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Awesome / Dinosaur: A Prehistoric Park Adventure

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  • Hazel's Establishing Character Moment: She's faced with a Velociraptor, and is on her own, so what does she do? Draw her dagger and get ready for battle.
  • The Battle in The Cave. It's just as awesome as in the original movie.
  • The battle with the last Carnotaur. While it's mostly the same, as the very end, Hazel manages to get the Carnotaur through the portal, with only Flia knowing it didn't die.
  • In the sequel, Hazel stunning Diablo with a taser rifle. A few broken bones isn't too muyc of a handicap for her.
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  • Also from the sequel, Aladar vs Nero. It's a really close fight that brings both of their ideals into question.
  • But the Final Battle puts all of this to shame:
    • First off, points to Diablo for how he plays Nero like a fiddle to free himself from his enclosure. It's clear that no matter how bad Nero is, Diablo is the better villain.
    • From there, he easily sends the rest of the residents into a panic, which ends up shattering the herds unity, showing that he's learned from his previous attack on the herd.
      • Of course, Irwin also deserves some credit: during the breakout, he lines up a perfect attack on Diablo. If not for his shock collar, Irwin would've ended the battle before it began.
    • As for the main battle:
      • During the initial fighting, Aladar actually manages to hold his own in spite of all the injuries he's acquired over the course of the story.
      • Aladar decides to fight smart and lure Diablo into backing into the lake, where Irwin will have the advantage.
      • Props to Diablo for dodging said attack, too.
      • Just when it looks like Diablo is getting ready to deliver the killing blow, Flia comes in for the rescue.
      • In fact, she actually does pretty well against the abelisaur, until Diablo wises up and goes for a Tail Slap, leading to a One Hit Ko.
      • Martha makes her entrance defending the children from Diablo. From there, she hold her own against the Carnotaurus.
      • Props to the children for helping Aladar exit the field since he's too injured to continue. They're sacred, but that just gives them the chance to be brave.
      • Martha proves to be a smart fighter when she tries to lure Diablo into fighting near a tree, then knocking it over. Her plan fails only due to his agility.
      • But all bets are off when Hazel shows up, along with Terence and Matilda.
      • Credit must be given to Diablo, though: He holds his own during the first half of the battle, and almost manages to kill Terence, which, combined with all of the blows he took earlier, firmly establishes him as the strongest predator in the park.
      • Once Terence and Matilda finally start working together, though, the fight quickly turns in their favor, with Diablo getting subjected to a Curb-Stomp Battle.
      • Bonus points for Hazel managing to get the finishing blow in with a tranq dart.
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  • As for Prehistoric Revolution, the very first chapter introduces a giant herd of ''Diplodocus'', which dwarf every other creature to have appeared in this story besides Baylene, giving you an idea of how epic things are going to get.
  • The battle around the lake: Aladar, Flia, Naomi, Embo, Sarge, and Lethe versus an entire pack of Ceratosaurus. The heroes win, easily.
  • just when it looks like Hazel and Flia are about to become Marshosaurus chow, Charles comes to their rescue.
  • In The Long Night Of Winter the brief fight between Aladar and Patchi over the living space in the Feeding Grounds. Aladar would have beat Patchi, had not Juniper joined in the fight which in turn led Neera coming in.The Alpha male & female of each side fighting each other till Scowler charged in and with his brother ganged up on the male Iguonaodn. Then who comes to the Alphas rescue Nero.Hazel also get a moment when she stops the fight, by getting between the charging Aladar and Patchi and yelling "STOP!" it worked

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