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"Oh no, attacking lemurs! They're too much for me!"
  • "Yep. You're your father's son alright."
  • Zini's pickup lines. Poor, poor Zini.
    • Zini in general if you happen to like Daxter.
  • The whole "Jerkasaurus" scene.
  • The two Oviraptors geek-fighting right after the first one drops the egg. ("Look what you made me do!")
    • And the two Talarurus roaring at each other... only to stop and watch the egg float by in the stream between them. Once the egg is gone, they look at each other and start roaring again.
  • Baylene mistaking the lemurs for a skin blemish. When Eema suggests a mud bath, Yar asks "Excuse me?!", causing Eema to growl, offended.
  • Somewhat ruined by the scene that follows it, but Yar's reaction to the raptors.
    Yar: It's... it's scaring Suri, here.
    Suri: No it's not.
  • "I spy, with my little eye..." "A rock." "You got it again! Oh, you're good!"
  • Eema can be funny at times. Including this scene from the end of the movie:
    Eema: Move over, everybody. Bringin' in babies is what I do best!
    Yar: I'd say it's been a few years since you've hatched an egg.
    Eema: (laughing) You're right... (stops, serious) so let me practice on your head!
    • Earlier, while regarding a contented Url:
      Yar: If I could sleep THAT deep, I'd be in paradise.
      Eema: If you could sleep THAT deep, honey, you'd be dead.
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  • During the crossing, Eema begins wandering off from the rest of the herd.
    Yar: Hey, old girl! You're wandering off a bit!
    Eema: *sighs* That's all I need. A monkey on my back.
  • After they reach the Nesting Grounds, Zini cannonballs into the lake. Baylene's response?
    Baylene: (chuckles fondly) Amateur! LOOK OUT BELOW! (leaps into the water herself, making a massive wave that Zini proceeds to SURF on with a log)
  • When the group hear a noise up ahead and start getting nervous, Zini asks them "What's teh worst thing it could be?"
    Suri: A carnotaur.
    Zini: Okay. What's the second worst thing it could be?
    Baylene: Two carnotaurs!


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