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Tearjerker / Video Game Championship Wrestling

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Yes, even a wrestling show with video game characters produces some saddening moments.

  • The 7th of March, 2013 show was dedicated to Paul Bearer following his death, complete with an intro montage of his highlights. Wrestling fans in the chat were deeply moved by Bazza's tribute.
  • Solid Snake's first and only Championship defense, in which he was mercilessly brutalized by Raphael whilst "Way to Fall" played in the background. This was made all the more harsher by the No-Holds-Barred Beatdown the Boss received earlier that night by the hands of Cammy.
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  • Mario's return, and his subsequent attempts to return Mr. L to normal.
  • Badman Vegeta's transformation into Maijin!Vegeta, upon which he devastated Waluigi in Singles competition and proceeded to turn his back on and beat up Nappa. The chat room was crushed.
    Nappa: Ve...geta...Why...?
  • Much like in the source material, Majin Vegeta throws off his mind control, and challenges Dracula. He loses, but decides to take Dracula to his end with him. What makes it even worse? Dracula survives.
    • Fortunately, similar to the source material, Nappa has found some Dragon Ball locators from Bulma (after breaking her legs) and is going to attempt to bring Vegeta back from the dead. The only problem is he got quite a few spares — and he left them out in the open for Wario, Waluigi, Gaben, Jensen, Eggman, and Wily to get.
  • The ending of the June 20th show: Bryn McMahon has been fooled by Carmen Sandiego and betrayed by Mavis Beacon and is dragged off by the cops. The final shot of the show is a small animation Bryn looking defeated as he is driven away while a somber remix of the credits song plays...until he escapes.
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  • The beginning of Zangief's utter shock that Ganondorf has broken their team, as well as having to accept that Ganondorf has no remorse for what he's done, and is now full-on evil.
  • Protoman's death by the hands of Air Man and Knuckles. His demise actually causes Knuckles to feel tremendous guilt, and gets him to rethink his partnership with The Practice. Towards the end, he seems to be gathering his remains for a proper burial...or perhaps something else?
  • During the January 14th match, Duke having to face Billy and Jimmy alone after Ganondorf refused a tag from him during an impromptu tag-team match orchestrated by Gabe. It doesn't help that Bazza put on Way To Fall as Duke got savagely brutalized in a handicap match.
  • At End Game 6 Ganon, having just lost to Duke in their "I Quit" match, attacks Duke after the match is over. Guile then comes in to make the rescue and shakes hands with his friend and partner... Only to hit Duke with a powerbomb, to the shock of both Duke and the audience.
    • Going off of that, the results of the 3-25-2014 Royal Rumble show that while Duke might keep trying to reconcile with Guile, Guile is having none of it. There hasn't been a breakup this bad since the disruption of Gerudo Skies.
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  • On the 15 April 2014 episode of VGCW: Both Charles Barkley and Luigi compete against each other in their final match as their VGCW contracts had expired. In an emotional match for both superstars, Charles Barkley pins Luigi in their final match in VGCW. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment when both men have their music play to a standing ovation from the chat after the match.
  • Protoman's "I'll Ride Alone" promo at End Game 7. That poor bastard has had so much crap thrown his way during his VGCW career: the glitch bomb controversy, being murdered by Airman, and then being considered the underdog against Scorpion, despite being the champ. More than a few chatters were moved by that speech.
  • 11 June 2014: Octodad heads to the be attacked by a robotiziced Zangief. Seeing Zangief being turned into a machine is heartwrenching, and his beatdown of Octodad makes it worse.
  • 4 July 2014: The closing segment of Breakdown IV. With the threat from Shadow Peach now dealt with, Elizabeth tells Chie the time has come to part ways and informs her that she has made arrangements for a replacement before leaving on her mission to free Makoto from the Great Seal.
    Elizabeth: Goodbye my friend (Disappears)
  • 8 July 2014: After The Dragons lose to Mecha-Knuckles and Mecha-Zangief, The Dragons are assaulted by their cyborg opponents as well as The Practice. Just when it seemed like Dan was going to help out his allies, a roboticized Little Mac comes out and attacks Dan before he can even get to the ring.
  • 22 July 2014: Barrett's shocked expression after finding Flint in the parking garage implying something terrible had happened to him the night he went missing. The fact that Barrett is talking to Flint off-camera doesn't help either as either Flint got roboticized or had something even worse happen to him.
    • The strong implication that Nappa is now being roboticized by the Practice.
  • 29 July 2014: It is confirmed that Nappa and Flint were indeed roboticized. And to make matters worse, Wario as well.
    • It seemed even Dan was doomed to be one of the Practice's Robot Masters until the beatdown he received by Proto Man and Gray Fox enabled them to send him to Dr. Light in hopes of reversing the process.
