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Fridge Brilliance

  • The carnotaurs are smart predators—they never attack the herd, instead following behind and eating those that fall to the wayside or stray away. This is the option most predators would take, of course. But after the cave-in, the surviving carnotaur charges the entire herd, even though it couldn't possibly win against all of them. Why the sudden change in demeanor? Think about it: why do foxes sometimes kill entire flocks of hens? The entire herd, at this stage, was confined inside a small space. At this point, its hunting instincts were going absolutely beserk and, when it was in "kill mode", it was going to kill until it stopped receiving distress signals from prey in its immediate vicinity, rather than stopping and thinking "alright, I got enough to eat with this one".
    • Charging a herd is also a common predator tactic: the hope is that some will take fright and scatter, which nearly did happen here.
    • Alternatively, if it had indeed been mated to the other Carnotaur, it could be interpreted as a Roaring Rampage of Revenge.
  • The probable explanation of the presence of many animals which are poorly-known among general public, but familiar to many dino-fans (Stygimoloch, Microceratus, Ichthyornis, Koolasuchus and Longisquama among the others).
    • Sadly, not all of them are depicted accurately, Longisquamanote  and Ichthyornisnote  in particular.

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