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Machineca is the real MMS4

Megami Device is a line of female action figures/model kits first released by Kotobukiya in late 2016. As with the Frame Arms Girls, their goal was to tap into the Mecha Musume figure market in order to fill the void left by the effective death of Busou Shinki development.

The girls inherit the spirit and design sense of their immediate predecessors, the Busou Shinki, with improved articulation over the original Multi Movable System (MMS) standard; their body type is dubbed the Machineca standard, which fans unofficially hail as the "MMS4" standard. They have lots of articulation and have a modular construction, allowing for tremendous amounts of customization which is helped by the fact that they retain compatibility with some older Shinki peg standards as well as the universal Kotobukiya MSG (Mobile Support Goods) 3mm peg system which is used by their model kits in other lines (There is even a neck peg adaptor that allows you to use Frame Arms Girls heads with their bodies, and the default neck peg can fit MMS3 Shinki heads if you unplug their original neck peg!).


In-universe, they are 1:1 scale mecha musume Robot Girl figures that do battle in a similar fashion to the Shinki, only there is a greater emphasis on co-operative team combat with factional divisions along the lineup.

A number of original Shinki designers, like Fumikane "Humida" Shimada and BLADE, have either created designs for this series or have expressed interest in making figures under the Machineca standard.

Compare them to their duelling sister lineup, the Frame Arms Girls (and the regular mech-styled Frame Arms).

Kotobukiya's Youtube Channel features several trailers for the Megami Device girls.


Waves of Megami Device girls:

  • WISM (Women's Imperial Space Marines) series girls, with a solid infantry fireteam motif. There are four girls in this wave, although they are packaged in "pairs" with just enough parts to assemble either one girl in a pair per kit. They were launched over the start of 2017.
    • Scout-Assault: Assault is the simple and straightforward basic girl, while Scout has a smirk and blonde braided twintails. They have a modest bust size and share a UAV drone.
    • Sniper-Grappler: Grappler is a Dark-Skinned Blonde catgirl with a focus on close combat, while Sniper has a Hime Cut and can switch her weapon between Sniper Rifle and Flamethrower configurations. They have larger bust sizes compared to Scout and Assault.
  • SOL (Sonic Operations Ladies) series girls, who have a more traditionally shinki-styled design. The initial two girls in this series are sold separately.
    • Hornet, a light-skinned blonde with several pouty/haughty expressions and a small ponytail. Her specialty is flight.
    • Roadrunner, a smug tan-skinned girl with a wicked grin and wild curly hair. Her specialty is running.
    • Raptor, a late arrival to the SOL series who was announced in 2018 and arrived in Japan during 4th-quarter 2018 in white-and-blue rather than the stock orange SOL colour scheme. She has brown hair and an apologetic expression.
  • ASRA (Asura) is the third wave. Initial release for these girls was done in red, black, and white, and a later swimsuit-styled alternate variant was released in whites and blues. They also sport small Oni-styled horns.
    • Ninja is a twintailed brunette with green eyes. She comes with knives, arm blades, a modestly-sized Fuuma Shuriken, and has a cool scarf.
    • Archer is a ponytailed blonde with purple eyes. She has her bow plus a sword sidearm, and she is one of the bustiest Megami Device girls, with the default styling for her leg armor resembling hakama.
  • A fourth wave, "Chaos and Pretty", features a Magical Girl and a Cute Witch. They come with a 'natural'-coloured set of hair in addition to a brightly-coloured set to represent the difference of "transforming" in their battle modes. Their alternate colour scheme, DARKNESS, is a halloween-styled black, orange, and purple pattern.
    • Witch is a short-haired girl with subdued, neutral expressions, and her Nice Hat can flip open to reveal a cannon. Her skirt's gems can be detached and thrown as grenades, and her wand is also a sniper rifle, Nanoha-style.
    • Magical Girl is a twin-tailed girl with an unusually delinquent-like unpleasant scowl, and she has a staff as one of her weapons, the spiked head of which can be attached to a chain to form a flail.
  • A fifth wave, "Bullet Knight", which has been revealed at AFA 2018 in the form of preview artwork, features Lancer and Launcher, a pair of girls with large weapons. Launcher has pink hair, and Lancer is blonde.
  • Subsequent releases that are planned and in the preview stage include an A-Series based on Alice Gear Aegis and a B-series, which, of course, are the Busou Shinki derived MD girls. One of the preview figures is confirmed to use a MD-Small body-type similar to the Shinki MMS 3 Small bodytype.
    • A1 is Kaede Agatsuma, A sword user with a Hime Cut and fox/rabbit ears.
    • A2, Sitara, was revealed at AFA 2018 in Singapore in the form of preview artwork.
    • A3 and A4 were tentatively revealed in 2018 toy fairs in Japan as preview artwork.
    • B1 is the Jaeger-Type Busou Shinki Edelweiss, one of the newest-generation Shinki introduced with the 2018/2019 Busou Shinki reboot mobile game. She sports elf ears, a crown, and is armed with a rifle and 4 swords.
    • B2 is the first MD Girl confirmed to use the Small bodytype, and she is a fun-sized pink catgirl designed by BLADE for the 2018/2018 Shinki mobile game, the effective successor to the orignal Cat shinki Maochao.
    • The original Arnval and Strarf MKI Shinki are confirmed to be the first two B-series Megami Device girls ever designed; strictly speaking, their prototypes have been in development from well before the first-generation WISM girls were announced, and their very existence was confirmed long before the Megami Device franchise name surfaced.

