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Tear Jerker / Dinosaur

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"I feel bad. I feel bad."

  • The "they're all gone" moment after the meteorite scene is very sad.
    • The family is now the last survivors of their entire culture and people. Their home and sanctuary is destroyed. Everyone they knew, young and old has been killed in an inexplicable tragedy. The newly mated couples are all gone as well, just minutes after finding each other. Aladar and Suri call out to Lemur Island, and when they receive no response, they know exactly what it means.
    • It's clear poor Suri is facing the first loss she's ever had - and on an incredibly huge scale. Her family can only hold her as she starts breaking down. She starts muttering to herself, "I feel bad, I feel bad."
  • Bruton is genuinely devastated when he returns to Kron with news of the approaching Carnotaurs, only to be berated for leading them to the herd and is quickly abandoned by his leader. His dialogue during his later scene with Plio indicates he's hit the Despair Event Horizon and fully believes Hope Is Scary.
  • When the lake is apparently bone-dry, Kron orders the herd onward, and Neera makes it clear that going much longer without water will wipe out half of the herd.
    • Then there's poor old Eema. She was thrilled to finally be at the old watering hole, and when Kron orders them to move on, she doesn't, but simply wanders into the lake bed, sobbing deliriously. She collapses and it's very clear she was prepared to die right then and there, having hit the Despair Event Horizon.
    Eema: There was water here. Always water here before. We always had water, always... and plenty of mud! (collapses, sobbing)
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  • Zini not finding a mate can be pretty depressing to watch. Also because he was the only lemur that didn't reach the goal.
  • Baylene is initially a bit apprehensive about the lemurs until Aladar reveals that they're all that's left of their home. She immediately apologizes and has to take five. Eema quietly explains that Baylene's is the last of her kind. It isn't touched upon, but it's still a sad thing to happen to anyone, after the glorious opening with countless peacefully grazing Brachiosaurs.
  • Aladar is saddened when he comes across a Struthiomimus who succumbed to the toils of the desert trek, and it's probably the first dead body he's seen. He then looks at the huffing and puffing Baylene and Eema, and realizes what could very well happen to them as well.
  • Neera clarifying that the young Iguanodons Aladar helps find water are orphans.
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  • The herd slowly trudging on through the desert, losing members all along the way and still being forced to pick up the pace at times.
  • The look of surprise on Kron's face when Neera attacks him to keep him from nearly killing Aladar. Neera is devastated when she and Aladar are too late to save him, after only minutes before abandoning him.
  • Surprisingly, the detailed look at Driven to Madness on the main page. Sheds some light on the film's main villains. Check it out.
  • In an early version of the movie which featured Aladar's (Back then Noah) grandparents, there was a scene where they realize they can't keep up with the herd. Aladar's grandmother tries to raise her husband from a lake, and he insists that he just needs some rest. However, he's simply too exhausted, and dies peacefully on the spot. The grandmother bids farewell to her husband, remains next to his body and doesn't move when a Carnotaur arrives. The description of the scene says that she purposely let herself get killed to slow the predator down. It cuts to far away, back at the herd, where Aladar and Zini realize what's happened. Aladar simply walks off from the herd without another word and gives a mournful cry.
    • From the same draft of the script, Kron orders the herd to cross a river. Countless members of the herd are slaughtered by the crocodiles and other river predators waiting for them, nearly including Aladar's grandfather. After the herd makes it, Aladar's family sadly regards the sea of bodies being washed downstream.
  • In the video game, it's pretty gut-wrenching when the elders in particular are attacked. The cries Baylene in particular lets out are awful. When the elders are killed, they just crumple to the ground, lifeless.
  • In the game, Flia was injured by the fireball strike, and sits out the entire second mission, and begs for fruit to heal.

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