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Awesome / Digimon Adventure 02: The Story We Never Told

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As befitting a story featuring a group of kids battling monsters, this story has more than a couple moments that are defined by the word awesome.

  • A slight one, but Sora slapping Yolei to snap her out of a frozen with fear moment. It proves that her chickification has been completely subverted.
  • Pretty much anytime Ken as the Digimon Emperor performs an impossible acrobatic feat is pretty cool.
  • Tai when facing Andromon. He has no partner and he’s facing down an ultimate level digimon. And when his digivice breaks the power of the Dark Ring you just want to cheer.
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  • Sora breaking a barstool over Starmon’s pointed head. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • Joe’s medical skills helping to save the lives of a number of injured digimon trapped in Ken’s base.
  • Ken’s weapons; even though Wormmon is dead, he’s determined to erase the memory of the Digimon Emperor and goes toe-to-toe with numerous ultimates.
  • The armor brigade taking down six Knightmon, ultimate level digimon, with a combination of luck, skill, and quick-thinking.
  • Kari’s victory-from-the-jaws-of-defeat pinball game, and as a bonus she gets her Crest piece.
  • Blackwargreymon. In his opening appearance he destroys half a mountain range. Not half a mountain, half a mountain RANGE.
  • The end of the snow board race, especially with Yolei’s completely random win.
  • Ken comes up with a plan to defeat a hypnotizing snake digimon on the fly with just the gang’s meager resources and his weapon’s components.
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  • Arukenimon turning Gargomon into Blackrapidmon; it’s certainly horrifying but it shows that she’s not a one trick pony.
  • Sora’s "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Gargomon; the rest of the kids are in awe of her.
  • Azulongmon’s Curb-Stomp Battle against Blackwargreymon. A digimon who has destroyed mountains flies up, prepared for a fight. Azulongmon hits him with a beam of light and he crashes to the ground “smoke pouring from his limbs, his shield shattered, and every piece of his armor cracked and crumbling”.
  • Pretty much anytime Kari’s mysterious powers save the gang’s cans.
    • Doubly so when she uses them to consciously attack Neodevimon.
    • She also uses her holy light with the help of Magnaangemon to send Dagomon back to where he belongs.
  • TK finally having enough of Davis, Yolei, and Cody during the Dark World Arc and calling them out in epic fashion over their pettiness when thousands of people are dying back on earth. Beware the Quiet Ones indeed.
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  • Using his own intelligence and excellent piloting skills with Imperialdramon, Davis managed to took down Kokytomon in the skies, earning a Smooch of Victory from Mimi.
  • The entire epic fight against Oikawa's copy, which thanks to some data merging, has the power of Blackwargreymon and Myotismon, essentially becoming this verse's version of MaloMyotismon. It takes all the Digimon working together, but they eventually manage to obliterate him.
  • The showdown between TK, Angemon, and Neodevimon. It ends with Mangaangemon cutting the bastard in half, killing him for good.

There are also a few meta-examples courtesy of the author ker-plop.

  • The actual writing of this story, at over one million words is especially impressive in light of how out of the hundreds of Digimon Adventure 02 Fix Fics, only a handful managed to dedicate their time into completing the fan fiction.
  • The revelation that what we saw was just a rough draft, and from the tone of the prologue a pretty rotten one is a pretty impressive way of beginning a rewrite and is an indicator of how clever the author is.
  • Davis, Yolei, and Cody having actual characters with interests and quirks beyond their place as members of the team/shipping fodder is a much appreciated improvement on the original.
  • The author ditching the Destiny Stones and instead having the kids rediscover their Crests, improving the Blackwargreymon arc without making the villains lose all the time.

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