  • Endgame 8: The events of the finale. General Manager Gabe Newell seems to have the robot master problem in the bag. The Practice's Robots are being fended off and Gabe easily made Metal Arino tap. However, after Wily intensely berates Arino for being weak, he absorbs the power of the remaining robots and becomes Super Metal Arino, and proceeds to brutalize Gabe. The Practice begs Gabe to run while Proto Man, who has been beaten up, ridiculed, and abandoned over the course of the season, casts his lot with Super Metal Arino while betraying Adam Jensen, turning his back on the people he fought for. Arino makes Gabe tap out numerous times thanks to 2Kuality before the match finally ends. Gaben is cornered and is incredibly afraid, however Dracula's warnings come true: Gaben becomes the nightmare and proceeds to beat the crap out of Super Metal Arino, defeating him. The credits roll on a poignant image of Nightmare Gabe's new frightening look as "Monster" by Imagine Dragons closes out Endgame and Season 8, with the future of the VGCW Universe completely uncertain.
    • Dracula's final words to close out Season 8, after arriving too late to prevent Nightmare Gabe from awakening.
  • Arino's latest update from the hospital has him admitting that his recovery period is taking longer than expected, and there is a possibility he won't be cleared to compete against Duke in the Great Tournament, either meaning he will forfeit or have someone take his place as Arino apologizes to the fans.
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd's retirement. He says that he's done all there is to do in the company, having held singles and tag team championships, and decides to retire after one more match. The next week, Baz McMahon sets up a Triple Threat match between the Nerd, Ganon, and Sonic, to mimic the match where he won the VGCW Championship. Sonic even comes out as (a replica of) the model he had at the time. After so long with the company, the Nerd loses his final match.
  • Even after the fans wanted him gone, Gray Fox tried to launch a sneak attack on Nightmare Gabe. However Gabe sensed him...and made him an example to anyone who tried something similar.
    • Even worse, Snake tries to come down the ring and help but is held back by Seifer and Raijin, who understandably want to keep Snake from getting killed as well. All Snake can do is stand helplessly as Nightmare Gabe murders Fox in front of him.
    Snake: FOOOOOX!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The Purge in EDBW, where 15 old wrestlers were removed in order to make room for new talent and Star Road 2 refugees. A lot of these wrestlers were popular, so seeing them go wasn't easy.
  • 12 March 2015: Cobra Twonit breaks up, after the Boss tells Meryl she'd had enough delays to her mission. When Meryl tires to ask what's wrong, the Boss tells Meryl from this point forward, they're enemies. Meryl is flabbergasted.
  • During Kefka's Korner, Scorpion angrily dismisses that he and Donkey Kong, the next challenger to his title, were ever friends. At the end of the show, a heartbroken DK takes his frustration out on Scorpion and waylays the champion backstage.
  • EDBW on May 8th 2015 featured a triple threat title match between Liquid Snake, Guybrush Threepwood, and title holder Lucas. Despite the fanbase not liking Lucas that much, everyone thought that him losing the title to Liquid without being pinned was just too much. Poor kid just can't catch a break.
  • End Game X:
    • Seeing Seifer head out to confront Nightmare Gabe alone, Raijin and Fujin prepare to go and help Seifer despite Jensen protesting that its suicide.
    Raijin: What about you? You gonna help your friend?
    Jensen: I'd hardly call Seifer my friend.
    • After the Nightmare defeats the Disciplinary Committee, the PRATS head to face him but realize how outmatched they are. Sensing the end, Jimmy asks Dan if they can train with Gray Fox in the afterlife. Unwilling to let his students be killed, Dan hits both of them with the Prattitude Adjustment to keep them out of the match as he faces N. Gabe alone. Luckily, Red and Satan show up for support quickly after.
    • Jensen, along with the entire VGCW Universe, finally vanquishes the Nightmare, but unfortunately is forced to kill Gabe in the process. Jensen laments how people will remember Gabe not as the goofy fun-loving guy who wouldn't hurt a housefly, but as a monster that tried to destroy the world. Snake consoles him, asking Jensen to honor Gabe's memory by remembering the moments they shared together.
    Snake: He was a good man.
    Jensen: ...He was my best friend.
    • The final scene of the show and of the Bazza Era depicts Gabe, no longer under the Nightmare's control, ascending to Heaven where meets a now uncyberized Gray Fox.
  • The intro to Season 11 shows everyone in the roster having a good time at the beach...Except for Jensen, who is shown in his locker room still obviously mourning Gabe, with the title song muted.
