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Disney's Dinosaur is a prequel to The Flintstones.

Dinosaur features Plateosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Pachyrhinosaurus, Styracosaurus, Carnotaurus, Velociraptor, and lemurs all living together. However, Plateosaurus went extinct at the end of the Triassic period, Brachiosaurus during the Jurassic, and lemurs did not evolve until well after the end of the Cretaceous. The Flintstones takes place in a world in which all these animals exist, as well as dodos, pelicans, kangaroos, and humans. Obviously, the monkeys in the movie evolved in the people of Bedrock.


  • Sorry, but there wasn't any Plateosaurus in the movie.... and the ceratopsians were not Triceratops.
    • And those "monkeys" are actually lemurs.

This is the review of the REAL version of the movie

We're currently stuck with the sanitised version because the original one was way too mature, and nobody remembers the original movie because the UN decided to erase the memories of all people who saw it.

The review linked in the above was spawned by Eldritch forces.
Let's look over the list, shall we?
Alien beyond comprehenshion? Check
Originates from a place beyond my ken? Check.
Affront to sanity and reason? Check
Literally cannot see how what we saw could be connected to this? Check.
Induces (or was spawned by) Madness? Check.
How do you deal with Eldritch texts when they're on the internet?

Disney wanted to make a live action version of The Land Before Time.
But they couldn't secure the rights, so they made this instead. While elements of the original idea remain, there are more than enough differences that this movie stands alone in its own right and should not be considered a rip-off.
  • And the presents of modern-day lemurs are just there to poke fun at the fact that none of those dinosaurs actually lived at the same time.

The carnivores speak a different language than the herbivores.
Although the predatory dinosaurs don't speak they do make sounds, so they could be speaking a language that is distinct to carnivorous dinosaurs. This would have an evolutionary advantage too: you don't want lunch to be able to understand what you're saying. It sounds like just noises to the viewer because the movie is told from a herbivore perspective.

Url is newly-hatched.
One thing that bothered many movie-goers is that all the adult herbivores in the movie "speak" English and are sapient, yet Url only makes animalistic grunts and acts like a dog. However, seeing as the younger Iguanadons don't speak either, it is implied that the dinosaurs only "speak" as they grow older. Also, note that Url is considerably smaller than his companions, even though an adult Ankylosaurus should be larger. It's most likely that Url's inability to "speak" and more animal-like behaviors are simply due to being newly hatched from an egg (think Spike), rather than due to any Unfortunate Implications that one might infer.

Dinosaur takes place in the future
Dinosaur doesn't take place in the past, it's the distant future. Humanity has died out and the creatures from Jurassic Park have migrated on to the continents. This explains how Dinosaurs co-exits with simians, and other anachronisms such as grass. The herbivores were exceptionally cute and the predators near demonic looking and much larger than fossils suggest because InGen deliberately engineered them to play up to expectations of theme park goers. Not to mention they may have already started to develop forms of language in Jurassic Park III
  • Aside from Brachiosaurus and Velociraptor (which looks NOTHING like the ones from Jurassic Park), none of the dinosaurs shown appeared in Jurassic Park
  • Billy: 'I don't remember that on InGen's list.' Dr. Grant: 'That's because it wasn't on their list, and it makes you wonder what else they were up to.
  • Carnotaurus appeared later on in the franchise, as did Ankylosaurus and Stygimoloch.

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