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Tear Jerker / Dinosaur: A Prehistoric Park Adventure

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  • Theo's state at the beginning of the story. He's so lonely, he barely walks and he isn't eating. His behavior is just like Martha's from the original series, and unlike with Martha, they don't have anything in the modern world to fix it.
  • Bruton's death. It's just as tragic as it was in the original.
    • As is Kron's.
  • From the sequel, the arrival of the meteor. While most of the scene is Nightmare Fuel, think about it: this is the second time that they've faced this kind of disaster, which pretty much destroyed their home. Only this time, if Hazel and Nigel hadn't intervened, they wouldn't have survived at all.
  • Aladar collapsing from his injuries. He's loved by pretty much all of the herd, so seeing him fall absolutely devastates them, especially Neera. She's so distraught she attacks the park staff when they try to help him, and has to be talked down by Hazel.
    • Immediately following that, the herd making Hazel an outcast. Nero, having realized that Hazel and Nigel knew about the meteor, reveals this to the entire herd, who all turn on Hazel, who can't even muster the will to defend herself. When she tries to tell off Nero (because he's only using this as an excuse to make himself the leader of the herd), he paws her, which nearly kills her and throws her into the lake, where she's shocked repeatedly by the communicator. Only Neera pulling her out of the lake saves Hazel from death.
  • Martha's meeting with Neera. Neera is still distraught over Aladar's injuries, to the point that she refuses to believe Martha's claim that Hazel cares about the herd. Only when Martha reveals that she is Not So Different from Neera does the Iguanodon finally calm down, and even then, she ends up bawling about Aladar's current state.
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  • While he is still a huge Jerkass, it's hard not to feel sorry for Diablo: he lost his mate when hunting the misfits and clearly misses her, and while he does end up living a better life in this story than in the movie, it's clear he takes it with a fair amount of bitterness. Even if he is rather cruel and vengeful, it's possible to feel sympathy for him, unlike Nero.
  • Hazel being forced by Flia to leave the crippled Broken Jaw behind. What's especially sad is that Flia agrees that they should help, but they'll probably just end up on the bad side of his mother if they attempt to do so.
  • The Watering Hole animals abandoning Woodstock and Clearwater after the former ruins the Water Hole by throwing Shirley into it. Woodstock is especially hurt and comes close to begging her herd not to leave her. It's made clear that neither of them would survive on their own, at least for very long. Fortunately, Charles decides to intervene.
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  • During The Battle on the Salt Plains, Joel, that last remaining member of Charles' herd that hasn't run through the time portal, asks Hazel and Flia to go on without him so that they do not get eaten. Hazel wants to stay behind to rescue him, but ultimately, Flia realizes that they won't be able to so and are forced to leave him behind.
  • Immediately following the above, Takembo's death. He was a genuinely kind Allosaurus who acted as a mentor of sorts to Big Al and even saved him from another Allosaurus, only to be killed by the other Allosaurus' last attack. The fact that Al keeps his promise to Takembo and tells the dead dinosaur his name real name just makes the scene sadder.
  • Red Sand's complete apathy to Broken Jaw's plight. he's her own son, but she doesn't really consider him to be her child anymore. And while she does admit she's proud that he survived this long in spite of his injury, Broken Jaw makes it clear he doesn't care anymore.
  • The Trauma Conga Line that Patchi and his herd go throw till they reached their Feeding Grounds. They are chased out of their Nesting Grounds, half the herd, and all the eggs are destroyed in the process, again they are ambushed by the Albertosaurus, possibly the same ones as before, losing even more members to the predators and the raging river they had to cross. Finally the Herds find the Temporary Park in their part of the Feeding Grounds just as Winter arrives. It's clear all this has taken a toll on Patchi causing him to push away his loved ones.

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