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Tear Jerker / WrestleMania

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  • The end of the WrestleMania VII retirement match between Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage. Savage was being berated by Sensational Sherri, when she was attacked by a returning Miss Elizabeth. A stunned Savage just stood there, confused while a tearful Elizabeth explained why she was there...she still loved him. They slowly walked towards each other and embraced. Half the LA Memorial Sports Arena burst into tears over the raw emotion of the event. It set up a great summer storyline culminating in their (kayfabe) wedding at that year's SummerSlam.
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  • Roddy Piper and Bret Hart's match at Wrestlemania VIII. After a grueling match where the younger Bret managed to consistently overpower Roddy, even after the Rowdy One started fighting dirty, Roddy launches Bret into the ref and knocks the official out. Knowing that anything he does before the ref recovers won't get him disqualified, Roddy goes for the ring bell and is about to bludgeon Bret with it... when he's bombarded with a cascade of boos from the crowd. Roddy looks around, almost disbelieving at the people who up until that point had been his fans until he crossed the line. The tears turn happy when Roddy takes a moment and then throws the bell away to finish the match right win or lose.
  • Shawn Michaels winning the WWF Championship at WrestleMania XII after an Iron Man Match with Bret Hart, fulfilling the "boyhood dream".
    Vince McMahon: The boyhood dream has come true for Shawn Michaels!
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  • Chris Benoit winning the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XX, and his celebration with then-WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero. This is very sad Harsher in Hindsight, since both would be dead within three years, especially given the circumstances behind Benoit's death.
  • Ric Flair's retirement match at WrestleMania XXIV. At the end, it became clear to Shawn Michaels he was facing a Shoot the Dog situation. A crying Flair coaxing Shawn to finish it, knowing it was time. Shawn was so overcome, he couldn't even "tune up the band" for the Sweet Chin Music. Instead, he only says "I'm sorry. I love you." and hit his Sweet Chin Music to finish the match. After the pin, Shawn hugged Ric Flair, and was in tears all the way up the ramp. And given they were at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, that was a looooooong ramp.
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  • At WrestleMania XXX, The Undertaker's Streak is broken by Brock Lesnar. As Lesnar and Paul Heyman leave the ring celebrating, Taker and by extension the entire crowd are just left stunned by what had transpired as if they still can't believe it happened. After the reality finally sinks in, Taker just...leaves the ring, acknowledging his defeat as the crowd chants "Thank you Taker!"
  • WrestleMania 33: The main event was The Undertaker vs. Roman Reigns. The Undertaker starts off the match really dominant, with Reigns repeatedly pummeled and flung from the ring. Even after tiring, the only offense Reigns really gets is opportunistic attacks while Undertaker's guard is down. Yet as the match goes on Undertaker just... falls apart. He struggles to even stand, takes the worst of every bump, ends up unable to even raise his hands to defend himself. But he won't stay down. What we end up with is an increasingly tormented looking Reigns pummeling an old man, looking more like a beatdown than a fight. And however much the crowd wills it, Undertaker never gets a second wind. He just takes finisher after finisher, until finally... he doesn't get back up. The Undertaker loses to Reigns, bringing his record to 23-2. After the match was over, Undertaker took off his gloves, coat and hat, laying them in the ring, appearing to retire. Rather than a huge explosion of fireworks, the show ended with the lights going down, Taker's gong echoing through the arena.

    Say what may be said about Reigns, but this picture of him backstage after the match kinda explains how much of a toll ending the Deadman's career has been for him. Moreso his tweet hours later:
    Reigns: I did what I had to at #WrestleMania but it doesn't change the fact Deadman held the yard down for years. For that...#ThankYouTaker #Respect

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