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Funny / Dinosaur: A Prehistoric Park Adventure

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  • When Zini mentions being the 'Professor of Love', Hazel asks for his Ph D. His reaction is priceless.
  • From the sequel, as a Stygimoloch gets ready to yell at Hazel, Irwin bursts out of the water, sending the pachycephalosaur packing.
    • Even funnier is that Irwin admits to doing it for amusement.
  • ANYTHING involving Espantos. That bird is comedy on legs.
  • Sarge decides that it is a good idea to mock Bruno the Therizinosaurus. Bruno responds by giving him a very good look at his claws, and telling him to stop unless he wants to lose his eyes.
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  • Nero's overly dramatic reaction to being tranquilized.

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