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Trivia / Dinosaur: A Prehistoric Park Adventure

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  • Schedule Slip: The authors don't really have a set updating schedule, so this happens a lot. As of the time of this writing, they've settled on writing new chapters once a month.
  • Virtual Soundtrack: Has two so far: the one for the first story is in the first chapter of the extras, while the second has it's soundtrack as its 28th chapter.
    • Additionally, each chapter also has a song that will set the mood listed in the author's notes prior to the main body of the chapter.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • According to conversation with other authors on Fan Fiction Dot Net, which were done is response to complaint about how few new aniamls there were at the Park prior to the events of the series, Pachycephalosaurus was originally planned to have been rescued prior to the story. It was removed from the list both to save time and because the author couldn't decide which animal would be it's partner (Nigel rescues at least two species of prehistoric creature each mission, and there were too many good candidates to choose from for Pachycephalosaurus). In hindsight, she said its partner would have probably been Ankylosaurus.
      • Furthermore, Darksage has also stated that Nigel and Hazel have gone on several missions off-camera, it's just that only the Therizinosaurus, Protoceratops and Plateosaurus were rescued because the duo didn't want to pass up the opportunity.
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    • Also, several scenes were planned in the original fic but were ultimately scrapped. Some of them were later put in the extras. Among them were:
      • From Dinosaur: A Prehistoric Park Adventure:
      • Originally, the story would've featured a slightly altered version of the opening scene from Dinosaur.
      • There was supposed to be a scene where, while the misfits were wandering through the cave, they tried to find water. During said search, they'd end up wondering what kind of 'voice' Hazel has (any sound which comes from within), to which Hazel responded by singing. After she finished, they ended up finding a river in the cave.
      • Additionally, there would've been a scene after the final battle where Hazel would've comforted Neera over Kron's death and told her that he would always be with her in spirit.
      • Finally, there would've been a wrap-up scene where it would have been revealed that Nigel had secretly recorded Hazel's journey.
  • Word of God:
    • After it was asked about in the reviews, Darksage and Marc both confirmed that they will not have Baylene cloned in order to fight off her loneliness, as that is a topic for a completely different story.
    • The Borealosaurus are much larger than they were in real life so that they could keep their titanic stature when compared to Baylene.
    • Darksage has also stated that the lemurs are supposed to be Smilodectes.
    • There were no Anurognathus clinging to the Diplodocus when they entered the time portal.
    • For The Long Night of Winter, the author has confirmed that she will be toning down the comedy aspects of the characters from Walking with Dinosaurs, as she really didn't find it all that amusing.

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