    • Though the crowd was having fun, most if not all of them were clearly still shaken up over the death of Satoru Iwata three days prior. When a character associated with Iwata, such as Flint or Chief Arino wrestled, the crowd would beg them to "Win it for Iwata". In fact, mentions of Iwata were met with the chat's signature "Crying Salute" emoticon note 
      • The fact that the preshow music was all music from games Iwata had a big part in making just made things even worse. And the real kicker? The last song before the show started was Smiles and Tears. "I miss you" indeed.
  • Breakdown 06: Woody...
  • VGCW S11E6: Also doubling as a Heartwarming Moment, Snake gives Adam the W.H.A.T.I.F. Machine to go back to see Gabe one last time, and Adam finally opens up about his feelings, admitting he doesn't know whether or not he can keep going by himself, and Gabe tries to cheer him up by telling him that he'll always be there for him, and should that not be the case, then he'll never really be alone, and that he won't have to carry his burdens all on his own. Adam thanks Gabe, and returns to the present.
  • VGCW S11E10: Dr. Mario reveals that Haggar is suffering from multiple concussions. Haggar himself denies it, but is quite obviously not fine. Haggar's match with Layton that night becomes even more heartbreaking, especially since the GameShark activated big head mode. The next time we see Haggar, he can barely remember anything.
  • WVGCW S7E2: Sheena is asked by Lucina to join RPGenie, presumably to help go up against The Future Four, but asks Rydia if she is okay with it which Rydia insists she goes ahead, choosing to focus on her own career instead. You can tell neither of them are happy with the way things went down by the end...
  • VGCW S11E11: Wario finally strikes the gold...literally, as the GameShark ends up bribing him with, well, "Millions of Coins". And he just...walks away, leaving Waluigi alone. The real heart-puller here is Waluigi standing in the ring alone contemplating everything that just happened to him.
    • It's later revealed after the credits to be legit: Wario has retired from the VGCW. A sad day indeed.
  • EDBW S4E11: Clementine demands Ellie come to the ring to explain her attack on her in the last episode. Ellie mentions how she has been one of the longest tenured performers in two years but has had little success to show for it despite having dreams of becoming a champion one day whilst others have moved on either to the main roster or faded into obscurity, referencing both Naoto Shirogane and Sonya Blade's fall from grace during their time in developmental. She even notes how her win in the Chun-Li Battle Royale, which was her first real accomplishment, got taken away from her, all the while bitterly blaming Clem for making her complacent. And then we get this:
    Clementine: "Ellie, I-"
    Ellie: "Shut up, I'm not done talking. Time's running out for me. But I am not going quietly, I am going to survive. And if it means I have to take you out to keep my spot, I will. All of us are gone, Clementine. And maybe I can't be the best of us, but I will sure as hell be the Last of Us. I hope you figured out what comes next. What's coming at Killscreen."
    Clementine: Yeah...I guess we're gonna fight. I always thought that if it ended for us, we'd at least—"
    Ellie: "I didn't come here to listen to you, I'm leaving." (Starts to exit the ring)
    Clementine: Then no more talking. (Hits Ellie with Season Finale). Goodbye, Ellie...
  • EDBW Killscreen 4: Lucas vs Ness. Ness finally gets his answer as for why he can't remember Lucas. Lucas wiped his memory with PSI. He did it because in his mind, everyone leaves him. His mother and his brother died. His father is on the main show and doesn't even know Lucas exists, and Ness, his tag team partner, left him to go to the main show and team with Red. In fact, Lucas was the cause of everyone, even the chat, forgetting who he was because he was afraid of anyone getting close to him again. The thing most of all that prompted Lucas' Face–Heel Turn was the fact that so many people in the crowd had happy lives, despite never giving up anything, but Lucas suffered so much and only got abandonment and sadness. Ness' attempt to talk down Lucas proved fruitless and Lucas ended up winning the match.
    Larry_Amagi: AND WE DIDN'T
    Larry_Amagi: GOOD JOB GUYS.
  • End Game X1: With the GameShark threatening to cross over into the real world, Segata tells Octodad that he will go into the GameShark's dimension and prevent it from escaping. Realizing what Segata is planning, Octodad pleads with him to find some other way as Segata acknowledges that he may never return, but knows it is the only way to stop the GameShark
    Segata: Man of the sea...You have been an important ally to me over this summer. But I am afraid no summer is without end. Leaves shall die, snow will fall. But no matter how cold the night...Know that the setting sun will one day rise again!
    Octodad: ... *blurb wishing Segata the best of luck*
    Segata: And you as well, I will always cherish our time together...friend (disappears into the GameShark's dimension)
  • 24 June 2016: A meta one, as Belmont reveals that BWA will end after season 2 due to schedule constraints.
  • End Game X2 was a glorious night full of victory, defeat, the total defeat of M. Bison and Pheonix Wright beating Drac for the title. However, the whole event left a bittersweet taste in viewers mouths for one reason, and one reason only. The death of Captain Falcon.

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