Megami Device provides examples of these tropes:

  • All Your Powers Combined: SOL Hornet and Roadrunner can combine their armor parts together into a single powerful suit of battle armor, as can ASRA Ninja and Archer.
  • Badass Adorable: Well, yeah, they are cute little robot girl fighters bristling with weapons.
  • Barbie Doll Anatomy: Just like their Shinki predecessors, they lack certain female attributes.
  • Bare Your Midriff: The wave 1 and wave 2 (WISM and SOL) girls have a skintone belly plate that invokes this.
  • BFG: WISM-Sniper has a sniper rifle which has a tremendous barrel length.
  • Boobs of Steel: Invoked with WISM-Grappler, who has a large bust and is one of the strongest Megami Device girls physically.
  • Boring, but Practical: The WISM girls, compared to the SOL girls, are rather plain and lack flashy abilities or powers, but they are hightly specialized and good at teamwork, and they have better stamina (battery life) in battle as they don't have any flashy gimmicks that would consume power.
  • Catgirl: WISM-Grappler, who has cat ears.
  • Cleavage Window: ASRA Archer has this with her battle armor off. It combines with her bare midriff to expose a lot of skin-tone plastic.
  • Competitive Balance: The SOL girls trade off battery stamina for the power to fly and run quickly without sacrificing armor.
  • Cute Machines: These little sweethearts are certainly adorable. SOL Hornet in particular has a cute pouty face, and WISM Sniper has blush stickers that add to her charm.
  • Girlish Pigtails: WISM-Scout has her blonde hair done up in braided twintails.
  • Gun Accessories: WISM-Scout has a small UAV Drone/Sensor that she can mount on her gun, while WISM-Sniper has barrel extensions that convert her gun into a sniper rifle or a flamethrower, as well as a tiny scope.
  • Hartman Hips: All these girls are gifted with well-sculpted hips and waist and derriere, thanks to the standard Machineca bodytype.
  • Kill It with Fire: WISM-Sniper can switch her weapon configuration to be a flamethrower (which is modelled to resemble a 'movie-style' gas-based flamer with a pilot light rather than a military-style napalm thrower with internal flare-based igniters in the nozzle tip).
  • Knife Nut: WISM-Assault has an intimidating combat machete.
  • Mecha Musume: The SOL girls in particular.
  • Painted-On Pants: Just like the Shinki before them, these girls give the impression of wearing tights when not in combat configuration.
  • Power Fist: Grappler has massive gauntleted hands for her combat configuration.
  • Sexy Backless Outfit: The ASRA girls have skin-tone backpanels suggesting this.
  • She's Got Legs: While all the Megami Device girls have long, slender legs, SOL-Roadrunner in particular has emphasis on them in her promo art and her combat configuration legs are also sleek and well-sculpted.
  • Shoutout: Chaos And Pretty Witch has light-blue, short hair in her 'transformed' Battle mode, making her resemble Rei.


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