm above.
      • They slowly approach the cave, noticing a rock that moved seemingly on its' own. One of them looks around, not knowing that Aladar is right in front of him, covered in shadows. The others pause and stare helplessly as Aladar is faced down. A flash of lighting, and Aladar is revealed. The Carnotaurs then pursue him, and drag him to his apparent death as he tries to help Eema flee while his family screams. Aladar would've been devoured had the Carnotaurs not bickered and given Bruton a chance to step in.
      • Heck, the earsplitting cry the Carnotaur makes when it sees Aladar.
      • Bruton collapses the cave to kill the Carnotaurs. He's seen desperately trying to hobble to safety, but is overwhelmed by the cave-in and is buried and crushed to death with one of the Carnotaurs. Aladar uncovers his face only to see him twitch a little before dying.
    • Aladar encounters the surviving Carnotaur on his way to the herd and only barely hides in time while the beast eats a dead Stygimiloch.
    • The Carnotaur menacingly charges the herd before being driven off. It then goes after the lone Kron, chases him to a dead end on a cliff, and grabs him in its' jaws and mauls him to death. Kron dies of his injuries soon afterward.
    • The fact when the Carnosaur spies Kron by himself, its face contorts into the reptilian equivalent of a Slasher Smile as it spots easy prey.
    • During the fight, Neera tries to protect a mortally injured Kron from the Carnotaur. Berserk with rage and hunger, the monster (which is at least twice her size) easily bats Neera aside, pins her to the floor with a clawed foot and is about seconds from dealing a killing blow when Aladar intervenes.
    • The Carnotaur plummets to its death, and its' body is torn in half by the impact.
  • One of the DVD games—it's dark, it's raining heavily, and you're wandering alone in a series of caves. One wrong step, and a Carnotaur charges out of nowhere and kills you.

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